The Part Of Us That Cannot Be Corrupted

Back out in the Philippines I find my link to the net is much faster than it was when I was last here. My wife has done wonders getting the line upgraded which is no mean feat. That is how we first met, of course, when I went into town to find a way to link up to the outside world and she was running the local cable company. That was over three years ago.

In the UK I rarely get time to sit through a long video, and concentrate on a new topic. My personal journey started with party politics in the UK, in real form in 1999 until 2005. The blog began in 2006 and the focus was the forces that underly the party political system from 2006 up until 2010. The emphasis on the blog changed in a big way early in 2011, as I read the book ‘World Without Cancer’ by Edward G Griffin, and listened to Dr Stan Monteith talking on radio

I feel the blog is going through another big change now. Watching the interviews on Project Camelot with Kerry Cassidy talking to Black Projects whistleblowers is convincing me of the significance of alien intervention in our political system. That gets a few laughs from my 20 year old nephew who thinks it’s all hocus pocus, but most people know there are many reports of alien visitations going back decades and even thousands of years. What becomes clear when the whistleblowers talk, is that these are not just relevant to how these things fly, and whether the films are fakes or not. The alien visitations are far more significant to current events than I had realised, and am only now starting to take on board.

I decided to swallow another interview this morning.

This one is with Marshall Vian Summers
I jotted down notes as they were talking, and found yet another interviewee who claims extraordinary things, but who who can explain what the extraordinary events signify in terms of how humans should be reacting to what is happening to our world. I don’t hold with his environmental assessment at the end. I believe he’s misread many of the causes for the loss of rainfall, which I see as human or alien intervention as part of the depopulation programme, which he only touches on. Other than that I found him fascinating.

I hope my readers can follow me (many will be ahead of me) on my next leap forwards into other areas of knowledge. Some will no doubt prefer raging away at the Old World Order, and all the other deadly forms of earthly power recognisable on the planet. That theme will not disappear from the blog, the Zionists, the Jesuits and so on. But I want to bring in the rest of the picture which is missing. What really lies behind mankind’s descent into seeming slavery at the hands of a tiny government that seems to be winning the war against human freedom. Is our descent in fact caused by inappropriate relations with forces from outside the earth? Here is someone who says it is.

My notes

Here is Kerry Cassidy interviewing another source who talks about ‘the greater community’ of intergalactic beings, what he calls ‘The greater community of intelligent life’. We are not very sophisticated in our understanding of these other beings who share the cosmos with us, he adds, and as a species, we have made many critical errors in our dealings with them.

He claims a voice began feeding him information about the greater community, and he was asked via his contact experience to communicate the knowledge coming to him. This began in 1982.

He wrote ‘The Allies Of Humanity’ which was fed to him by an off-planet source called ‘The Allies Of Humanity’. The briefings came to him in three parts. The aliens (as I call them – Tap) are a combination of free nations with unfree nations, who don’t get on well with each other, but are here on earth covertly as spies and to make interventions in their own interests.

The briefings warn us, but encourage us. Individuals and groups of individuals are losing confidence in ourselves. The Allies Of Humanity is beings from outside the earth aiming at both helping us to realise what is going on, and to realise what threats we face. He advises against blanket optimism, which he sees as a dangerous approach to the alien beings that influence our world.

He is receiving information which he calls ‘An Angelic Presence’, which has devastated his life, and could have been a terrifying experience, but he has got used to it over the decades.

The Allies Of Humanity are not on earth, and do not intend to come to earth. They are like a voice from far far away. He was not ‘visited’ but he received the briefings, which didn’t come from himself. He notes that outside races hold us in much higher regard than we might expect.

He describes his first visitation as The Angelic Presence, which forced itself onto him thirty years ago.

The Angelic Presence talks through his body but is not him talking. The Allies Of Humanity are different and was expressed by his own voice, and he recorded himself talking what was coming to him. The voice started off saying ‘receive us. receive us.’ It’s like someone speaking through a tube into his head. What they reveal is clear, shocking and tells us what we don’t know about the extra-terrestrial presence on earth.

Kerry asks him what are the main things that they said.

Marshall says – There are free races out in the universe. The universe is governed by nature, and no one has been able to overcome nature. The more advanced races become undemocratic, and need more access to resources. We live in a highly populated part of the universe. It’s not the wild west out there. war has been suppressed. Conquest has been suppressed. The other way of getting power or influence is through persuasion or deception. We want higher technology as we want power. The Allies Of Humanity say the world cannot be taken over by war as it will degrade its value. Only in the last part of the 20th century have we created an infrastructure that outside peoples can use.

