Are You On The Red, The Blue or The Yellow List?

Two weeks before Martial Law is declared, the Red List, all New World Order resisters, will be rounded up and killed. When Martial Law is declared, the Blue List, the followers of the resisters, will be rounded up and killed. The rest are the majority, the Yellow List, who will do whatever they are told and don’t know anything about the New World Order. But unfortunately there are far too many of them. 75% of these will die, probably from starvation.

The American Dream is over.

It’s selection by IQ really. Low intelligence survives, and those with gardening skills.

Sent in by Joe at beforeitsnews

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3 Responses to “Are You On The Red, The Blue or The Yellow List?”

  1. GP says:

    I’m definetely on the red list as will most Christians be. The churches need to wake up. Conspiracy researchers will finally get the credit they deserve but it will be too late. They’re work will be bannished from the Internet and a NWO will crush all currencies, countries and religions.

  2. Susan says:

    I agree with GP, Jesus said it would happen, and had warned us to know it when we see it. I’m not certain how much longer it will be before TSHTF, perhaps it’ll be in my lifetime, and perhaps it will be 20 or more years in the future, but it will happen. We just need to be secure in Jesus, and not in this world. This world has always been full of trials and tribulations, especially for the people of God. He wants us to prepare ourselves for another life with Him. We are only ambassadors here, representing a foreign power, this is not our home. My own personal way of putting it is: “We all have an expiration date”

    Everything is temporary here, both the good and the bad, so don’t hold on to the things of this world, they all will pass, just as all of us will pass away, in due time.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Yes we are all temporary. Yet there is good and there is bad, right and wrong. Just stand up for your beliefs while you’re still around, Susan. Evil wants an easy win. Don’t make it too easy!

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