No Chemtrails Seen In East Devon Today March 1st

There seems no doubt that the chemtrailing of Britain has been stepped up several gears in recent days. Reports are coming in from various quarters, and what’s more I can see the things myself from early morning and through the day, layer upon layer, leaving the milky cloud effect by the evening over the whole sky. I am located in North Shropshire.

The same picture is reported from Doncaster today. Anonymous writes – Doncaster has just had the worst chemtrailing today I have ever seen. They have been at it from early this morning, and are still on full bore. The clouds are just beginning to form into gray clouds. Date, 1st March 2012.

The One World Government has its plans worked out and eliminating all potential opposition is clearly high on their list. Their priority target for destruction is without doubt the USA, but also high on the list of countries where independent thought still survives and which could provide a focal point for stopping the rush to enslave the world is Britain.

It has been a depressing day with hundreds of chemtrails clearly visible, which are a blatant attempt to poison millions of British people, without them noticing, reducing our immune systems to a state where a deliberately sown pandemic can more easily kill us. The weather is clear so we can easily see the attack taking place in our skies. The weapon is more easily delivered to its target, without clouds or wind, as gravity brings the barium, aluminium, strontium and boron down into our living space.

People are noticing minor health effects, but these are not the main intended effects. By lacing our lungs with toxic metals we become far more vulnerable to influenza attacks. The elites keep trying to establish a powerful flu pandemic, which they hope will kill millions of people. The attempted releases to date have not worked, SARS, swine flu, bird flu being well known. Each has failed to really take off.

It seems that if our immune systems are intact, we can fend off far more varieties of flu than their laboratory technicians believed. They are now engaged in deliberately grinding down our immune systems by wearing them out, showering our bodies in highly toxic substances which will cause us to react less effectively when the real attack, genetically engineered influenza virus, is released, probably via vaccination.

Other ways to cause us to lower our guard is through the economic grinding down of our lives, increasing the price of fuel to breaking point, and all other commodities, while removing cash from the economy through taxation, hitting jobs and pay, causing huge stresses on ordinary people trying live ordinary lives. In short they are through their criminal financial interventions, attempting to engineer massive stress and fear, which can open up our defences for their planned killer blow.

We have to do all we can to stop them. We need to start talking to each other about what is happening, realise we are being attacked by a deadly enemy, who has taken control of our own government, operating behind the scenes, and prepare to hold out while those who can help us go into action, and do what they can to undo the attempted crimes that are in process.

In any case their deadly planes with their toxic cargoes are not getting everywhere. Gillian emails from East Devon –

Hi Tap,

I’m feeling left-out, but in a good way. I have never seen a plane leave a chemtrail in my little corner of England that is East Devon. I don’t doubt that it is happening. The photos of chemtrails look very different to just the usual vapor trails that sometimes show up under certain weather conditions.

There must be a way to find out what planes and pilots are being paid to carry out this chemtrailing. This is where a good investigative journalist would be useful. Pity we don’t seem to have any now.

Good solid stuff as ever from Gordon Logan. I appreciate his direct no nonsense style.

Just one final thought. As things currently stand we are never going to be allowed to have any party leader or PM that hasn’t been approved of by the current powers that be.



TAP That’s right. Gillian. We have to start protecting ourselves, and talking. OK. So talk. I wrote to Owen Paterson today. I printed out my letter and posted it at my company where the staff looked out at the chemtrails in the sky, most of whom had never noticed them before. Although one or two had done, but didn’t imagine they were poisons targeting them personally and their families. Let’s hope East Devon remains free, and the rest of us can complain loudly enough that someone somewhere hears us…someone in a position to sabotage what’s happening.

Switch off your TV and radio. Get rid of your newspapers. Talk to each other, online, face to face, every which way. Through talking, we can build awareness. Once people are aware, an Agatha Christie murder from behind the scenes becomes less easy to carry out. That is currently what our enemies are hoping to get away with.

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6 Responses to “No Chemtrails Seen In East Devon Today March 1st”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Chemtrailing over Leeds as well today. But there again it was a clear day and you could see more.

  2. Spanner says:

    Also some over North-West as well. Although I do not doubt the existence of Chemtrails and that the powers that be are up to something, it would be interesting to find out why only some planes seem to be doing the spraying (thankfully) so that individual companies or airlines can be pinpointed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if it is in the fuel and comes out of the exhaust to “beef” up and poison ordinary contrails.

    Perhaps the pilots and crews don’t know it’s happening, only the chiefs who buy the fuel know what it does?

    – Me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Chemtrails my arse

  5. Macca says:

    Hi Tap,

    I was ‘awoken’ to the fact that all is not well in the world after watching the ‘Zietgeist’ films about 12 months ago and have been on a search for more knowledge ever since.

    I stumbled across your blog whilst trying to get my head around the suspicious circumstances in which Gary Speed ‘ended his life’. Ever since, I have found so much new information on here that is invaluable. Things I couldn’t even possibly conceive. The chemtrail issue is something I was totally unaware of, after some educating on here, I now notice that there has been considerable chemtrailing in the skies of Stevenage in Hertfordshire for a long, long time. Especially today I noticed lots!!

    Being in my early 20’s I’m incredibly grateful for this site as a resource that I look to, to help me form my own view of what’s really going on in the world as opposed to the drivvle that we witness in the MSM. I’m glad I came across this site and have become ‘awake’ to the true intentions of the people who claim to be looking after us!!

    I try to pass on as much newly learned information to my friends and family as possible, however, sometimes my friends are very skeptical of my ‘alternative’ view of the world and although my fiancé is interesting in many of the topics on here, I don’t think she truly ‘gets it’ just yet.

    I just thank God, and my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the resources available on this blog and all the contributions from everyone to help me form a more accurate idea of what is really going on. I am going to continue trying to educate people and pass on the valuable material I find everyday on TapBlog.

    Just wanted to say thanks TAP. Keep up the good work, God bless.


  6. I got here by searching ‘East Devon chemtrails.’ I had been sceptical about the possibility of active spraying as opposed to simply vapour trails coinciding with domestic and international flights but recently from my own home in East Devon, I’ve noticed some days the sky stays blue and there are no trails. Other days with same weather conditions, like today (March 30th) planes fly to and fro all day long, 4 aerosols blazing, and by 4 PM the beautiful blue sky is a disgusting haze as you might expect to see over a polluted city. I want to do something to prove chemtrails are a reality, alert others and find out what the hell they’re doing and who ‘they’ are.

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