Protect Yourself From Toxicity. Sauna Every Week.

There is much talk of the use of chemtrailing poisoning the air, water and the soil. This is not imaginary. Plants are being bio-engineered to be able to cope with high density aluminium in soil by companies like Monsanto.

Humans cannot so easily be bio-engineered. We have to do other things to survive the onslaught.

Water. Filter it. Down to half a micron. The jugs in shops with paper filters are effectively useless. A plumbed-in whole household filtering system costs about £1000. It will prolong your healthy life more than anything else you can do.

Air. Stay indoors on heavy chemtrailing days, especially still days. Take showers.

Food. Grow it inside in biodomes or polytunnels, where soil is protected.

Yourself. Heavy contamination can be removed by chelation, but this is expensive and time consuming. Much easier is sweating. The body uses sweat as a pathway to push out toxins. In hot countries, sweat is much easier to achieve. Turn off the aircon and sit on a towel. In cold countries, get a home sauna or join a gym with a sauna. Sweat for ten minutes then shower. Repeat three times. At least once a week. Preferably every day.

People using sweat have recovered from all kinds of poisonings. Farmers from sprays. Dentists from amalgam. People living near refineries.

The only toxin you can’t sweat out is fluoride. It is so highly reactive, it seizes hold and stays inside you regardless. Get rid of it from toothpaste, water (If put in by the local ‘health’ authority). Fluoride is the devil’s poison, and is used to shorten the lives of millions across the planet. I’ve told my sister a hundred times not to use it, but she still has it in her toothpaste, and hasn’t filtered her water. They put it in kids’ toothpastes. It’s a massive crime, committed in plain sight. Kids become hyperactive and suffer ADD, lower IQ and shorter lives.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    With regards to food:

    Henry Kissinger declared in the 1970’s, ‘If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.’

    These globalists are doing everything imaginable to control/poison the food. All part of the depopulation agenda… they even set in stone for all those to see… truth hidden in plain sight:

    This article partly goes into how
    food can be used as a weapon:

  2. Tony_0pmoc says:

    Sorry too strong? That was the point. Stength is essential for effect. You were also supposed to laugh and not be offended by the word fart which was in the dictionary even when I was a child.

    Kissinger actually had a point, as exponential population growth is not possible. Check any graph of real exponential growth. However, he went much too far, and the human race potentially is in danger of the opposite problem, as pollution have caused sperm counts to exponentially fall, which could make the human race infertile.


  3. Tapestry says:

    Educate women, and birth rates fall. The World Government is dumbing down with the inevitable consequence of higher birth rates.

  4. otter walks says:

    Add D,U. into the mix of melt downs, nuclear reactors running at twice their maximum safe life leaking, and you begin to glimpse just how radioactive the globe has become.
    Open air testing, chemtrail dispersal of radioactive wastes, medical, Industrial/Corporate/Military absence of waste disposal sites. A smitten of the overview of how these simple minded inbreed “Unelite” have fup ducked the globe.
    Iran only need sit back and watch Israel become sterile do to the massive use of D.U.
    Bet you can’t list all of the contamination formats being used to lower sexual function from all directions. EXPLETIVES!!!!

  5. Neil Dalby says:

    Having sauna every week is quite a tease! I think it is one of the most convenient (in terms of process) ways to stay healthy inside out. Living a modern lifestyle has made my skin inactive, I must admit. I seldom sweat. Actually, the restoration of the skin’s ability to eliminate toxic chemicals is what attracts me most about going to saunas once a month, at the very least.

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