Autism Up 23% In Two Years

Last week the CDC released the new autism statistics. 1 in 88. Based on children who were born in 2000. A 23% increase from just two years ago. 78% from 2002. 1 in 54 boys.

I don’t know about you, but I thought it was very, very scary when the incidence of autism was 1 in 110. Even 1 in 500. What’s happening? What’s behind the explosion of autism in our children?
It could be …

Let’s look at several possible explanations from the “experts.”

Something that happened during pregnancy. The mom was too old. She and her mate had less-than-perfect genes. She took an antidepressant or some other medication. She was sick. She ate foods that contained chemicals and preservatives. Her house was too clean. Her house was too dusty. They lived near a source of industrial mercury.

Something that happened after the child was born. He took this or that medication. He ate foods with chemicals and preservatives (like his mom). His pajamas had flame retardant in them. He was born too early. His weight at birth was low. He was exposed to pesticides. He already had another disorder, such as fragile X or Down syndrome.

I’m not saying that some or all of the above causes aren’t at least partly responsible for the new numbers. There is probably a small percentage of children who are genetically predisposed to autism. Maybe whatever is going on genetically leaves them vulnerable, just as being premature and having a low birth weight or older parents with gene mutations might make them more susceptible. But since there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic, genes can’t explain the dramatic increase in autism. How could autism be diagnosed at birth? (See the brand-new page on Facebook, Not Born With It.) It doesn’t make sense.

Especially when a baby is given a hepatitis B vaccine when he’s 24 hours old. (TAP – Our babe was injected with it at 6 hours old before he’d even sucked his first milk. He was drowsy for two days and only began taking milk on Day three. Our thanks to the Asian Hospital And Medical Center, Alabang, Manila). Followed by numerous others at the 2-month and 4-month “well-baby checkups.” And then more and more, until the child has had 49 doses by the time he’s five years old. But those vaccines don’t have anything to do with autism. No way.

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