War Is Forbidden In The Solar System

Rothschild-backed military aggressors like David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy had better take note. War is no longer permissible to aliens present here on the planet. They could both pay a bitter price for lending support to Israel if she invades Iran, as both are planning to do. France was recently blooded with an orchestrated secret service campaign of terror-killings to stiffen the resolve of the French people into supporting Sarkozy the warrior, and to squeeze him back into office in the forthcoming election.

I asked readers to follow me into intergalactic politics yesterday in the post above featuring the interview of Marshall Vian Summers by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. As expected this has brought the usual comments from those not willing to consider alien influence on earth as a possibility. Notable exceptions are the blog’s stalwarts Me and Wasp, who both commented, partly in favour of my latest preferences.

Today I continue the journey in this new direction by taking a look at John Kettler’s blog, who is, like Marshall Summers, another individual who claims he receives communication directly from sources ‘off-planet’, and who was interviewed by Kerry Cassidy a month or so ago.

It is interesting that Marshall’s clear statement that war is not permitted in our part of the galaxy, is entirely consistent with John’s view that ETs/EDs are blocking the desire of Netanyahu/the Rothschild/Reptilians to bring the Middle east to war between Iran and Israel. Overall John’s view is if a war is started, the ETs/EDs will side with Iran, Russia, China to destroy the aggressors, Isreal and any others foolish enough to lend support like Britain’s David Cameron. (ETs are extra-terrestrials. EDs are extra dimensionals)

Marshall points out that this is not a goodies versus baddies strategy on the part of the ETs/EDs as John appears to suggest on occasions. The ETs/Des have their own agenda to exploit the world, and to subsume us further into their power. This they can do just as effectively by deception and persuasion as by warfare. War makes the procedure of our enslavement less predictable and messy, and destroys the value that the earth represents to alien exploitation, which is no doubt the primary reason that warfare between alien races is forbidden in this part of the galaxy, which Marshall states as being very crowded. Trading agreements override all competitive practices here on earth.

While John’s views and Marshall’s are very different, with John’s being focused on military technology and strategy, and Marshall’s on the political and spiritual choices facing mankind, both are consistent with each other, and with the events that we do know about, including those from alien-sceptics like Gordon Logan, from whom I am expecting a sound telling off at any minute!
Although Gordon should be pleased with much of John Kettler’s views on Israel’s government’s actions, if he doesn’t storm off in disgust.

(BTW Happy Birthday for today to Gordon Logan, his first since his return to the UK from his forced exile, which ended when he began writing publicly on The Tap Blog)

Here is John Kettler’s update on the military situation in the Middle East

ETs/EDs Warn Israel (& U.S.) NOT To Attack Iran!
Posted on March 22, 2012 by John Kettler

Middle East–Will Israel Attack Iran?
ETs/EDs Remind All “Aggression Will Be Severely Punished!”

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) have assessed the Middle East situation and see it this way: Israel’s been mobilized for war for ~ three months, following a massive buildup made possible by Sunni Muslim Arab enemies of Shia Muslim Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is viewed by the ETs/EDs as the prime cause of Middle East war fever, having declared he wishes to to be the last Prime Minister of Israel, which means he wants Armageddon. In the ETs/EDs‘ view, Netanyahu and his Likudist fanatics must go. Israel has 280 specially modified F-15s , each already loaded with a precision guided bunker buster bomb. The ETs/EDs are aware of this. The Israeli Army is training to a fever pitch, with war expected in the range of less than a week to ~2.5 weeks. It appears the Israelis will strike straight for Iran, bypassing Syria. Indications are the IAF (Israeli Air force) will be using AWACS (Airborne Warning And Control System) type aircraft and droned bomb laden fighters to conduct “back door” kamikaze attacks via circuitous routes.

The Persian Gulf is relatively calm, despite Iranian vitriol about destroying Israel, and oil producing countries are making gobs of money, war tensions having doubled the price of crude. The ETs/EDs view President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and his Muslim extremist masters as big problems, too, but aver theocratic Iran has never directly attacked a neighbor. Iran’s allies are worried; both Russia & China have been pumping in advanced weapons, to include a recent shipment of Chinese missiles, among which may be nuclear warheads, Israel’s nightmare, despite her nearly 200. A recent remote viewing by a crack team found, prior to this shipment, there wasn’t a single functional nuclear device in Iran. We don’t know whether that’s true now. The ETs/EDs provided some coaching on penetrating dimensional shields around nuclear devices.

