Paedophilia. Millions Of Children Disappear Without Trace.

Julia writes –

David Icke on Red Ice Radio

The first hour is free. He says pedophilia, satanism and secret societies are the recurring themes in his journey. I remember you pondering that paedohilia might be the main reason for the control, and it seems it might be. Stuff about the Holly Grieg case, explains how important this is as Scotland is big centre for elite pedophilia. The numbers of children going missing each year is mind-boggling.

He also talks about controlling the species, and how our DNA has been manipulated to become like a computer program so that triggers in society create emotional reactions such as fear which is exactly what they want.

Emphasises that you need to be constantly open to changing your perception, and a “belief” in something just fixes you in position. (TAP – You have to believe in something surely? Beliefs need to update from time to time, I would agree.)

As always, very well and simply explained, and in an uplifting sort of way, despite the details of the horrors he describes. He is speaking at Wembley in October and hopes that will have a big impact in a mainstream perception world, and in terms of concentrated “awake” energy in one place.

I haven’t listened to the second hour. I get put off by subscribing! Prefer optional donate buttons.

Gillian replies to Julia

Hi Tap,

This is a reply to Julia actually. Just to say that I also listened to that interview that David Icke did for Red Ice Radio on missing children and pedophilia. Very chilling it was too. But people need to know this stuff urgently before we can do anything to stop it.



Ps. About all this alien stuff Tap. I’m not dismissing it because I think it would be arrogant for any of us to believe
that Earth is the only inhabited planet in the galaxy. In fact there was an article in the Daily Mail (I think) that
stated that there are at least another 100 earth-like planets in the Milky Way!
But having said that, I think we should keep our eye on the ball and game that we know for sure exists. Plenty
of time to deal with the alien stuff if and when we have to. Sufficient unto the day and all that.

TAP – I have two problems with taking that approach. First is it possible to create a theory that the whole of Project Camelot is disinformation? The whole thing would have to be scripted beforehand and extremely good actors found to act out the roles of whistleblower? If so, the actors would be traceable as having alternative identities (as on Wellaware), and the scripted interviews wouldn’t seem to be not scripted, or would have the occasional giveaway.

Taking it on your second count, of relevance to now, you once said yourself, how could a secret society maintain such consistency over generations in its objectives and actions? (I think it was you.) The alien dimension could yet prove to be highly significant in explaining what is currently going on. Icke used to push that side of the story much harder than he does now. Maybe he finds it’s not possible to get through the ‘it’s not credible’ problem, and as you say, can only get audiences on his side by working the visible material.

ON a blog like this, where I don’t need to keep a big audience to make money, and my ego will not be damaged if traffic erodes to some extent (I’m motivated entirely by finding out the truth (Icke might be too. I don’t know. However, more traffic brings more response which increases effectiveness in reaching that goal.)

I’m getting far more hostile comments with a very different tone to normal commenters as I handle Project Camelot material. It’s as if they have an objective of belittling the sources. Intelligent minds don’t do that. They point out weaknesses in the material, but the comments are all ad hominem and pointedly aggressive.

That said, they are laying into Fulford too, who doesn’t do alien material. He supports Wasp’s theories about the Jesuits, it seems, as he implicates The Black Pope in the Fukushima attack. I see Fulford as an information warrior, with some excellent weaponry, and some less effective.


Watching/listening to the Red Ice interview with David Icke struck a chord.

The Zion logo/D.O.G. at the bottom left reminded me of when Henrik did that interview with Rik Clay (RIP) a few years ago (it’s been ‘censored’ unfortunately), but the audio message still stands:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Watching/listening to the Red Ice interview with David Icke struck a chord.

    The Zion logo/D.O.G. at the bottom left reminded me of when Henrik did that interview with Rik Clay (RIP) a few years ago (it’s been ‘censored’ unfortunately), but the audio message still stands:

  2. Anonymous says:

    I cannot listen to the English/British accents. They are very difficult to understand.

  3. Tapestry says:

    I appreciate that. Americans struggle to get non-American accents. Maybe you use need more practice!

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