1500 British Soldiers Killed In Libya, Revealed In German Parliament.

Gordon Logan sent us a report that 25% of the SAS was wiped out during the ‘capture’ of Libya, and the murder of the Gaddafis (This post has mysteriously disappeared). As there were no reports of any casualties at the time in the media, Gordon’s report seemed hard to credit. I made a mental note to look out for other reports or evidence.

Here is one, which appeared this morning. No less than 1500 British soldiers were killed during the operation, according to a German delegate talking in a closed meeting at the German Parliament.


The war was always presented in the media at the time as being an entirely civil war. The truth as usual is otherwise.

At least 1500 British soldiers died in their effort to remove the legitimate Jamahariya government according to “Arabic RT”. The figure has been reportedly leaked from a closed German parliament meeting.

The war of aggression against Libya has costed thousands of innocent Libyans lives, yet there has been no official apology nor any admission by NATO member states. The propaganda outlets continue in their efforts to distort the truth and paint a delusional reality which states that the Libyan crisis was a civil war rather than a war of plunder implemented by the enemies of Libya. Even when overwhelming evidence is presented, the denial continues.

We pretended to be his friends to get favourable terms for our oil companies. Then we seized the lot with bombs and bullets. Armed robbery describes the process. Not civil war.

Cameron hiding the real story during the Libya Campaign.

Britain’s armed forces are being used to enslave the world, and are paying a higher price than anyone is admitting. We should not be proud of our country. We are acting as war criminals, operating in secret. Cameron should be arrested.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your link to Ozyism appears to be blocked. The screen blanks after about 1 second.

  2. Anonymous says:

    befriends Gaddafi etc for cheap oil.

    Now rob his country inc oil,

    still we pay an arm & leg for Diesel & petrol etc

    are we being played too?


  3. I can’t find anything to back up that figure of 1500 dead British soldiers and all links on the internet lead back to you. However here is a pretty horific article of what the British bastards did to innocent civilians.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, There must be another explanation to the one we were fed.
    How can a band of rebels defeate a trained Libian army.
    How can a band of rebels defeat a trained Syrian army.
    If the two statements are true, there is no point in having a trained army. Just employ rebels, it would be cheaper.
    It would be a waste of time asking our Parliament for answers, because, The Speaker of the House of Commons says, “he cannot make your MP reply to your letters”. What a shower!

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