Britain’s At War. But Who With?

Gordon Logan writes –

I have heard before about Ahmedinejad’s supposed jewish
antecedents. Do the ayatollahs not know about this? If he is an
Israeli agent, why has he not been arrested? No doubt because
there are tens of thousands of Iranians with jewish antecedents
who have no committment to Israel. WASP claims Ahmedinejad is a
32 degree freemason and a Knight of Malta. Where is the

There is no evidence that he is a traitor, but there
is plenty of evidence that the British state is packed with
Israeli traitors. For a start, it is impossible to become the
Director General of MI5 or MI6 without working for Mossad, as
the crypto-jewish traitor and war criminal David Cameron/Levita
must know.

The 7/7 bombings and the resignation of Richard
Dearlove over the Saudi bombings in August 2003 have proved that. I don’t see any
Jesuits in all that, neither does Lord James, who has just
exposed the mega-criminality of the jews Greenspan and Geithner
in the House of Lords.

WASP has produced some excellent stuff
lately, but it is nonsense to claim that the Jesuits are
directing the mayhem currently being perpetrated by Rothschild

WASP submitted a translation on Russian military aid to Syria.
The original was in Hebrew from Debka,

from which he submitted a
poor machine translation, which I replaced with a better
translation from the same website. So WASP must have read and
understood the Hebrew original.

Ergo, he must be a MOSSAD
agent, which explains his seemingly foolish obsession with the
Jesuits and his constant concern to divert our attention from
Rothschild jewish power, which is plundering and ‘haarping’ the

We need to ‘turn’ WASP and get him to track down red hot
stuff that the mass media are censoring, such as Lord James’
revelations. Let’s make an honest jew out of WASP,if that’s

TAP – Someone’s HAARPing us and keeping all rainclouds off our English county, and over the border in Mid-Wales (Only twenty miles – I just drove over there to see. It’s the same day after day. Clear skies here. Cloudy and wet twenty miles away as if some divine hand was controlling the weather according to a regional plan), and someone’s Chemtrailing the abnormally clear skies above us here with toxic metals, but not so much is being dropped above mid-Wales as far as I can tell from talking to locals. If the Zionist Jews are the ones doing all this, trying to cause many of us to die as quickly as they can without the majority even noticing what’s going on, then that’s not surprising. If they are not agents of the Pope and the Jesuits, but the power relationship operates the other way around, that is equally not that surprising.

WASP, you have the right of reply. Are you a Jew? Whoever is behind all this shit, let’s get it stopped. If David Cameron won’t step up to the plate, get rid of him, and bring in a non-Jew to lead the British out of the hands of our enemies. There is a secret war going on. We are being attacked, so cleverly that the vast majority of people in Britain have no idea it’s happening. Until the dying accelerates (it’s already started), people might well not wake up and start saying something. Do we want to be lamenting the deaths of 80% of our nation before anyone feels they can speak? I think not. Let’s speak now.

As for the Iranians, they’ve succeeded in stopping a conventional or nuclear war starting up until now. Maybe they’re suffering chemical attack just as we are. How can we all stop the Jews from annihilating us – using our own aircraft and our own people to do the work?

Where are these airmen housed? Do they have families? Are they really so dumb they can’t work out what they’re doing? Are they RAF? Are they commercial? Which airfields are they working from? Let’s find our enemy.

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2 Responses to “Britain’s At War. But Who With?”

  1. Scotty says:

    It would great to be able to truly know the identity of those groups behind all the mayhem in the world today – plus whatever humanity will have to contend with in the very near future. I believe that it’s very difficult to really know.

    I was sold on the Rothschild Zionist’s being the ‘men behind the curtain’, but the Jesuit evidence (in book form, mostly) is also compelling – although there is also much less of it. How about the evidence of Alberto Rivera? And what about the prominence of Georgetown University in US government and ‘Spelly’s War’ etc?

    On the other hand, there is a very great deal of more visible and very real evidence supporting the Zionist theory.

    Here’s a thought: Could all the interest payments from all the money in existence in all the nations where there is a central bank (with the BIS Bank for International Settlements controlling at the centre) have created wealth greater than the wealth of the Roman Empire-Holy Roman Empire-Vatican? And remember, they’ve been collecting interest on ALL money in these economies for up to 200 years.

    I think yes, by now they must have more wealth and therefore power than The Vatican. But the Rothschild’s are the Vatican’s bankers, are they not?

    Now I’m really confused…

    Maybe Dr Stan Monteith got it right – it is ALL of these groups ! Do they work in conjunction? Maybe. Do they have battles with each other? (Remember, in the mid 1990’s, the dead Rockefeller followed quickly by the dead Rothschild)

    It is also well known that Mossad have large numbers of internet bloggers who sow disinformation and lies – black propaganda in support of the Zionist / Israeli cause.

    GL’s point about the translation is very perceptive and may be a tough one to answer.

    So, come on WASP – spill the kosher beans !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Re Lord James – That is very strange – The complete silence from the MSM – even if was to just discredit him is very strange . Honestly I had never heard of LJ prior to looking at the stuff on this blog – Is it an internet hoax ? Are his words just dubbed over a lords appearance ?

    If not , then why not take that one to your MP Tap ?


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