People Of England! Prepare To Be Moved.

I borrowed this video from Captain Ranty’s Blog. It reclaims ‘England’ for the 60 million people who live on our islands, from the 650 people who control and exploit us, while attempting to crush our culture and steal our lives. Quite moving, actually. Elgar’s Nimrod always does that to you. The words and the graphics pace to the music adding to the effect.

made by artco

sent in by HETT

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3 Responses to “People Of England! Prepare To Be Moved.”

  1. dognamedblue says:

    before there was an england, before we were divided & conquered into england, scotland & wales, we were all british, on one island, we have to move from this divided mind set if we are to reclaim anything, but it is so ingrained into our psychi [through “our cultures” in words & music & art] that it may never happen as long as we still are talking about “us” & “them” because if we are, we are still playing their game, by their rules

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi TAP

    with your east west awareness this may interest you

    long live Monsanta NOT

    The Food We Eat
    Sheila Dillon and author Michael Pollan on the shifting sands of our global diet.

    Its on right now but you can listen again.

    your opinion sir


  3. Anonymous says:

    As they have played war with our children then why can’t we fight fire with fire?
    When we find the culprits.

    Oh & by the way thanks for the list, now their time is up.

    Well world population against 650 in UK? old gits past their sell by dates JOB DONE

    freedom is round the corner


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