Science Fiction Covers Up Science Fact. Stargates Are Real.

Sent in by Cobalt.

This interviewee describes himself as third generation Black Project talent. A Chief Petty Officer in the US Coastguard, he had another secret role as an ‘agent’ being used in Black Project operations. This is his first public interview. He says the stargates are real. The TV versions are created to make people think it’s all a fantasy. His name’s Aaran McCollum.

He was active in the Gulf Of Aden. There are hundreds of ships circling an area of designated water. Russian, German, British, Chinese, US, Japanese warships are there.

There is research going on there into alien/human DNA.

There is a lot of ‘piracy’ going on from Somalia. These are all false flag operations. It’s a way to keep everyone away from that area – fear of piracy.

The stargate is over the body of water. There’s a huge magnetic field, where the water is in swirling motion, and where part of it has actually come up. The security zone is miles and miles and miles.

Kerry Cassidy asks him who’s in charge.

Aaron replies that it’s the global elite.

Genetic engineering is going on under the water. There is an underwater base there in the Gulf Of Aden. They’ve been doing this in many underground and underwater bases for decades.

Yemen has been picked as a terror target because the stargate opened in the Gulf Of Aden on January 5th 2010. The stargate had been identified prior to that. Check out youtube/stargate/Yemen. All the major countries want to have their hand in the cookie jar.

General in Marine Corps told him that in North Africa in 2008 something big was coming up. I met top Black Op personnel from all over the world, many from Australia, SAS, but of Middle Eastern descent, who were being trained to conduct false flag operations in the Middle East. False Flag operations started happening subsequently.

The small false flag operations that have been happening, including in the USA, where he witnessed a false report of explosives going missing from a train shipment of munitions, he began checking out on his own. He alerted security who realised he was checking out what was going on, and was closed down and dropped from his unit.

There are going to be a major false flag attack in the US, road blocks, police crackdown on society in general. It’s being called a new war.

Afghanistan was not a war on terror, but an attempt to get control of the country’s stargate (check again. clip paused)………….. It wasn’t the poppy, the opium trade, although the CIA runs the drugs industry there as in Vietnam. War has to make a profit. The bankers.

The US is training Yemeni forces. They are claiming Al Qaeda is the target there. Garbage. Yemen is the country needed to control the stargate in the sea.

Kerry Cassidy – what’s going on with the stargate?

Aaron – ETs are opening the stargate for a definite purpose. Are these ETs friendly or unfriendly? If friendly, they’ve opened it up to get 2012 events going as predicted. Are the global elite trying to prevent this from happening so that they can continue their agenda?

If the global elite are unable to quash the benign ETs, unfriendly ETs could well attempt to intervene and quash the friendlies’ arrival. The global elite are all in service to other powers, that exist higher than themselves.

In every underwater base, there are always ETs there. They are really running the show. They allow TPTB to think that they have control, when they don’t.

There is an operation going on called Project Seagate. Aaron thinks this is the only one. (The underwear bomber had only just happened when this interview took place).

Kerry – Long section omitted.

Dolphins are used as a medium for the seagate, for time travel.. and travel to other locations in the universe. Dolphin frequencies can be used to put you onto a different level so you can handle travelling great distances. Humans can be put on the same frequency as the dolphin, heightening human awareness.

Kerry – is it possible that your DNA was mixed with dolphin DNA as a child?

Aaron – Yes, but I’ll cover that in the next interview. The fact is there’s an intergalactic war going on. The earth is a war prize. I was helping orchestrate false flag events in 2008/2009. Personnel are realising that what they are doing is wrong.

Captain …. … was one who realised. He’s disappeared. No one knows where he is. He had a document showing the agenda from 2000 to 2015, which he gave 22 pages of to me. Where he lived, they deny having any sign of his living there. Others have disappeared. I was under heavy surveillance. There was an attempt on my life last year, a possible attempt, or a scare tactic to try to shut me up from blowing the cover on Project Seagate.

People need to see me as a person if I’m to have credibility. There’s a reason I look the way I do now. I am a real. People need to see me and my story as a whole, my face. My life has already been threatened. I have scars from almost getting killed. I lack the emotion of fear. I need to do this.

Kerry Has the connection with Camelot lead on to this happening?

Aaron – I watched the Dave Corso interview. All these doors opened. Duncan and Dave have memory lapses of what happened at St Thomas. I will be able to tell you the story. My contacting you came from that experience of going to that conference.

