Alien Hoax In Preparation To Ensure Public Demands World Government

Revolution Harry writes –

Friday, August 6, 2010
We Need World Government Because Of Space Aliens

As Bill Cooper says in this short video most of us “have been ignoring the UFO phenomenon for too long. It has all the hallmarks of the most successful, most sophisticated, mind control operation in the history of the world and [we] are ignoring it.”

The video came to mind the other day when the story that Winston Churchill ‘ordered a cover-up of a Second World War encounter between a UFO and a RAF bomber [because he feared] a public “panic” and loss of faith in religion about the… incident’.

Is this yet another small step in the operation. A subtle seed planted into the consciousness of the masses in readiness for the great alien deception. Who knows? The PTB certainly want their world government whatever way they can get it and the existence of aliens as a reason for the world to ‘unite’ appears to be one of the possible tactics they can employ.

Revolution Harry adds –

This is worth reflecting on as well.

Werner Von Braun said ‘the last card of the New World Order will be the extra-terrestrial threat’.

They‘ve certainly spent a lot of time, money and effort in preparing (predictive programming) ‘us’ for the alien thing courtesy of Hollywood etc.

TAP – If so, the whole of Project camelot is a deception, carefully scripted and acted to look all honest and casual, yet in fact, played out to trick fools like me into imagining they’re talking some kind of truth. I’m still going to check out my local UFO group and see if I can sniff out any evidence of alien presence, or of alien deception. The alien thing matters, both if it is real, and if it is a massive deception. It’s not nothing.


This gives you a flavour of how sophisticated the Illuminati are in infiltrating the churches, targeting genuine ministers. There are top secret government craft, and there are demonic. The experts on Ufology have all been eliminated like 911 witnesses. Bill Cooper says UFOs are a massive deception. He predicted 911 and paid with his life. The plan to create an artificial alien threat to this earth began in the year 1917, says Cooper.

He also says massive pollution of the environment is planned (chemtrails?) to bring about the effects of war….death, fear and the justification for centralising all power.

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6 Responses to “Alien Hoax In Preparation To Ensure Public Demands World Government”

  1. Julia says:

    Have heard this elsewhere. It seems like a good way to wrap up all the conspiracy theorists and turn it all into a OWG agenda. Two birds with one stone! Yes There are aliens and it is all their fault that everything is going wrong. We need an OWG to sort it all out. Still lots of bluff and double bluff going on.
    The only thing we really have control over is ourself. If you don’t want to be a slave, stop being a slave. If enough people stop buying into the current system, or indeed any similarly structured alternative one, the whole thing will just crumble and die.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Both the existence of Earth visiting aliens and an artificially manufactured alien “false flag” can be true.

  3. Tapestry says:

    One day we’ll work all this out, anonymous!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Heads I win. Tails you lose.

    This another load of miss-information.

    First they pump out the Aliens are here or coming.
    Then they say it’s all a hoax as non of this stuff is ever verifiable by the ordinary bloke in the street.

    It’s what’s known technically as “covering ones arse”

    Conspiracies, UFOs and Aliens is definitely the growth industry of the Internet.

    Lots of comfortable livings and self aggrandisement for the people who can keep a straight face whilst talking to the suckers.

    And boy, there seem to be thousands of suckers who lap all of this stuff up.


    ps. I’m still waiting for my email from a friendly alien.

  5. Cave Cave Deus Videt says:

    The 10.59 short video is pretty good and explains the situation well.
    Notice Jorden Maxwell (the first person on the clip) has not been targeted by the government!
    ET’s = unknown
    ED’s = Very real, these are the things that can materialise / de-materialise at will, either in ‘space ships’ or as other forms.
    Before the enlightenment (a contradiction in terms!) people would have recognised these occurrences as demonic. Modern Western man doesn’t believe in such nonsense and thinks these things only exist in Hollywood movies. Big mistake people ! The best trick the devil ever played, was convincing the world that he does not exist.
    The John Todd audio recordings are on YT and well worth a listen.

    Interesting that the disclosure project is funded by the Rockefeller’s…

    Tap, it does all make sense your just reluctant to look at the right evidence. Project Camalot is total nonesense, they are part of this occult agenda.

    What about the film I sent to you a couple of days ago and linked websites and infomation?

    Here it is again.

    This film is one of the best documentaries dealing with the ‘alien’ phenomenon.

    For the CE4 related bit, skip to about 1hr 10mins. I would recommend watching the whole film, it really is very good and informative.

    This is the CE4 website.

  6. RuK9P says:

    We will know soon enough. I have online friends who claim to be involved who have been kind enough to share some of their information with me. This is one of those times when doing the logical analysis of events, information, and misinformation where you can follow all of the rules, perform all of the steps, and end up at a conclusion that isn’t even in the same county as the.truth. Accepting, yes. Believing, yes. Anticipating, no not yet. So far, all I have taken in is hear-say at best. I am however an optimist.

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