Adam Lived Eight Hundred And Thirty Years. Genesis 5:3-5.

Pure bred Annunaki originals. 830 years. A long time to avoid interbreeding with the natives. They both bit the apple.

Hi Tap, this Link will go a long way to explaining Bill Coopers position w/r/t ET’s/ED’s, in my opinion it is not possible to consider any of our History, or predict any Future Event without considering the effect that These Aliens have exerted in shaping our History.

Bill Cooper Link

It would be analogous to trying to get a answer from an Equation only knowing what one side is.

DNA is The key to it all, even the Abductions.

To get any understanding we need to go right back to ADAM & EVE, who were Elite ANUNNAKI, but were cast out & banished to Earth for 100years, to make their life easy, they were put into the ‘Garden of Eden’, but being Pure 12 Strand DNA Species, that live for a 1,000 years they were told not to mix with the Natives but both of them fornicated, & were found out by one of the visiting Top ANNUNNAKI Scientist, Jehovah who threw them out of The Garden of Eden, Two hybrid babies were born due to this act. Adam’s son was CAIN ,. Eve’s son was ABLE.

When after many years Cain killed Able, he was banished by Adam & Eve, Cain fathered many hybrids, passing on his Annunnaki Elite Traits.

And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth:

And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters:
And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years: and he died. Genesis 5:3-5.
Despite Adam and Eve’s efforts to establish a pure Anunnaki line on Earth that stretched many generations, the Jehovah would not change his mind. When [the] Jehovah was replaced by one who was not a relative of Eve’s, the new Jehovah was even harsher towards them.

Eventually, the colony of Anunnaki Elite in human-appearing bodies started on Earth by Adam and Eve realized they would never be allowed to return home. It was then that they began mingling and mating freely with humans and other aliens on Earth. Here is The Link ……………

Presently, the Anunnaki Remnants are trying to use reverse engineering to re-develop those “jumpsuits” by re-construction of the fragments of Anunnaki Elite traits that have mingled in the human population. This is one of the major reasons why so many humans have been abducted by aliens. Those who were abducted were not chosen at random – they were selected because they have alien roots and the Anunnaki hope that some of them will have traits from the Anunnaki Elite line.
The Anunnaki Remnants on Earth are now getting desperate as they try to gather as much information as possible in order to reproduce the “jumpsuits”. They have even sought the aid of human scientists to do genetic research, stem-cell research etc. Of course, humans will not really benefit from the genetic research because Anunnaki agents oversee these programmes. The benefits of increased lifespan to nearly 1,000 years, along with other alien powers, will only be doled out to the highest ranking of the Anunnaki Remnants. All others, including lower-ranking Anunnaki, and, of course, humans, will not really benefit from discoveries of genetic research, which is really a cover for the quest to re-construct Adam and Eve’s “jumpsuits”. At best, only certain insignificant benefits will be passed along to humans “as a show” to keep them thinking that the research is for human benefit.

Initially, in the Anunnaki homelands, their DNA strands were limited to three pairs. However, over a long period of time, new developments allowed them to expand them into strands of four pairs, then six pairs, and then ten pairs. However, after much turmoil on many fronts in the history of the Anunnaki homeland, the Anunnaki DNA was eventually limited to six pairs. Six pairs were only extended to the Anunnaki Elite, which helped to elevate them far above all the other Anunnaki. The working class are limited to three pairs. ……….

By the way Tap the Site Link I gave you for the DRAKE INTERVIEW displays all 33 of them if you didn’t know.


So, Wasp, did Bill Cooper believe in aliens or not?

If all aliens are a conspiracy, then all alien stories are myth.

If aliens are real, there has to be some kind of conspiracy of silence.

Are they both real and a myth in combination?

Answers please.

What did Bill Cooper really say?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Thank Wasp for this information, I knew I had read it somewhere. The Bible is a complicated book.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think this “historic” information must have come off of the back of a Cornflakes packet.

    Aren’t the Anunnaki supposed to be “off the starboard bow” on their red dwarf star that’s supposed to be in plain view by now?

    Have you noticed how all the Niburu merchants have gone quiet recently when nothing happened.

    Bible – Harry Potter -Bible – Harry Potter. Take your pick they are both made up stories.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Tap – GS has a point – Surely this reads like Sci-Fi – which is so obviously appealing – yet at the same time – where is the basis for these ‘ stories ‘ other than imagination / fiction ?

    To divert back to real world events which are readily evidenced – Can anyone explain Libyas currency situation ?

    Wiki says that they tied their currency to SDR’s back in Dec’11 – Is this effectively the same as introducing a new currency by the back door ? Is it possible to confirm that the new central bank operates differently from the previous set up – or do we just have to wait till it is reported that the new bank now reports in to the BIS – will it just be a one line news item – if that ?


  4. Anonymous says:

    This historical narrative sounds too precise to be true. It’s a great story but the Bible is telling us about God, not aliens.

    Remember humans can received alien DNA through natural physical processes.

    David Wilcock has looked at recent genetic research conducted in Russia, and has concluded aliens in our galaxy look like humans because non-Terrestrial human DNA was projected into proto-human DNA by means of a galactic wave.

    Tap has done a post on this.

    Information in a wave can reprogram DNA. As galactic waves pass through the inner-galaxy it picks up information from human life forms which is then passed on to beings on Earth. It’s not just human DNA that this wave information has changed. These waves come in millions of years cycles and cause periods of speciation (genesis) on Earth, which is present as peaks and troughs in the natural history record.

    Using wave genetics techniques, Russian scientist Peter Gariev claims to have changed a frog egg into one which produced a salamander by projecting a laser through a salamander egg at the frog egg. Chinese scientist Dr Tszyan Kanchzhen discovered DNA transformation could occur through waves after he created a “Duck-Chicken” in a torsion generator.

    I’m not saying there has never been one instance of direct alien intervention but you don’t need it to explain why our genetics could be similar to alien genetics. Our DNA is a receiver of information projected out through information waves from the galactic centre.

    – Me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Nibiru is still on it’s way, that’s why the N and S poles are moving.
    The Bible has been talked about for thousands of years, handed down by word of mouth.
    I suppose your anon believes the Pyramids were built by humans, come on get real.

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