Tap Blog On Track For 2 Million Page Downloads In 2012

After the February blockbuster, there was only really one way to go. Many readers have been reporting difficulties reaching the site, and many contributors too. The proverbial ton of bricks has been dropped after we hit around 700,000 page reads in February. That figure includes a huge read in Japan on websites that copied in full the post on the Fukushima earthquake, suggesting here never was a 9.0 Richter quake, and the tsunami was deliberately caused by underwater nuclear detonation.

We were equally dropped from beforeitsnews, rarely making any top ten stories during March, clearly having been downgraded as a source. The post from Gregory Pitchford on February 12th describing his treatment by US security elements after he contacted The Alex Jones Show to whistle blow stuff about Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq in 2006, was the moment we were axed! Gregory has since made it onto Coast To Coast Radio in the States since breaking his story on The Tap.

We’re ticking along nicely anyhow, despite all the blowback. The google counter suggests we will end the month with around 135,000 page downloads on The Tap Blog, plus I can identify 40,000 on before its news, who still copy all our posts, despite being downgraded as a source, keeping us out of the top ten ranks. 175,000 odd reads in the month can’t be bad when those who control the internet are doing their damnedest to cut us off. They still have to be congratulated on doing a fine job of reducing our reader numbers from the level we reached in February, though. The numbers were getting truly terrifying for us as well!

We’ll keep writing anyway, even if there are only twenty readers a day, as there were in 2006 when I started. It’s only a hobby. OK!

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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  1. Zheng Yong says:

    Hi TAP,

    Be careful of Above Top Secret.

    Here is the link to the website.


    Thank You.

  2. Zheng Yong says:

    HI TAP,

    Here is the link to the website.


    He is not arrested.

    Thank You.

  3. Anonymous says:

    WOW an achievable 2,000,000 DL Hits for 2012!!!.

    With such a wide area of topics something for everyone.

    Subjects that prick the mind.

    Great Blog that blows the cobwebs away.

    Keep up your good work Tap & friends.

    Informative Challenging & Eye opening.

    A good daily read Thanks


  4. Zheng Yong says:

    HI TAP,

    Soros Criminal Conviction Exposes “Human Rights” Scam.


    Thank You.

  5. Zheng Yong says:

    HI TAP,

    Microsoft censoring Windows Live Messenger chats under guise of fighting piracy.

    Here is the link to the website.


  6. Zheng Yong says:

    HI TAP,

    World Bank Nominee Tied to Monsanto Shareholder Bill Gates, Soros

    Here is the link to the website.


    Thank You.

  7. Zheng Yong says:

    HI TAP,

    Monsanto ‘Biotechnology Book for Kids’ Caught Brainwashing Children

    Here is the link to the website.


    Thank You.

  8. Zheng Yong says:

    HI TAP,

    UK queen accused of drug trafficking

    Here is the link to the website.


    Thank You.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Well done, and Congratulations, for having the correct formula of opinions and speculations.

  10. Julia says:

    Well done. Amazing stats despite the obstacles. And proof that the alternative Internet is still alive and kicking despite the threats.
    Has anyone else noticed a general Internet lull the last week? Seems to be picking up again now we are ramping up for the Full Moon.

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