Where all is NOT well, in our view or the ETs/EDs, is the mess known as Syria, presently being reinforced by the best men and equipment Russia has. The U.S. estimates 100,000 men, including hundreds of the dreaded Spetsnaz (Russian special forces), Border Troops, Motorized Rifle Battalions in BMP-3 ICVs (Infantry Combat Vehicles), advanced nuclear capable long range artillery & multiple rocket launchers (capable of firing guided and sensor-fuzed weapons), modern T-90 Stealth tanks, mobile air defenses which can defeat Stealth aircraft/many guided munitions, divisional guided missiles able to reach Israel (nuclear, chemical, submunition options), plus radical (forward swept wing), still unidentified Sukhoi two-seater fighters there, nearly 50 so far. Intelligence sources report the possibility of HELs (high energy lasers) & HPMs (high power microwave) weapons, too.

Most of the Russian navy is en route, and Russian ballistic missile submarines are in the Atlantic. Putin seems to be feeling his oats, and this force is spoiling for a fight. The ETs/EDs provide a somewhat different perspective. The Russian force is to “spank” Israel/buy time for follow-on forces to demolish the Netanyahu regime–if Israel attacks, say the ETs/EDs. The ETs/EDs say the intent is NOT to destroy Israel, just remove the tumor, as it were.

If Israel Attacks Iran, ETs/EDs Say U.S. Should Help Defend Her

The ETs/EDs perceive the U.S as having exactly one dependable ally in the region: Israel, and have repeatedly warned of the untrustworthiness of Turkey. The problem is that Israel’s determined to go to war, President Barrack Obama is NOT perceived, by the ETs/EDs or us, as being able (or willing), to stop Israel, but the U.S. military is bone tired and fed up with being pawns to make the rich richer. The ETs/EDs believe the U.S should join Russia & China diplomatically to “arm twist” Israel into compliance.

Failing that, both China & Russia have made it clear that an attack on Iran by Israel will be deemed an attack by the U.S., meaning untold havoc could be unleashed on our war-weary, grossly outnumbered, dispersed forces, fighting frontline foes equipped not just with modern weapons but the nightmare gear only ETs/EDs can provide, what the ETs/EDs call “science fiction weapons.” Time and again the ETs/EDs have said: “Don’t provoke Russia; don’t mess with China.” The single best move the U.S. has, if Israel attacks, is to promptly join with Russia and China to defeat it, according to the ETs/EDs. At a stroke, the “global bully” backing “the regional bully” would be redeemed in the eyes of the world. Feasibility? Unknown!

ETs/EDs Have Numerous Options; Plans Unknown

The ETs/EDs, should Israel be so foolish as to attack, have numerous options at their disposal, some bloodless, but the ETs/EDs’ feeling is that Netanyahu needs an object lesson–in pain. Whether that comes personally to him and his party or is applied more broadly to his expeditionary forces, him and his cronies depends on whether or not he backs down, per the ETs/EDs. If he doesn’t, it’s going to be ugly. Not only will Israel face highly motivated terrestrial foes, but automatically wins the “death from above” sweepstakes ticket from the ETs/EDs, whose approach is simple: “Attack and you die!”

Aliens are fabrications. The technology is real.

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tap – i love your blog – i think its one of the best ones around but all this alien/ufo buisness is not doing any favours to the credibility of the site in general.

    Dont get me wrong-who knows,there may be life from elsewhere living amongst us or visting us but i just feel that it gives detractors the perfect ammunition to dismiss all the good work published on your site as the work of crackpots and fantasists.

    Just thought id share my thoughts – thank you for a great informative site and all the work you put in


  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for your careful thoughts, chris. There’s a fine line between breaking these topics as a point of interest but not allowing any real weight to be placed on them, in order to save face, or hold credibility, and ending up serving readers a tasteless weak soup.

    I am responsible for advancing my thoughts which are fed through the research of others for the most part. There comes a time when I have to say what my instincts tell me to be real events. I agree there’s nothing in the open to close the credibility gap, and it’s a big risk to take.

    There is however simply too much evidence for alien visitation taking place over millennia to be able to dismiss it all. What are the aliens coming here for? It makes sense that they are not all tourists. You have to work from a premise that they have an agenda. I have had experiences in my life such as using earth energy to recover my health, seeing poulter gheists at work, water divining and informational dreams, for example, which assist me to realize there is a lot more going on than we are ever told about.

    Above all, I listen to the witnesses being interviewed and I feel a strong instinct they are not false or part of an elaborate deception. I hope you stay with me as I examine the output of the various sources available, and we’ll see if their opinions and reports get substantiated as time passes.

    I will not rush to instant dismissal to preserve popularity or in the hope of raising credibility. I am here to express my thoughts and beliefs just as I always was. The previous material still stands. The latest moves should be seen not as contradiction but as the next necessary step to continue the enquiry going on on The Tap Blog. Stay with me if you wish. You’llbe most welcome if you do.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree that ETs/EDs is an important subject to cover.

