‘Sergeant’ Pitchford Finally Gets To Talk On Coast 2 Coast AM

Gregory Pitchford, the US Army Sergeant, who broke his story on The Tap Blog in February, of the vast HD porn site at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, has finally been given the live radio interview on Coast 2 Coast AM Radio he was promised. Starts at 14 minutes, and ends suddenly at 17 minutes when George the presenter cuts him off midstream, promising further contact by phone.

It’s given him an opportunity to calm and see things from a new perspective to some extent.

He writes –

Hi Tap,

Its extremely hard to come to grips with serving in an Army, now I can see them for what they really are. I know you have been trying to get me to deal with that fact and I have been fighting you on it. All I think about is the dead soldiers who were just doing a job and now the broken families that remain. Awakining to the NWO is a very difficult thing to do when you served proud and it’s a big part of your identity.

I’m still very upset for what happened to me but I am improving. The mild hallucinations and panic attacks are going away since I stopped and refused to take their extremely powerful and dangerous antipsychototics.

I can give you a list of names and numbers to verify the information concerning the commander and the staff sergeant if you would like but thats not really what this was about. I posted an ABC News report verifying what Rumsfeld did to that soldier already. I wish I didn’t come across so upset on the blogs but my anger over this is still something I’m dealing with.

However, my tone was perfect with George on Coast 2 Coast AM. Calm cool and collected. If he lets me finish my story I will be sure to keep it that way to counter the mess I made on The Tap. To the readers of The Tap Blog, thanks for your support.

He adds

What happened to me in the wake of releasing such information is what was truly horrifying. To this day, I’m still surprised Alex Jones hasn’t called or emailed me to say “I’m sorry you went through what you did, we have been aware that many of our callers have been harrassed and threatened for sometime.” I think he needs to make daily warnings about it though telling people if you call in or email, keep in mind, the government is definetly monitoring my station.

Gregory Pitchford.

Gregory Pitchford has a blog.

WASP writes –


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5 Responses to “‘Sergeant’ Pitchford Finally Gets To Talk On Coast 2 Coast AM”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its great to hear you’ve had an opportunity to have your day with George.

    any chance of a link to hear it?

    please dont be hard on your self on this journey of greater awareness.

    it must be hard as you realise everything seems to be a big lie.

    especially with your patriotic & military training.

    your openness i feel must be an inspiration to many please please please keep updating us with your thoughts your world or whats on your mind it hold great value to us all.

    would you like a free & easy web site? so to document & present your pictures, thoughts ideas as you would like us all to best understand your concerns & points.

    the best


  2. Julia says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling calmer Gregory. We have all been through crazy stages on our individual and unique journeys through all of this. It all comes good in the end. Glad you are managing without the medication too

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Gregory war, battles, blood & guts.
    You have been in the deep end mate.
    please don’t dump your meds but get 2nd 3rd opinions,read the info sheet in the pack do your home work on web etc, find some friends and hang on in there.
    look at all the Vietnam troops who returned suffering with so many issues.
    Seems you still have that respected survival mode be strong keep it together. “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”
    Although you may not realise it many may find you threatening cirtainly with your past training a man with that killing instinct.
    please find your niche in life get your story out or straight.
    Respect love & embrace your family as many of mine have passed now

    Glad you’ve got a blog “cool”

    What i have found is if you are built of strong stuff it just means folk pile more on your shoulders, problem is when you reach your immense loads limit the breakdown can be massive. BE STRONG take a break coastal holiday breath some fresh air rest take care GP


    PS If they “think” you are ill and wont take your meds then the white room may be their option (not good)

    • GPracers says:

      I’m on some lighter stuff for now to show my therapist I’m still cooperating while I wait for my VA check. I came back for Iraq with mild PTSD. I noticed I didn’t like the loud booms on 4th of July anymore. It reminded me too much of the mortar attacks in Iraq. However, in the wake of what happened to me after contacting GCN and Alex Jones, in all honesty, I’m a mess now. Can’t sleep often. Paranoid beyond belief. Don’t trust strangers. Always turning my head when cars drive off.
      I pray this will go away with time but these guys got me really good. I don’t trust my government anymore and have no desire to participate in society anymore either. I think I would do much better on a farm or ranch now.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Good advice HETT, but get off the meds. There is always a better way.

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