We are creating biological hazards. There are competing groups in the world. They are multiracial. They can project images holographically. They will use our weaknesses to build their power over us. Our leaders are incorrigible, and the corruption of the system on earth. We need spiritual leadership to enable us to do a better job of representing ourselves. A ten year old could read The Allies Of Humanity. We are invaded by others to exploit us, and use our weaknesses.

The outsiders want resources from us. Genetic intervention is very slow and not easy for them to carry out, which they are attempting. But they can’t live here.

Kerry Cassidy – They carry out a covert invasion. There are at least 57 alien races and possibly more. We have been invaded and we are being invaded still.

Marshall – There are no names given in The Allies Of Humanity, for the races. They are here within the rules of engagement in this area of space. Trade rules everything for advanced intergalactic nations that are in communication with each other. We cannot tell a friend from foe. They all present themselves as the saviours of humanity,but they take people away and never return them. They come here to advise the leaders of the world. They are rarely on camera, and they keep in the shadows, but those in the know can recognise who they are.

Kerry Cassidy – They don’t allow war – an overt war, in this part of the galaxy. Other witnesses substantiate some of the things you are saying. Who controls this area of the galaxy? There is a war spiritually.

Marshall – Large nations involved in trade have great influence. They are very competitive with each other. They migrate between planets to exploit the resources. There are some things we don’t know which could destroy us. Not knowing what is going on gives us a great disadvantage. They are infiltrating government, military and trade.

Kerry – There is literal war taking place between these races outside the solar system. There are supply routes into the solar system. Different nations on earth have been contacted by different groups.

Marshall – You have to weaken the strongest nations to keep your power over the earth. We face a non-human universe. It has values that are non-human. The greater community is a much more sophisticated and complex environment than we can imagine. What’s out there is coming here. Very few of the world out there know of our existence. Those who do know keep it a secret. Freedom is rare in the universe. We are following a very normal path of self destruction. They induce us to cooperate with gifts, and we submit, dropping our weapons and allowing them to exploit us.

Kerry – If we are co-opted, we imagine we are acquiring friends. It’s a bit like being exploited by a multinational. It starts with gift-giving, bells and whistles, technology giveaways, and offers of going off planet. Then we end up in their power. Earth changes are beginning to happen. Population elimination is being put into effect. The USA was in alliance with one or two races for a while. They get nations facing off against each other, then get your their agenda going, taking their gold an so on.

Marshall – They don’t occupy nations. That’s too complicated. They use psychic abilities to subjugate nations. The process is very important to our future. We need to look at our relationship with these intervening nations. Our resources are the building blocks of life, blood, plasma, DNA. We have no idea how important a tree is. We need to see the universe in a more prosaic manner. We have to begin to handle the manifest reality of what is going on. The impact of the outsiders are fundamentally destructive, exploitative. We are in danger of selling our world away. It won’t be taken away. We’ll give it away. The reality of knowledge, as a deeper mind, higher self, deeper self, operates at an engraved level. We need to take knowledge out of the spiritual realm. We need to boil it down, and see that as the part that is connected to god. This part cannot be manipulated by any outside forces. This part of us must be

We will otherwise be seduced by them offering us what we want – the most deceptive form of loss of freedom. People will be offered wealth and money. Yet will hand over our free spirit. If the only nations that could rally the world are re-pitched into opposition or war, we will never be able to build our own world. That’s easy for outsiders to manipulate into being.

We must develop power of knowledge, the greatest power in the universe. This is not a mystery. Keeping it a mystery is part of the deception. It’s made to look like an adventure. The alien things is just another damned thing we have to deal with in life.

We are spiritual beings with a spiritual origin and a spiritual destiny. We live in a part of the universe which is highly materialistic and technological, but our spirituality is our greatest strength. We keep the mystery of god alive on earth, while the notion has died in most other places.

The part of us that is spiritual is the only part that cannot be manipulated, and is the source of our unity with each other, and is our greatest strength, and is the way to us saving ourselves from losing all our freedom. We need to grow up and become responsible for ourselves. The intervention and the breakdown of environmental stability in the world can prompt humanity to wake up and start acting in our own defence. We need to move on from all the things that fracture us, and degrade us. Humanity has to unite to be in the greater community.

