Was Breitbart Obama’s First Victim Under NDAA (Licence To Murder)?

Was Breitbart Obama’s First Victim Under NDAA? (License to Murder) 3/3, asks Alex Jones?

He mentioned Abu Ghraib, Gregory. He mentions his own insecurities and fears. You’re both together on this stuff. You both hate the totalitarian power of the New World Order.

He adds the Murdoch Family quit the UK yesterday.

America is being destroyed. 25 million people are due to be ‘eliminated’ by the New World Order, people who can’t stop believing in private enterprise. This was revealed by an FBI agent who penetrated a totalitarian organisation Obama was at that time a part of, Weather Underground.

Watch at 11 minutes onwards.

Andrew Breitbart was going to release the video recording of Obama fraternising with Weather Underground people planning the American Gulag, when he was at Harvard. The morning he was going to release the tapes, Breitbart was murdered.

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6 Responses to “Was Breitbart Obama’s First Victim Under NDAA (Licence To Murder)?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi TAP

    “Not AGAIN”

    I thought the Gov’ts line was we are all living longer.(re pensions & costs Ha)

    But this is wearing a bit thin now.

    Officials in Pakistan have told the BBC they believe Mr McBride may have died as a result of a heart condition.


    or do you smell a rat?

    your opinion sir


  2. Tapestry says:

    I need a bit more to go on HETT.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, This information from Alex the man of secret hand signals, is suspect.
    Who was Andrew Brietbart, does he have a history, or a family.
    Some say he looks like John Fox.
    This follows the same MO of other American bloggers, just before they release important information, they are got at.
    Why does Alex blame Communists, when the City of London, and the Livery Companys issue the orders.
    Remember all the Leaders past and present were Freemasons.

  4. GPracers says:

    This elightenment can be extremely isolating. There are so many people that just criticize us and belittle our intelligence but don’t research it for themselves. Keep in mind, this is coming from the one’s that can actually read. They say were crazy and foolish while the evidence is overwhelming now. The majority of my own friends and family claim they don’t even have the time to watch the videos. I’m afraid very soon their going to have a lot time to ponder and look back at their own pathetic distractions while they let this happen over the past decades. We are living in very sad times.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Anonymous, the City Of London power elite favors communism. That way they suppress humanity and won’t lose their position of power. They can sned millions to the gulag, and their families get to enjoy the earth’s golden future. The competition is finally eliminated – the only competitor they fear, other human beings.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, What you say is Quite right, but remember there is no difference between Socialism, Communism and Conservitism, just the way you look at it.
    It’s the three card trick, the City of London, Columbia and the Vatican. These places never get invaded.

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