    We need to realise though that we don’t have a lot of first hand information on this subject. Therefore I suspect it will / should involve a fair bit more than simply reporting what so-called whistleblowers have said.

    Because they contradict each other, so can’t all be right, reporting them all as if they have something valid to say is a distraction. It’s confusing and lets through disinformation.

    We need to generate our own theories about what is happening and be skeptical about some of these reports.

    The Summers guy who is supposedly channelling an angel? Not saying that’s wrong but I’m suspicious.

    – Me.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Both Summers and Kettler say that war is forbidden by the ET/EF elements that they are in contact with, Me.

    Naturally we are skeptical, but how are we to discuss what sources say, if we discount them and don’t examine what they say carefully.

    What interests me is the confirmation between all the various witnesses of the main picture, and not the variation of interpretations put on the information, which you would expect.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Of course i’ll stay with you! And i’ll stand next to you,it’s your blog after all

    Whatever the truth i salute your courage and open minded approach


  6. BSDetection says:

    s Chris an anagram of Tapestry or is the other way around?
    Why would anyone use “Anonymous” and then sign their post Chris?
    Why not put Chris in the Name/URL.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Are you stepping into la la land as self protection Tap – a la Shayler, or do you actually believe this alien guff?

  8. Tapestry says:

    Shayler has to survive and appearing nuts is one sensible strategy to stave off retribution from the Order, as you say.

    Maybe I’m pursuing the same strategy. I hadn’t thought of that!

  9. Anonymous says:

    //Both Summers and Kettler say that war is forbidden by the ET/EF elements that they are in contact with, Me.

    Naturally we are skeptical, but how are we to discuss what sources say, if we discount them and don’t examine what they say carefully.//

    This is a perfect example. The statement “war is forbidden” will mean exactly same among ETs as it does among humans. It’s a very easy thing to say, until a bigger multi-galactic-cluster empire comes along and wipes you all out.

    It’s a goal to strive for. Anyone who says “war is forbidden” and saying that is absolute, is making a rule that you are their slave.

    – Me.

  10. Chris says:

    BS Detection (8.01)

    Keep your ‘air on, not all of us are super dooper techno litearates you know!

    …there,worked it out now,just for you

  11. Tapestry says:

    We are told by the sources that in this part of the galaxy, war is forbidden. It’s like the Pale, and beyond the Pale where law doesn’t reach. Or the wild west. We are located inside a populated part of the galaxy, where rules are observed, as they jostle for position within it.

    We need to understand the political environment to produce the most appropriate response to the proposals that are being made to us, unseen by the public. Most of us are not even aware there is a political environment that extends beyond our skies. There are minimal sources to declare that there are. Deception is clearly a big part of the game that’s being played by all players. I don’t see bullshit but information that needs bringing within our understanding.

    It is far from being so at this stage. Maybe by following the sources, their authority will grow and we can then place reliance on them. I prefer to take the risk that they are a hoax, than avoid the issue, and find that we’ve been stitched up by forces who took us over acting entirely covertly. Be vigilant, and work it through in your mind. If it’s a hoax, show the loopholes that give the hoax away. Hoaxers always make mistakes. Take 911 as your classic example.

  12. Anonymous says:

    //We are told by the sources that in this part of the galaxy, war is forbidden. It’s like the Pale, and beyond the Pale where law doesn’t reach. Or the wild west. We are located inside a populated part of the galaxy, where rules are observed, as they jostle for position within it.//

    Sources?? These are claims made by a couple of people are not sources. I’ve not heard the claims elsewhere. They are just claims.

    We can all agree outlawing war is good thing. The idea that it can be and has successfully been outlawed – in all its forms – doesn’t make any logical sense.

    Nobody would or could “ban war” unless they ruled an all powerful dictatorship. The crucial argument for me is that in a truly peaceful galaxy war would not have to be forbidden. It just wouldn’t happen because people have reached a stage of development where it doesn’t.

    Right now I’m penning Kettler and Summers as disinfo programming. A way of getting NWO ideas across using an alien theme.

    – Me.

  13. Tapestry says:

    How about Phil Schneider? He talked from a different perspective.

    I am not ready to announce any big decisions at this stage. But I find after a year or more reading and following the relevant revelations that they can’t be easily dismissed, as they all repeat the same basic story.

    Each source has its own spin or interpretation, but the basic facts keep coming out the same. Alien events are real and are of huge significance to what we imagine are purely earthly events. Whether it’s disinfo or info, the story is confirmed by all.

  14. Chris says:

    My two pennies worth….

    The truth,i would say,is usually somewhere in the middle

  15. Anonymous says:

    arent these summers the forefather of repto-humans??? they brought the reptilians races of mongol-hebrew-semitics to destroy all other races. they want the war it just they dont want to blow everything.

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