We are losing self sufficiency. We are selling out our kids, using up the world as quickly as we can. We must become united and become a greater human community. We are broadcasting out into our space our wars, our foolishness and our stupidity. Free nations don’t broadcast. Unity, self-sufficiency and discretion are needed to survive as a free world.

Kerry – prefers discernment to discretion.

Marshall – We should be broadcasting to the universe, leave us alone. Keep away. The more ethical ETs won’t come here as they see it as unethical to send people down to help us and instruct us in wisdom, as that would mean putting us in their power. Free energy doesn’t exist. Belief in God/ or your grounded being advises us there is a part of us that cannot be corrupted.
All the speculation about UFOs has led to no understanding as to what is going on.

He doesn’t use the word soul, but the part of us that is still connected to god. We live in the part most of the time that is disconnected from god. If you know that part of you is wise and a part of you is not wise. You can understand.

Some people see that in their own religious beliefs but anyone can understand the nature of corruption, and inner wisdom and lack of wisdom.

The outcome has not been determined. Not all parts of government are corrupted and sold out to interventions from outsiders. It’s much more fluid situation than that. We appear to be granting them permission to be here and to control events.

Kerry – The White Hats around the world within governments are not willing to hand over their sovereignty to visiting races. At what point do we pull back and take away the permissions given to outsiders by invaders. How do we say STOP? If there is opposition and resistance from the people, that’s powerful. What re you going to do? What can I do? What can anyone do?

The first thing is to recognise the reality is occurring. We cannot cede our personal responsibility to government. The government could be more eluded than we are. We need to communicate resistance, and tell the ETs to get out and leave us alone. Don’t see ETs as exciting and a way to get good stuff. The more you ask them for, the more of your power they will get. They won’t give us high tech weaponry. They won’t give us spirituality. Go away please, and we’ll let you know when we’re ready for interacting with you.

We need to get our own house in order personally. We need to be strong. We are in a very adolescent phase. We are in a battle in another level, in determining who will control the world of the future. We are being manipulated to give up, to be despondent, to lose faith. Being dumbed down, Spiritually reduced. FIrst we need to re-earn the right for the earth to be our own world. The incentive has to be the fear of failure. We should be terrified by the knowledge that we can fail. We must recognise that we have the power to rise to the occasion, and we must now rise to the occasion.

Aliens are fabrications. The technology is real.

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

17 Responses to “The Part Of Us That Cannot Be Corrupted”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Contradicts David Wilcock.

    Summers says “we live in a completely non-human universe” 39:50.

    Wilcock says, in our galaxy at least, human is the basic template, – we are the variety suited to Earth.

    Wilcock also says there are good and bad ETs who have visited Earth. Summers says good aliens have never been here, they are all bad.

    It’s difficult to know what to make of all these different videos when they contradict each other so wildly.

    – Me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    //Unity, self-sufficiency and discretion are needed to survive as a free world.//

    Is that a definition of communism?

  3. wasp says:

    I totally agree Tap,Bill Cooper was convinced of it & had a lot to say about Area 51, if I remember correctly.

    I am glad you have a good network connection, here is a link to a video recommended by Fulford. It runs continuously.

    & here is his latest interview also worth a listen if you have the time

    When you are properly set up I will send you some more detailed stuff.


  4. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for the link, Wasp. We have a busy day today. Maybe I’ll do another night shift on the video watching.

    Me, Marshall warns against the optimism of Wilcock (not naming him). In general I find Wilcock is far too ‘look at me’ and naive about things like warfare. Marshall seems connected to simple spiritual reality, and is more grounded as a human being, like those who have had actual dealings with alien beings – as in the other recent Camelot whistleblower videos.

    All truths have to be simple, and explanations based on advanced mathematics and high science seem to be a touch arrogant….implying you have to be a genius to understand what’s going on. Marshall Summers says a ten year old child can get The Allies Of Humanity.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Communism is slavery of the masses, enabling mass elimination of population and exploitation – the preferred state by exploitative alien nations. We have to fight to stop communism being imposed on us by outsiders.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Unity means no more wars.

    Self sufficiency means we don’t do deals with outsiders who end up controlling us.

    Discernment and discretion means we need the knowledge to be able to make the decisions that will lead to the other two.

    Knowledge starts here!

  7. Zheng Yong says:

    Hi TAP,

    A Small Town REVOLUTION! Filettino (Italy) Declares Independence By Printing Its Own Banknotes

    Here is the link to the website.

