Obama Impersonator Killed

This is not funny apparently. Steve Bridges is dead, the next victim of the FDAA licence to murder law. First Andrew Breitbart. Now Steve Bridges.

No more jokes. OK. It is not funny laughing at the President, even if he can’t find a valid birth certificate.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi TAP can you giver this guy some exposure?


    change is good as a rest they say

    the best

  2. Anonymous says:

    Real sorry guys I kinda thought this was a joke!! following Obama’s birth cert expose farce.

    so sad

    “Steve Bridges is dead” RIP

    a sad loss

    (hope the truth will out if need be)



  3. Anonymous says:

    Blast it or paint it: Asteroid to threaten Earth in 2013


    Is this what the “staged alien invasion” will turn out to be?

    I note it is to occur in 11 months – eleven is an illuminati number. Is this a clue that it is going to be used for propaganda purposes?

    “To avert a possible catastrophe – this time set for February 2013 – scientists suggest confronting asteroid 2012 DA14 with either paint or big guns. The stickler is that time has long run out to build a spaceship to carry out the operation.

    NASA’s data shows the 60-meter asteroid, spotted by Spanish stargazers in February, will whistle by Earth in 11 months. Its trajectory will bring it within a hair’s breadth of our planet, raising fears of a possible collision.

    The asteroid, known as DA14, will pass by our planet in February 2013 at a distance of under 27,000 km (16,700 miles). This is closer than the geosynchronous orbit of some satellites.”

    – Me.

  4. otter walks says:

    So now if you are double you are likely to be offed as the new distraction. How many will be killed openly as diversion in the next 7 or 8 months. We are moving on one a day that we hear of??? This walking talking manure is the scourge of the earth. Sorry, it is just too much when our 1st amendment rights go down the tubes with the silencing of vet another human… Stay Awake! I just had between three and six choppers circle my space… It’s hard to say how many do to lack of light and the use of the silent run, stealth manned or unmanned units. I have seen these silent stealth choppers at vacation time and on the day of the Virginia earth quake which Barry just played on. Interesting in that a part of their design is zero reflective surfaces; That’s right no windows… Could be reverse engineering? or more likely the visions stowed away and now being put to use…
    Hitting a ball with a stick being far more important than nuclear reactors and national monuments… This is “Our” servant not what comes closer and closer to a dictatorship under the planned demise of all… Well you have doubtless heard this all before so I will stop… Survive-All… Optimism and positive mind will change this state for the better…

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    How was he murderd

  7. Tapestry says:

    We don’t know. Alex Jones suggested it was murder.

    It’s very thteatening when daily famous people of one kind or another are ‘taken out’.

    They are trying to terrorise by unexplained killings, which shock the media audience.

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