Obama’s Kill Policy Includes Anyone He Likes

Trust us, Attorney General Eric Holder says — we’ll only assassinate Americans after administrative “due process.”

That’s not how the Constitution works, buddy.

By Jonathan Turley

March 07, 2012 “FP” — On Monday, March 5, Northwestern University School of Law was the location of an extraordinary scene for a free nation. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder presented President Barack Obama’s claim that he has the authority to kill any U.S. citizen he considers a threat. It served as a retroactive justification for the slaying of American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki last September by a drone strike in northeastern Yemen, as well as the targeted killings of at least two other Americans during Obama’s term.

What’s even more extraordinary is that this claim, which would be viewed by the Framers of the U.S. Constitution as the very definition of authoritarian power, was met not with outcry but muted applause. Where due process once resided, Holder offered only an assurance that the president would kill citizens with care. While that certainly relieved any concern that Obama, or his successor, would hunt citizens for sport, Holder offered no assurances on how this power would be used in the future beyond the now all-too-familiar “trust us” approach to civil liberties of this administration.

In his speech, Holder was clear and unambiguous on only one point: “The president may use force abroad against a senior operational leader of a foreign terrorist organization with which the United States is at war — even if that individual happens to be a U.S. citizen.” The use of the word “abroad” is interesting because senior administration officials have previously asserted that the president may kill an American anywhere and anytime, including within the United States. Holder’s speech does not materially limit that claimed authority, but stressed that “our legal authority is not limited to the battlefields in Afghanistan.”

He might as well have stopped at “limited”, because the administration has refused to accept any limitations on this claimed inherent power.


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  1. otter walks says:

    Maybe , “Anyone He Likes” Should read: “Anyone He Feels Like… Suvive-All…

  2. Tapestry says:

    I know what you mean, otter. But the title as is, makes you double take. I quite like it.

  3. otter walks says:

    Thanks for the contact Tapestry. I just lost a post and will try to rewrite… Solar flare activity?, or maybe “Alphabets”. I hear what you state regarding double take, hence my note…
    Please send contact information as I am a dinosaur running about in this medium and as of yet have not found an email for “The Tap”…
    I’m sure that sounds like the dumbest thing you have ever read but, it would seem email would be the venue, and I find no reply area…
    It may be that as with the last post there have been dropped sections and whatever the terminology for redacting internet communications. Censorship??? Be well back at it soon, Survive-Always…

  4. Tapestry says:

    email is under profile. thank you.

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