    Perhaps, it is time to print our own notes?

    Thank You.

  8. Tapestry says:

    Me, we are at the information collection stage here. If one source appears to contradict another, that is what you would expect. It would be worrying if all agreed on every little detail. This is a good moment to resort to Edward De Bono’s Parallel Thinking. Look at each source for what it gives, and not as a way to counter another. Apparent contradictions might not be contradictions. Different people mean different things by the same terms. Good and bad are highly subjective terms and would need considerable expansion before they mean very much.

    Good might mean ‘won’t kill us all’, and gave us some nice technology – from the perception of the political leaders who did business with them. To meaning they want us to develop independently of outside exploitation, and mature our political systems. Taxi.

  9. Anonymous says:

    How can you possibly believe anything that comes from a person who is so unaware that he wears a hat indoors.

    By the way are these aliens affected by chem-trails?

  10. Anonymous says:

    //Marshall seems connected to simple spiritual reality, and is more grounded as a human being, like those who have had actual dealings with alien beings – as in the other recent Camelot whistleblower videos.//

    //All truths have to be simple, and explanations based on advanced mathematics and high science seem to be a touch arrogant….implying you have to be a genius to understand what’s going on. Marshall Summers says a ten year old child can get The Allies Of Humanity.//

    A simple explanation is not more likely to be right because it is simple. Both advanced and simple explanations can be w-r-o-n-g. Advanced stuff should be capable of being made simple without losing its validity.

    I’m not entirely convinced of Summers. It sounds like channelling. I don’t understand why a voice in his head has to be aliens – just because he or they says they are. It’s an odd narrative that doesn’t ring true to me.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Tap – with your interest in unity – why not start promoting a new world order ?

    Remember who told you the whole alien thing was a diversion ?

    Should we not keep our thoughts focussed on activities which we can fully appreciate and understand ? Some of the other stuff reads like Sci – Fi ? Which doesnt mean we should ignore it , but it should not become a focus .


  12. Anonymous says:

    //Tap – with your interest in unity – why not start promoting a new world order ? //

    lol… you can only go so far in one direction until you find you are going in the other.

    This again –
    //Unity, self-sufficiency and discretion//

    Unity sounds like an ideology. Self-sufficiency sustainable development. Discretion is too close to secrecy.

    – Me.

  13. Liz Entoome says:

    What is all this ALIEN nonesense?

    Is there ONE SHREAD OF EVIDENCE for all this rubbish on Pro Cam?

    Anything at all to back up what these people are saying?

    Nothing. Nichts. Nada. F.A

    You are falling down a www rabbit hole into Nonesenseville.

    This is the kind of shite that people laugh at when they talk about the internet.

    TPTB would LOVE IT if the entire www was flooded with this kind of rubbish, which seems to be happening more and more.

    Great shame, as all the good info. is discredited.

    Tin foil hats at the ready, lads !

  14. Tapestry says:

    TFH used to apply to people who believed the earth was round. Usually it’s better to spend time examining the evidence before stating categorically that there isn’t any. You won’t look so stupid later on. The border of socially acceptable ignorance moves all the time.

  15. Julia says:

    Good move Tap to move your own blog to match your own change in direction.
    I am not sure about channeling either. That doesn’t mean I think it is rubbish, just that I have never experienced it, and I don’t really understand it. It also seems to give those that speak from it great authority. I agree that voices in your head could equally well come from elsewhere, such as childhood experiences recurring.
    I am reading some scientific stuff at the moment which backs up the idea that we are all one at some level. Everthing is composed of electromagnetic wave energy, which you could call “light”. Our memories are actually encoded in shared space, and we download them when needed. The logical next step is that we have shared memory. Not surprisingly, the scientists involved have had careers curtailed, and been ridiculed, similar to vaccine researchers. The term “light” might give rise to Biblical expressions such as “let there be light”.

  16. Tapestry says:

    Julia, is it actually a change? We can’t explain events by reference to visible political processes. We try to fit up minority groups with the crimes we see being committed but no one can quite close their case, whoever is in the dock. This is really the next step in our enquiries. can we find answers elsewhere which fit the facts? At the moment I sense we can make quite a lot of progress here. But John Kettler’s goodies and baddies scenario seems a tad naive. I prefer the more realistic and demanding political assessment from Marshall Vian Summers.

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