If you haven’t see Jesse Ventura’s The Manchurian Candidate on YOutube, you should see it. It’s so well done. We’re all trying to get the word out.

Second interview. Dolphin/human hybrids. May 2010

Aaron – The authorities are putting a huge lock-down on information spilling out. Naval Int source says two perimeters have been created. The security cell stops the ‘piracy’. In another three mile circumference, the other ships are watching the stargate opening up. There was a supposed planned bombing of the UK Embassy but it failed. Military movement is still being flooded into Yemen.

Aaron describes being thrown into a swimming pool and being watched how he did. My parents said I could swim before I could walk. My body was immobilised before I was thrown in the pool. I remember burning the sensation of drowning, and choking up water on a slab when I was fished out.

At aged 5, I was put into a sensory deprivation chamber for hours. I was made to walk across hot rocks which burned my feet, but I didn’t react to that. It was sensory and pain training. I was staken to government-funded training camps – repelling, knife-sharpening, weapons training, survival, hand to hand combat – at aged 5 to 8 years old.

For 7 days straight I was forcibly dumped in a very cold river day after day. I have a body temperature two degrees colder than other people. I don’t notice cold weather. I don’t need a jacket. Neither does hot weather bother me.

I was subjected to violence at about eight/nine years old with same group of kids. We were put in a pit and told to fight, all boys, until someone was defeated.

I’m in touch with my mother, but we don’t talk. My mother is programmed in such a way that if I talk to her, it might have very bad effects. I’ve been in contact with my father. He’s accepting some of it. He’s dealing with a lot of blocked memories. He was from the pre-generation programme, what Duncan, Dave and I were part of.

Until aged 9, this guy called Mike took us to every event. My father had no idea about what was happening to me. I felt separated from other children. I woke up at age 5 during an operational procedure. I remember screaming, people wearing masks, and wires and tubes going into my left knee. I’ve had a lot of different surgeries, and have strange things happening to my neck, my arm and my hips. I have never been allowed to see any of my X Rays or scanned images of my body.

I was instructed to enlist. If you pass assessments, you move up to the next phase. Those that are not passed, you never see those other children again. I have no idea what happened to them.
more details.

I was taken to Calif in summertime, working with water, working with dolphins…..My sister went through a separate programme. Our brother is autistic but brilliant a member of the space programme.

The next level was an occult type group that had its own location. I went there with my sister. I had to drink things. I was becoming a very different person. I remember a lot of pain. I remember a lot of dark, evil ritualistic things that I was subjected to.

Kerry – It sounds like a typical dark Illuminati ritual. was it sexual?

Aaron – That started earlier. I was taken to a Catholic Church. I was subjected to dark sexual rituals which I would have to go to at night. At aged 11, 12, I was given training exercises. We were given assignments like steal a car and take it to a different location, or invade a house and steal things. There were six of us.

I went underwater in a week of relaxation, and resurfaced to find the other kids in a panic. They told me I’d been underwater twelve minutes.

I was instructed to join up at a coastguard recruiting office.

I turn up. They took me into a dark room. They sat me down, and told me I’d fit the coastguard because of future operations that had been selected for me. To me violence, training, being told what to do was normal.

Aged 5, I was handling guns, knives and having cold water training. I didn’t know any other life. It never occurred to me to rebel.

I never considered college. I was told by a general ‘you will never have a normal job until we’ve used you to the full extent.’ I tried to get normal jobs during my awakening process, but I found I was blacklisted. I have been made a slave to a pension that I receive under very unusual conditions.

The databanks at my high school were wiped out the day I was permitted to graduate. I had so many absences, it would otherwise have been impossible. All my property was stolen in 2005, so I have no records to prove it.

At the coastguard, I could get away with anything without consequences. My above board job aged 18 was search and rescue off Oregon//Washington coast. Black Ops started in 1999, two years later.

I was involved in terminating MK Ultra agents whose programming was wearing off, or abducting them and bringing them back for reprogramming, scientists and so on, as Operation Spyglass.

My parents cannot remember any details about the day I was born. I have a big scar on my head, which I was told was a forceps injury. A friend says the scar is some kind of DNA implant or intervention. I am still investigating. Many details to hear. We are not sure about our births.
My Dad cannot even remember how he met my mother. Neither parent is on medication. They have lots of memory losses.

Live military abductions continues.

We worked with ETs as team members when we did abductions – greys.

