The Real Reason For The Arab Spring – Money.

Here’s another link all about Eugenics – or “National Councils for Mental Hygiene” (in many nations) as they started calling themselves after WW2.

This page also has good information on Montagu Norman & the Bank of England: “When German troops crashed into Czechoslovakia in September 1938 Germany claimed Czech assets. They applied through the Bank for International Settlements, of which Norman was a Director, for the release of Czech gold held in the Bank of England.

The financial tomfoolery that followed would leave anyone confused, but the outcome was that £6,000,000 worth of Czech gold was transferred to Hitler’s Government, released by Norman.

Note the BIS (Bank Of International Settlements) in Basel is the ‘belly of the beast’ of the global central banking cabal.

BTW the first thing invading Western corporate forces did in Libya was to open a central bank, literally within one or two days of the invasion. Citizens were given a few months to hand in their old currency – which, apparently, was printed / coined by the state and spent in to the economy at no interest to the taxpayer.

In most nations around the globe now all money is debt, upon which interest must be paid to a private corporation. This is the real power of the global cabal. The global head of this beast is the BIS.

Qaddafi was about to refuse to accept dollars for oil and was demanding gold instead.

He was also planning on issuing a new currency in Libya – the Gold Dinah.

I have read elsewhere that other nations in the region were going to join him, therefore creating a powerful economic block, operating outside of the global central banking cabal. This is, I believe, the reason for the ‘Arab spring’ – those nations being brought back firmly under the control of the financial cabal.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Scotty ,

    Good explanation of how money is issued- this is key to the power as you suggest – and no-one can really give a good explanation , when challenged , as to why a government would have a private bank print money then have it lend them it back at interest – They just point to the BOE nationalisation in 1946 – even if we are to believe that – there is no dispute it was a private bank up till then so they only got away with it for 250 years . The way these guys seem to operate is by changing their names , then denying all knowledge .

    Notice that Standard Oil( Exxon ) and IG Farben ( BASF / Bayer ) both changed their names – both being charged with having a more than passing interest in Nazi WW2.

    Of course if they dont change their names , they just change their modus operandi – The BOE might just be state owned – but its operations and just who it lends free Trillions to is secret – hardly democratic – and allows them to operate BAU without having to argue about who owns the BOE.

    Simples .


  2. Scotty says:

    Sean, I think the nationalisation in ’46 was a great con trick.
    The bank itself, presumably all staff and other costs were billed to the taxpayer from then on.
    The investments & profits, of course, remained private.
    A book related to corporate money creation is The Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins, available as a PDF download. (I’ve got it but I haven’t read it yet! It’s on my list)

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