The Masonic Village With House Numbers In the 200s But Only 20 Houses

Julia observes

House Number 212211….

Very illuminati!

The house can be found in Conkwell, just outside Bath, the village where Chris Patten used to live, the MP that drove independent shops out of Bath and then, when he lost his seat, oversaw the last years of Hong Kong under British rule, and then later became Vice Chancellor Of Oxford University, ensuring standards were undermined there too.

TAPone disaster after another, followed by yet another promotion.

Well it is actually 2 house numbers, 212 and 211, but either side of the same front door!

Conkwell doesn’t really need over 200 numbers to identify the houses. Twenty would be plenty.

It is a very small isolated hamlet.

(Julia’s ‘Daily Ramble’ from the Bath area)

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4 Responses to “The Masonic Village With House Numbers In the 200s But Only 20 Houses”

  1. I live at 212 ranty barracks and my neighbour lives at 121, her neighbour is 121a and my neighbour is 212a.The police actually knocked on 121a before mine th eother day and worried the life out of maud and her out of date TV licence.

  2. Tapestry says:

    If I was a postman I’d resign..

  3. Julia says:

    That is a very peculiar counting system too. But remarkably similar to Conkwell!

  4. otter walks says:

    That series of numbers happens to distill down to the #9… In Numerology 9’s are discarded as any number +9 is the “+” number… 9+3=12 so we have now distilled the combination of 2 numbers by addition to 12, we then add the 1+2 of ( 12 ) and you have 3. The number that you added to 9… We can take any run of numbers and by casting 9’s for quickness of ease in addition, find the Real Number and then find the generic as well a the individual symbology of the number….
    Here is a totally random run of numbers; 26479485756453, added they = 3… There is the key symbol that is thus investigated as regards the flow of energies and the potentialities of the level or absence of an auspicious passage of time… Remember #9, #9, #9, from a famous song? What was that about? 9 and 0 have the same values… So if you are seeing the repetition of numbers confronting you, you can look to the oracle to find aspects that give clues at first, and with experience reveal the path of least resistance. That is to say your “Golden Sector”… Which fork in the roadis likely to be most beneficial… Survive-All…

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