I was hit with a car six months ago. I flew over the car. No broken bones. No stitches. Nothing. My family members have been threatened.

Kerry – did you question what you were doing?

Aaron – you are raised and conditioned to do as you told. You are robotic. I don’t feel anything now. If you do show feelings, don’t show it, or you will be re-programmed.

Project Seagate – Off Puerto Rico a huge underwater, underground facility was discovered. The Greys, the Reptilians and others were used to investigate what this base was. The base was called PROSEA. It was not a grey base. Part is on the seabed. Most is under the seabed. I was shown all this in 2008 when I was recalled. My memory was full of crazy terrors, flashbacks. I attempted suicides.

I have actually twelve separate alters, possibly 36 alternative personalities.

This base was part of the Omega programme, genetically engineered human beings. The jackal programme. They mixed human and jackal dna. I was part of the programme with a mix of human with dolphin dna.

They can insert a human personality from one body to another. They can use DNA to create humans with many of the attributes of dolphins, and they create another model which is mostly dolphin but has many of the attributes of a human being. There are humans who can echo-locate. I worked with dolphins to learn how to do echo-location.

Water-acclimatisation was my other specialisation. Going to other planets is problematic in that the water in different locations has different chemical formulations. It was killing people sent across through the seagates. I was used to go on operations in different places as I could acclimatise to different water types. I was time travelled to Cambodia in 1966, though I was born in 1978!

Kerry – What is the military doing down there? They are furthering the human-dolphin hybrid programme to create an army. They are transferring humans to other bodies as in Avatar. That is happening right now. If the body in action is wounded, they can move the human back into its original body. There are twelve underground bases in the caribbean. Two humans are permitted. The rest are alien bases.

Puerto Rico is a hotspot for UFO activity, as there are the twelve underground facilities. Some are benevolent – the sirians? – light blueish. 5’4″ to 6’2″. There are greys. There are arturian, who are not humanoid. They prefer thick densities.

My team, when things went wrong, was called to do black ops via the seabase – all over the galaxy, as well as in this world. Five scientists became non-compliant off-world. We were sent to terminate them. Which we did. I physically went. My body.

I did an op in Panama, guarding an entrance to middle earth.

The memories coming back to me were so vivid, it was like the events reoccurring. At what point were you let go form the service. 2005. I couldn’t even remember my own name. I had to relearn maths, how to write. No one knows why my mental block occurred so quickly with me. I’m 31. Normally its 50s and 60s. I feel like I’m 100. Maybe it’s benign alien influence.

Next – He describes the portal in the seagate, and how it works.

I went against direct orders, and went into almost auto-pilot. We activated the seagate with a skeleton crew. The location designated was off the grid. I went there. I was given something. Something transpired. I had difficulty getting out. I move around a lot. I have zero memory from June to December 2005. From there I have constant memory. They did full memory suppression on me. My mind was left blank. This process has a shelf life. In older people who it’s normally done to, the period is long enough.

Some former colleagues self-terminated. They couldn’t take the process. My dad is was starting to wear off his memory suppression.

My self-termination programme didn’t kick in. I got the narcotics and alcohol, but woke up the next day in hospital. I was carried in to the hospital by a tall man. He dropped me off, told the doctors what the cocktail was I’d taken, never gave his name. There’s no way anyone could have known what I had in my system. Some say it’s a guardian angel.

Kerry – was he annunaki? the tall being?

Aaron – let’s say Arturian.

Kerry – you’re taking up your mission on the light side from here. Ben and Heather?

Aaron – Interview with Ben triggered memories in Aaron. He knew about the dolphin hybrid programme from the super-soldier programme. The vortex light spiralling into the sky are stargates opening. There are more of them opening all the time.

They are doing alien,human DNA experimentation trying to create beings that are more robust for passing through the stargates.

Kerry – Pharmaceutical companies?

Aaron – Black Ops. The entire Polish government was executed – for a number of reasons. Pharmaceuticals are part of the military industrial complex. They are messing with the thirteenth chromosome. It is the cause of autism, ADD, HDD. They want to create precogs, telepathics, powers to do with seeing the future. Many aspergers and autistics contain the soul of an alien. That’s why autistics work well with dolphins. The objective is to raise humanity to another level, to trigger the process for the whole of humanity.

They allow the mass slaughters of dolphins and whales. The global elites stop dolphins and whales from getting too many, to maintain the frequency of the planet. They want to spread the planet’s frequency with alien frequency. Autistic kids have a Sirian soul. Dolphins have been embodying into humans. From Sirus B, they prefer the bodies of humans and dolphins.

