Paul McCartney Is Dead. Long Live Paul McCartney.

I’ve studied the evidence that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced with a double.

See here.

My apologies to Wasp.

It is totally convincing. How come he grew three inches aged 24? His eyes changed colour. His head changed shape. The Beatles never performed live again. The before and after pictures are the proof. You have to spend about an hour looking at them for this to sink in.


Sunday 11th September 1966, Evening

Paul was returning from his trip in good spirits, planning to arrive at Ringo’s house that night with two girls.
It had been a wonderful time.
After a period of turmoil, everything seemed to be returning back to a normal routine.

The storm in the world against the Beatles, instigated by John’s notorious comments to the press and stirred by further controversy over the “butcher” album cover, seemed to have finally calmed.
Paul had recently had a sudden burst of extraordinary creativity over a very short period of time, perhaps as a reaction to all that had happened.

One of the last official photos of “THE BEATLES”

It had been a typically seasonal rainy day.
At a semaphore crossing a van suddenly cut across the street, blocking the car Paul was in.
The car didn’t quite stop in time and hit the van, but not seriously enough to do any real damage.

During the crash Paul lost his top-wig.

Paul telephoned Ringo to tell him what had happened and that he would be with him in an hour or two.

Ringo thought it was just one of those jokes that Paul usually pulled.
Soon after the telephone call the police arrived and Paul decided to get a taxi home.

The next morning, seeing that Paul had not returned home, Ringo tried to call him but strangely he couldn’t get in touch with him.

We retraced his steps through our common friends but nobody had seen or heard from him.
We were on the telephone all day.

On Thursday of the same week, a friend of Ringo called to say that people he knew had seen Paul in France.

We flew to Paris but Paul was no longer in the place where he was seen before.
As more days passed, our apprehension grew.

The hill: the place where Paul was found
(a frame from the “Magical Mystery Tour” Film)

A call was received from a girl, that days before, had found Paul near her house, wandering along a hill in a confused state with a damaged leg but without documents and money.

Brian Epstein went to retrieve Paul and on Sunday they started their trip to return home.
But from that day we heard no more news about them for days.

It was very early in the Wednesday morning of the week after we received the call, but not the one we had been waiting for.
We were called out to identify Paul’s body, found on a beach near Outreau, North France.

The beach at Outreau -North France-
The place where Paul’s body was found
(a frame from the “Magical Mystery Tour” Film)

With his feet just below his knees as a result of a fall from a great altitude.

He was in a ghastly state.
His lips looked as if they had been heavily damaged.
The left side of his face had been ripped to pieces and the whole of his right ear had been bitten off.

When we arrived there was a line of police officers blocking us while a crowd of men in medical uniforms were retrieving material for further investigation.
They were so oblivious to the grief we felt that one of them had the audacity to exclaim right in front of Paul’s body: “Look …it seems like a walrus!”

The head of the poor Paul McCartney
(a frame from the “Free as a bird” video)

Well, with his teeth hanging outside of his eaten-up lips and with a shiny swollen ear and dripping wet he really did look like a walrus.
John confronted the man who had spoken so insensitively and they began to brawl.
He had to be pulled away as he howled:

“I.., I am the walrus ..not him (Paul), I.., I am the walrus!”

Brian was still in the plane when it went into the sea.

We were desperately aware that THE BEATLES were finished.
We were in total despair for two days.
But our anger made us think: we would not stop, we would not give up.

Paul had left a lot of material that was yet to be published.
We had a meeting, and agreed, nobody had to know what happened and Paul and Brian could still be kept alive.
The only question was how.

It was confirmed once again to the press that the Beatles wished to stop touring and work only in the recording studio to give us a bit of breathing space.

A friend of Ringo suggested a solution which could be made possible through the intelligence service department:
they had expert cosmetic surgeons and make-up artists at their disposal who could recreate perfect doubles in their secret labs…but in exchange for their help we had to keep quiet about what had happened.

The penalty for refusing to remain silent was death.
They found a look-alike for Brian, the S.O.E. agent Maurice Buckmaster, and they introduced us to a few contenders for Paul but the main problem was to find one with the most similar voice possible.

We had already checked out a number of imitators, of which there were many at the time, in order to find one with a face compatible with Paul’s.

There was a boy already working with us that was able to imitate Paul’s voice in a cogent manner and his face as presented was wonderfully compatible in regards to his profile elements displacement and to jawbone shape, two key factors in determining the correct candidate that the cosmetic surgeons could use.

See ‘The British Invasion Of America‘.

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16 Responses to “Paul McCartney Is Dead. Long Live Paul McCartney.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who is writing that?

  2. Tapestry says:

    George Harrison 1992.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is there any evidence that those words were spoken by GH in 1992?

    Is there an audio or video recording of the interview?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great reading folks

    if someone can go down to madam taussauds i bet they will have two heads? would be real interesting if you could put them side by side? Get your camera out? there should be loads of photos with visitors? they take measurements don’t they? could answer some questions.


  5. wasp says:

    I put the Extra Links in Tap,to allay the thoughts of any doubting Thomas’s. I think that was the copy I sent you, as they weren’t in the original, as far as I can Remember.

    I will continue the Story as soon as I reference my Archive Files.

    Some of the stuff I haven’t sent yet I have recently added to my Archived Material.

    It all appeared fairly convincing evidence to me, the most convincing being the Audio Spectral Analysis.
    This ‘Finger Print’ can never be Modified as far a I know.


  6. Tony_0pmoc says:

    If trying to determine whether a conspiracy theory is true or not, it is worthwhile approaching the issue from a different angle. So,I did. If Phil Ackrill became Paul McCartney in 1966, then not only would Paul McCartney (at the time one of the most closely watched men on the planet disappear) but so would Phil Ackrill. I did trace the origins of this conspiracy theory, which morphed into several different versions, but I won’t bore you with that. Nor will I bore you with the detail of who actually knew Paul McCartney then and now.

