April Tap Blog Stats

Tap Blog stats were hit quite hard hit in April for reasons unknown. Google might be playing tricks with traffic. They certainly make it harder for new people to find us, blocking us in public locations, schools and libraries for example worldwide, and many commenters find it hard to get into the comments.

That said, it wasn’t too bad with something over 180,000 page downloads, if you add our own numbers to the known downloads on sites that mirror our posts. The biggest of those is Before It’s News, which held up well this month, despite a reorganization in progress there. Although it’s nothing compared to February’s approx 700,000 downloads, which was boosted by a surge in Japan with people there reading our transcript of Jim Stone explaining about the tsunami being a deliberate act, it’s still a healthy readership.

It is clear that continuing efforts are being made by Google to keep traffic down, such as manipulating the stories in ‘top ten this week’. The numbers are played with to keep the same stories in view day after day, preventing new ones from joining the ranks, by clipping the numbers. How do I know? I won’t say, but there are ways of checking.

Occasionally I counter these Google strategies by overlaying one story onto another one. For example we’re getting endless Whitney Houston traffic, so I overlaid the story about US Intelligence refusing to provide details of a known false flag attack plan being formed for London, which was otherwise being barred.

We don’t really know how many readers we have in truth, as RSS readers don’t leave a trail.

The usual writers are sending in great stuff, WASP, Scotty, Julia and a couple from Russell Sprout and Gillian. We get the odd flurry from Gordon Logan but he’s gone quietish since he got his wife’s visa!

I still find things that interest me too, although, obviously being stuck without visa in Manila, has caused not a few blogposts of frustration about the corruption which MPs either don’t know about, or they ignore back in London, going on, both in the impeccable Foreign Office, and the Home Office’s UKBA. It’s not great reading, I know, and neither state office seems that bothered. If I was in the business of corruption, I would greatly encouraged by the lack of any reaction. Although the story has attracted around 2000 downloads overall, which is useful to our campaign to get noticed by the Home Secretary, and us outta here.

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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