More people from black projects should come out and start talking, to educate, and build strength in numbers. We need to build the collective conscious. Until enough people on this planet show that they want the truth exposed, we have friends in outer space who will work with us. They won’t come and rescue us, but they will help humanity if humanity decides to help itself.

Kerry – why have the Order left you alone at this point?

Aaron – maybe someone’s said to them , if you mess with him, there will be consequences.

TAP – please do a bit of verification next time, Kerry. Take his temperature for example. Is it really two degrees lower than normal human beings? Why doesn’t Aaron agree to a verification procedure to assist the sceptics to believe the fantastical stories? It wouldn’t be difficult.

Aliens are fabrications. The technology is real.

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15 Responses to “Science Fiction Covers Up Science Fact. Stargates Are Real.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    A picture of the Somalian stargate?

    Apparently there are serious question marks to the official scientific explanation – colony of bioluminescent bacteria.

    “The problem with the bacteria hypothesis is that an extremely high concentration of bacteria must exist before they begin to produce light,” Miller told LiveScience. “But what could possibly support the occurrence of such a large population?”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Come on, take a deep breath and say, thank you Elite, for flooding the World with DRUG’s.
    Thank you for blowing innocent civillian’s to pieces, in the Middle East.
    Thank you for covering half the World with Depleted Uranium dust.
    Thank you for covering us all with Chemtrails.
    I pray to God that the Aliens get the Elite first, they might taste so evil they might leave us alone.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stargates. Aliens.

    Do you really believe this crap?

    I’m afraid Mr Tapestry your site has become a place for the mentally unstable to play.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Im sort of in agreement with the above poster.

    The headline is the sort of thing you’d see in a redtop back here in blighty.

    Ok, so this was over 2 years ago, Any follow up interviews explaining why the war with Yemen never materialized?

    Again its fascinating but what makes him credible?


  5. Tapestry says:

    A source is only a source, a human being who’s seen a part of the picture, either in their work, or from channeling or from research – or all or any in combination.

    The fact is that all the sources have a great deal of commonality, far more than they have differences.

    I have only watched half of this video, and this is only the first. I would prefer to hear him out before passing judgement.

    All sources have their own bias, or viewpoint. It doesn’t undermine their information. In fact conforming to a bias adds credibility. A war in Yemen never materialized on the TV screen. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a war there.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You’ve definitely been got at pal, or stay of the effing weed.

  7. wasp says:

    I sent a Link several days ago relating to The Gnostic Illuminati, Fulford said, “They are an Important & Powerful Organisation.”
    Here is a a follow up.

    Fulford’s Final Warning, & a Message to Q.E.2 from a Nephew Link:-

    Very Difficult trying to send this for some reason, PC doing stupid things. Someone doesnt like Fulford’s Message.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Could you really hide a war in this day and age? I know its been done in the past but could it really be feasible with the internet, social networks and all of those camera phones. Its an interesting concept though.

    I’ve watched it, its interesting but im still not ready to make that leap of faith.

    Also there seems to be alot of ET info being pushed out at the moment.

    Any news on Dave’s mate getting caught selling seats to bbq’s at number 10? 50/50 split at best.

  9. Cave Cave Dues Videt says:

    ///Stargates. Aliens.

    Do you really believe this crap?

    I’m afraid Mr Tapestry your site has become a place for the mentally unstable to play.///

    Well said – but not entirly true…what do think the Holy Bible has to say about genetics and non-human visitations?

    Quite a lot, actually. Infact it’s central to the entire Biblical story. Don’t believe me? Read on…

    The fallen angels (one third of all the angels) were cast down to earth, Satan as their leader.

    They ‘came in to’ the daughters of men and had offspring by them.

    These were called Nephilim.

    God caused the great flood to happen, because the DNA / genetic line of Adam has been adulterated.

    Noah’s blood line was clean and pure, which was why he was saved.

    This all happened in the Old Testament, hundreds of years before Jesus.

    Jesus said “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man”, meaning that the species lines would be crossed, the human DNA / genetic line would adulterated – as is happening now.

    Read Matthew and Luke in the New Testament, go and read it for yourself if you don’t believe me.

    A year ago I was not a Christian. After OBJECTIVE research, I certainly am now !

    All we are witnessing in the world now has been predicted and written in the Holy Bible.

