Mad Eugenecists Plan Their Latest Master Race

Scotty has left a new comment on your post “Eugenicist Bill Gates Is In Bed With Monsanto“:

This YouTube documentary details the history of the Darwinist Eugenics movement, which had to be rebranded after WW2 as ‘transhumanism’ for obvious reasons.

What they are aiming for in the end is shocking.

V2.0 Humans who are part computer / part machine, with re-engineered DNA – quite literally a new race of humans – are being constructed.

Woe to those left behind.

What do you think they have planned for the rest of us, who are not marked for this next step in ‘evolution’?

We are to be reduced to a sub-human species, a dumbo slave-race. (That is, after they’ve killed-off 80% of global population)

This is what we’re seeing now, with the poisoning of food and water supplies, vacination programs, chemtrails, etc.

This is why Darwinism is a lie that has been perpetrated upon us to justify all this and a lot more that the eugenicists are doing.


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