Masons Are Cowards

The Masons, particularly the lower ranking 7,000,000 or so, are as much victims as members of Opus Dei.

The “illuminati” are the same elite families of the world, work your way downward from Liz II and all monarch families from there on, whom rely on their Knights, Barons and Lords, whom say are around 150,000 elite 33rd Degree level, whom control around 5,000 Grand Masters, whom in turn keep the Master Masons in line, whom in turn sort out all the other millions of Masonic footsoldiers.

I’m an agnostic borderline atheist, – however I have no objections as to what anyone else wishes to believe in, – if men want to run around with one trouser leg rolled up and a noose around their neck whilst blind folded, then so be it, – many a Mason are good men, though they are just the same as everyone else, as there’s nothing special about being able to keep secrets and turn a blind all seeing eye whenever corruption arises.

I have appealled to the fraternity to modernise itself, tear down the curtains within the lodges, – be open about who you are – and part of this modernisation, means we have to move away from circa 1776 not be kept trapped in it. A ban might be a bit too ambitious, though the demand that members of the government and their related bodies should have to declare their involvement with the Freemason’s is not new, and in some cases and professions; ‘voluntary declaration’ is asked, – though who’s policing it, and why volunteer if it’s not a legal requirement?

The crux of the matter is, – and for real transparency to begin to happen, then we the public have the right to know, who is, and who isn’t a member of a secret society whilst working for our governments, and more important, their resignations from either their appointed positions, or their membership from the ‘secret society’, such as the Freemasons.

A law is required, so that a complete list and register of names are available for public scrutiny.

I/we propose that any member of a secret society, should be banned from also being permitted to be a member of government or its related bodies, i.e. our town halls, the judiciary, military and the police etc. – as it’s without doubt a major conflict of interest.

This currently abhorrent state of affairs where anyone involved in our governments etc. are allowed to be also members of a secret society that require death defying oaths to be sworn, – whereas the blindfolded initiate, and with a dagger held to their heart, swears to be 100% allegiant and committed to the Masonic agenda, – and over and above that of all else.

The potential for corruption and dodgy deals makes a complete mockery of our democracy and justice system.

Our government and its representatives; via our town halls and justices of law must be free from commitment to these highly influential groups if they are expected to maintain a shred of credibility and earn the public’s trust and respect once again.

Sent in by – Trapped In A Masonic World

TAP – I would go further. Every member of a secret society would have to declare it on his business card, and have all his associations eliterated after his name by law. If he gave his name without the relevant letters of all secret societies to which he is a member, he would be fined a substantial amount. It’s not only politicians that matter. Trust is crucial to all human relationships. Secret behind-the-scenes societies are a curse.

The societies themselves should be made to publish all the names and addresses of their members. It should be made legal to refuse employment or business based entirely on a person being a member of a secret society.

There must be no more legalised secrecy. It must be eradicated totally. Sorry about the 7,000,000 lower level cowards who hide in the shadows. Let’s see you out in the open, you oh so brave men.

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4 Responses to “Masons Are Cowards”

  1. FastTrack says:

    If this was to take place then there would the whole “secret” behind the society would be gone. You could have just said a ban on secret societies. But then we’re back were we started.

    I wouldn’t say the freemasons are a secret society at all. I know exactly where to find them.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I don’t.

    No ban on societies.

    A ban on secrecy.

  3. Tapestry says:

    A ban on secrecy as to membership.

    Maybe a ban on secrecy as to rituals and information held by these societies.

    Until someone stops poisoning the air we breathe with chemtrails twice a week in apparent secrecy, yet completely visible, I am not able to support any kind of secrecy of any kind. Our lives are threatened, and we have to open the can of worms that’s behind all this. Until we get enough cans open to see where the shits coming from, Masons are going to be in the firing line, along with anyone else who could be behind the attempted murder of most of humankind.

  4. otter walks says:

    Yes. Yes, and YES… Well spoken “T”… Having life experience I would say that those that claim to belong to secret gangs have less secrecy than the mafia. There are truly secret orders which are secret. Hence the title “Secret”, They happen to be the opposite of the in your face secretly known whack jobs scurrying about. Everyone that opens their mind & eyes, them see for what they are. Generically the un-illuminati, are in the open so they can instill fear, kill opposition, and live a hollow life… Such a waste of the gift of incarnation. The proclamation of being illuminati today as we “see” is contrary. Laying claim as “They” do, to a name which is no more illumine than their concept of existence. There are secret societies… The name tells all. Thankfully those are working the balance that the theatrical clique, operating outside “Common Law” openly function… Now how “secret” is a braggadocio, with compromised DNA, living for power over others? A belief that they in fact have such is proof positive that what we see is a Messianic Complex such as should be institutionalized…( That is heart felt hope for “Their” illumination.) As the other option is the reversal of their actions turned upon them. Some might think a thousand small cuts fair, flaying is far more deserved… Sorry but, sometimes Native judgement is apropos… Survive-All… arfai

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