    If you refuse to objectively research the Biblical aspect of non-human visitation and genetic manipulation phenomena, then you not being true to yourself as a seeker after the TRUTH. You are censoring yourself and limiting your own knowledge and understanding.

    It is not at all accidental that society has been turned away from Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Why do you think that might be?

    Existence is a moral issue. Not much else is of any real importance.

    Linked research:

    Jaques Vallee (UFO research)
    John Mack (UFO research)

    Watchers / Nephilim

    Black Awakening by Russ Dizdar / Shattering the Darkness

    Alister Crowley (and Jack Parsons and L Ron Hubbard) and ‘stargates’ and the entity he called LAM.

    Holy bible


  10. Tapestry says:

    Seats at number 10 bbq’s.

    That sums it all up pretty well.


    You don’t have to sign away your soul. Just watch the videos, and see what you feel three months later. There is a lot happening, so it’s hardly surprising that more is coming out, as whistleblowers break cover.

    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      The Galactic Central Sun is a star gate. It is the Central Sun of our Galaxy, the Source of all being, connected to our suns by plasma wormholes.

      Plasma interacts with consciousness. One very deep occult secret that has not been released until now, is, that there are higher octaves of the plasma levels and this is the way the galaxies communicate with each other.

      As Cobra has already mentioned in some of his posts, preparations are just now being made to send a small satellite into Earth orbit, which will surveil all movements around itself (ships), and Cobra says, he is hoping for good pictures. This is another step towards preparing the masses for First Contact. NASA will no longer be able to repress these pictures, the way they are now interrupting and cutting life transmissions.

      This could look like this……

      (Cobra is showing Pictures from Fox News, reporting on visits by extraterrestrials.) According to Cobra, the BRICS nations have their own plan for this.


      Up to now many groups have failed to succeed in creating and living in conscious communities. The main reason for this is the human conflicts which are being initiated and fed by the Archons. These manipulations will cease after the Event, and therefore much information will then become available as to how Intentional Communities of Divine Light can be built. At this time it is much too soon. Almost nobody would be prepared for those communities. Cobra has asked the Pleiadians to share corresponding information with us regarding this after the Event.

      After the Event many caves and places will be opened again which serve the anchoring of the Goddess energy on the planet, only a few of them are secretly accessible even now. Some caves are near the surface population, others are connected to the realm of the Agarthans.

      This technique is based upon our own light body, which is a portal that allows us to travel. Within the heart chakra, in the fifth dimension, resides a Star gate, which can be activated, and which rotates as a torus at the velocity of light. This is the way and the means of ascension. It is a journey through inter dimensional wormholes without the use of a spaceship. Our light body is our spaceship.

      This a conversion-inversion vortex. The two structures rotate against each other. Ordinary spaceship drives are also based upon this function. The picture also shows the Star gate here in the center, which in our body the heart is located. As soon as it moves at light speed the physical reality disappears.

  11. me (not ME, another me) says:

    why can’t pro cam pay for dolphin boy to get a dna test?

    excuse me if that’s contained in the interview but I can’t be bothered sitting through two hours of something that could be easily cut down to 40 mins. This applies to any P.Cam interview I’ve watched.

  12. Tapestry says:

    It is crucial to decide if these witness statements are complicated hoaxes or real statements of extraordinary truths. An edited version which dumbed down movie watchers could handle would not facilitate that essential requirement. Project Camelot doesn’t come over as a hoax, and the witnesses don’t come over as actors with a script. We couldn’t form any view without seeing them as long as possible. If you don’t have time available, I sympathies, but don’t ask for crucial evidence to be got rid of. Arrange more time.

  13. me (not ME or me, another me) says:

    DNA for dolphin boy please.

    This is the first thing those mongos at Project Camalot should have done.

    They are part of some greater deception – and they then pass it on to the people who get off on this stuff and swallow everything they are told, hook line and sinker.

    They are deceived – and they are deceivers.

    I repeat – DNA test for dolphin boy please

  14. Tapestry says:

    I agree. Why don’t they do more to verify their extraordinary claims. It wouldn’t be hard to do that, and then people could decide if they’re fakes or real. It all seems calibrated to hook in a certain audience of gullible people – people like me!

    I am veering away from believing it a few days after watching it all. They churn out more and more interviews but do nothing for subsequent verification.

    Where’s Gordon Logan? He thinks it’s all a load of b/s!

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