    I will simply bore you with the detail of Phil Ackrill, or rather you can do it yourself. I even found out the address where he was, born and the fact that he became an accountant when he finished his music career in 1965, and all the bands he was in, including his reunion.


    “Tamworth Herald – 30/04/71

    There was a reunion with a difference at the Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, on Monday when a Tamworth man teamed up once again with former colleagues – some now internationally known – in a special “Midland Beat Revival Night”

    For Phil Ackrill of Hillcrest Close it was a night which brought back memories of the years when he was a professional rhythm guitarist with Denny Laine and the Diplomats, one of the well-known Midland bands of the early ‘60s.

    Phil, who is now an accountant, gave up being a professional musician in 1965 when the band broke up because he felt he had had enough of travelling on the road.

    The Diplomat’s drummer Bev Bevan, later joined the “Move” who topped the charts both in this country and abroad. Denny Laine, who left in 1964, piloted the “Moody Blues” to a No. 1 hit with “Go Now” and is currently appearing with ex-Cream star Ginger Baker’s Airforce. Also in the original Diplomats was Steve Orton now better know as disc-jockey Steve Rio.

    Also appearing at the Belfry were the remnants of Carl Wayne and the Vikings, The Ugly’s, Ronnie’s Renegades, Danny King and the Royals, Mike Sheridan and the Nightriders, The Fugitives, Gerry Levene and the Avengers, The Grasshoppers and the Monopoly. All names which the teenagers of the early 60’s will remember well.

    Phil Ackrill, however, found himself teaming up with Bev Bevan, the other Diplomat present, to form the new, rejuvenated Ronnie and the Renegades. Their performance was well received by the large audience who had come to indulge in a night of nostalgia.

    Also at the Belfry was Tamworth’s own Roy Everett, who was well-known in the heyday of beat with his band, Roy Everett and the Climbers.

    Our picture shows (from left to right) Tony Lewis, formerly with Ronnie and the Renegades, Sid Treadmill, who now plays with Cinnamon Quill, Bev Bevan, now drummer with the Move, Ronnie Smith, formerly leader of Ronnie and the Renegades and Tamworth’s Phil Ackrill, who played with Denny Laine and the Diplomats.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Phil Ackril also continued to impersonate Vivian Stanshall until 1995.”


    That bit sounds like wellaware1!!

  8. Tapestry says:

    To b e fair I haven’t read the Phil Ackril side of the story in any detail. I followed the link Wasp sent which focuses on the sudden changes to Paul McCartney which included growing three inches, facial changes, body changes and voice changes.

    If that part of the story is correct, the ‘who was it?’ side of the story becomes less relevant. It is possible the ‘who was it?’ was another deception, to be as ridiculous as possible, to undermine the primary story, that a double was found and created.

    They do it for politicians/dictators all the time.

  9. Tapestry says:

    Tony, who knew Paul McCartney then and now? That’s relevant. It’s not boring at all.

  10. Tapestry says:

    Go to the link if you want questions answered.

    Wasp has many more links. I find it best to give one good one in a post, and then add more later. maybe I’m lazy wasp, but most readers won’t click a large number of links anyway. It’s better to spoon feed than attempt to force feed.

    Which link would you suggest next?

  11. Tony_0pmoc says:


    Some of your conspiracy theories are undoubtedly true, some are questionable, and some are complete nonsense. I don’t blame you for this as most such sites are much the same. But it is easy for a casual observer to see the nonsense ones and immediately jump to the conclusion that they are all nonsense. I hadn’t looked at the McCartney one in any detail until yesterday.

    Surely you remember Jane Asher, or maybe you are not as old as me. The entire McCartney conspiracy theory is bollocks and invented by some DJ clown in the USA around 1969. If McCartney had been killed in 1965 at the height of the Beatles popularity, Millions of people would have noticed, including his family and Jane Asher who he was shagging and continued shagging throughout this period.

    “Plastic surgery” in 1965 was almost unheard of. We watched the Avengers and The Prisoner, and it was high quality TV – better than now, but cosmetic surgery was in its infancy.


    From wiki

    In 1963, Asher interviewed The Beatles[15] and began a five-year relationship with Paul McCartney, who she engaged in 1967.[16][17][18][19] She accompanied McCartney to India in February of 1968 to study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. After discovering McCartney in bed with Francie Schwartz[2][20][21] she ended the relationship on 20 July 1968

  12. Tapestry says:

    My first reaction to this one was the same. ‘It can’t be’. Then I started examining the evidence more carefully, including the Jane Asher element. How can a human being change their head shape, voice, height and size?

    Plastic surgery was used extensively to repair burned skin of WW2 pilots, when the skills and techniques were worked out.

  13. Julia says:

    Was it really 11th September he died? Another 911? Or am I misreading the info?
    Interesting that this was before Linda McCartney as I was wondering about that. It was by all accounts a very close relationship, which surely could not have survived a switch. But then maybe that was not what it seemed either.
    The whole story serves to remind us of how much we know is not what we know, but what we are told. And we have been taught to believe that what we are told by goverrnement sources is the truth. The only things you really know for sure are what you experience for yourself. Everything else is just filling in the gaps in a way that makes the most sense.

  14. Tapestry says:

    The car crash that somehow lead on to his death happened on September 11th 1966.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Interesting but with a twist at the end

    “Paul Is Dead” by Jensen Rufe



  16. Anonymous says:

    Monsanto killed Linda McCartney for not playing ball with their G.M.O. frankenfood future plan. She said ,”fake meat ..yes, but fake synthetic meat no way! ”

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