Life In The Transit Lounge

Blogging is out of reach. I’ve completed my mission in the UK, and have baled out to a hotel to escape family pressures! It’s a nice old fashioned hotel, but there’s no wifi in the rooms, only in the lounge. My son wants to get hold of the controls and observe dinosaurs ripping each others’ guts out. My choice is similar, merely wondering about how humans are doing similar things and why.

In two days more I’ll be in airport transit lounges for two days travelling east. Only by next Thursday will I get any peace and be able to settle into some productive blog. I apologise to all the writers who want to express their thoughts, like Wasp who’s got stuff on The Treaty Of Verona, justifying his opinion that the Jesuits are the primary source of the world’s troubles. He writes very convincingly, backing up his notions with multiple references, and citing research from other authors.

Then we get the-shoot-from-the-hip, ‘that’s not how it is at street level’ view from mafia-busting Gordon Logan, with a spy-thriller Curriculum Vitae to make James Bond look passive.

Then we get the David Icke, David Wilcock, and Project Camelot stuff saying, in effect, the trouble all comes from off-planet, or at least in time the solutions to the trouble will arrive from off-planet or other dimensions. The religious view is not all that far away from this, where mankind’s faithlessness is viewed as central to our troubles.

If we all get across each other from time to time, this is not surprising. The poisons drift down from the sky in chemtrails, flow into our bodies in the water supply or rustle in attractively packaged food brands, as emfs surge in lights, phones and meters upsetting our health. The lifeblood of the economy is sucked dry by corrupt financial institutions and young men are killed in pointless wars, in which both sides are as usual controlled and financed by the elites.

Inside this old hotel, the reality of it all seems far removed. In aircraft high above the ground, one’s concerns move over to more immediate considerations such as ETA and renewing relationships with friends and loved ones, and the separation from those left behind.

Time spent with those we love is precious. It’s a shame it always has to be in transit. Soon my family should get all the visas, passports and permits we need to be allowed to live as human beings. The fight to understand who is oppressing us, and to stop them, goes on, on the personal as well as cultural and wider levels.

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is life so complicated??? Good luck Tap, and don’t forget your golf clubs…a few rounds at Intramuros will help to take your mind of things.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Nice thought. Tennis can be quite demanding in the current heat!

  3. wasp says:

    There is nothing like getting away from TECHNOLOGY, now & again Tap.

    I trust your endeavors will be SUCCESSFUL, meanwhile pass the time imbibing a good Malted Brew.


  4. Scotty says:

    With regard to the above save the NHS petition, here’s an interesting quote from Mussolini:

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

    Exactly. Corporations and governments get together to service each others needs and exploit the citizens / taxpayers for maximum profit.

    Is this not what were are experiencing today, in the UK and across the world?

    Corporate power IS the power in the world. They use charitable trusts, likes Rhodes Foundation to promote people they see as worthy (Bill Clinton was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford, but he left without taking his degree). The Rockefeller foundation is another example.

    In my opinion, the corporation is the beast of Revelation. The beast sees everything as resources – including human beings. These resources only have value if they can be used to generate profit.

    The corporation is an a-moral machine, devouring everything for profit. This is the power in the world today, driving all wars and towards the eventual destruction of everything – although maybe this conclusion is not inevitable.

    If the power of the corporation was used for the benefit of mankind, instead of the enslavement of mankind, just think what a much better world this would be!

  5. wasp says:

    I was tracking some satellites & Found this Link.

    What They Won’t Tell You In Our Media, for those who are interested.

    [SatNews] According to the Tehran Times, the country’s Aerospace Industry Organization Director Mehdi Farahi has announced…Link:-

    Iran plans to send satellites into geostationary orbits after the end of the country’s Fifth Development Plan. Iran’s Fifth Five-Year Development Plan (2010-2015) is part of the 20-Year Outlook Plan (2005-2025), which is the country’s main blueprint for long-term sustainable growth. Farahi also said that the process of designing and manufacturing several satellite carrier rockets with a range of 1000 kilometers will be completed by the end of the Fifth Development Plan. Iran has already sent three satellites into space. On February 3, Iran successfully launched its third domestically manufactured satellite, named the Navid, into orbit. The Navid satellite was sent into space aboard the upgraded Safir satellite carrier rocket..



    As George Galloway has stated Iran is far from The Down & Out Country our Lying Media, would have us believe it is.


  6. Julia says:

    I enjoy your posts Tap, you should write your own more often! All the best on the next stage of your journey. I agree a break from the computer is quite healthy. The Internet is a fantastic resource, but using a computer too much can give you backache headache, eyestrain, handstrain, detach you from the here and now, and worst of all fog up your brain. I see it as a temporary tool until we reach a better world, not too far off. In a better world we won’t really need them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap

    I have reading a lot on a daily basis this blog, aangirfan, benjamin fulord and others. We all know about Chemtrail and we are performing AGNIHOTRA THERAPY and BIO MAGNETIC PAIR to get rido of this Gas Poison. Please PLEAse PLEASE we can all united fight agaisnt this disgusting lethal weapon. We can all be healthy, do not take vaccines, do not take antibiotics or painkillers.

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