The Last Of The Mohicans. Genocide 2012.

WASP sent in these links reporting the genocide of children at a Catholic residential school in Canada. The reports of genocide of Mohican and Cree children are being suppressed.

Another independent search for native children’s remains begins in Ontario, Canada – and more revelations and attempted sabotage at the Mohawk Indian residential school inquiry

February 29, 2012 – ITCCS Brussels

A second aboriginal nation in Canada has begun searching on their own for the bodies of their relatives who never returned from the local state and church-run Indian residential school.

Elders of a Cree Nation in Canada have commenced surveys and a test excavation at a suspected mass grave near a former Indian residential school in northern Ontario, it was announced yesterday in a statement sent to The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS).

The statement is signed by ten elders and members of a tribe of the Cree Nation, who have requested that their names and the identity of the former school in question be withheld until their excavation results can be analyzed.

The statement reads in part,

“We have started to look for the little ones who never came back from the local residential school. After the police refuse to investigate. We want to know what happened to them and give them an honoring ceremony. We want to have what we discover sent to the courts outside Canada with the help of ITCCS so Canada and the (omitted) Church can be brought to trial for the ginocide (sic) of our people.”

One of the presiding Cree elders contacted Kevin Annett shortly after the commencement of the Mohawk residential school dig in Brantford, Ontario last October was announced on You Tube. The elder asked that Kevin and the ITCCS assist his people in their own independent inquiry into the death and disappearance of Cree children.

Meanwhile, in Brantford, some of the artifacts unearthed last November on the grounds of the former Church of England school have been positively identified by former inmates there as being small wooden and ivory buttons that were part of the school uniform worn by girls during the early 1950′s.

These buttons were found near to bits of old shoes and considerable pieces of burned charcoal in subsoil fifty yards from the residential school.

These buttons were also found in association with a number of bones which have been analyzed by four separate archaeologists. Since there is no consensus among these four specialists whether the bones are definitely human or animal, the ITCCS has advised the authorizing Mohawk elders not to make any further public announcements about these bones until more evidence and physical remains at the site can be properly excavated and identified by experts.

The authorizing Mohawk elders have previously informed all concerned not to comment on these bones until definitive results are confirmed.

This security is required, as well, by recent efforts by government-funded natives and their associates to sabotage and undermine the independent Mohawk inquiry, including through attempts to spread rumors and create divisions among the nine original elders who authorized Kevin Annett and the ITCCS to work on their territory.

More updates will be issued soon by the Mohawk elders themselves.

The ITCCS is encouraged by the fact that a second undertaking has been launched by native people themselves to search for the evidence of genocide and murder at the state and church-run “Indian residential schools” in Canada. We can only hope the example of the Mohawk and the Cree nations will continue to spread, in the face of a concerted whitewash of this genocide by Canada’s church and state-funded official “truth and reconciliation commission”.

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Breaking News: Another independent search for native children’s remains begins in Ontario, Canada – and more revelations and attempted sabotage at the Mohawk Indian residential school inquiry

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  1. otter walks says:

    @ WASP, You have written Information humans should know… The Truth goes deeper then the history which is slowly coming to the attention of the populous. The 1st Nation People have a history; and all know that the victors write history… These days I hear more and more how the U.S. Republic was based on the Magna Carta… Certainly common law was a mind set given the day. However, there is at least two histories regarding the Constitution of the U.S…. The History that is the main stream propaganda, and the losers story of the genocide of the steward’s of the earth… The blue print of most all of the eugenics models brought forth since. The truth is that Thomas Jefferson used the Iroquois Confederacy in “Creating” the “Constitution”. The truth is that while tribal war existed for eons, some north east tribes banded together and it is fact that their alliance, predating first contact was the direct format that Jefferson plagiarized in his writing of the “Constitution”. That’s NOT what your history teacher is going to tell you… It is verifiable though… Survive-All… Otter Walks on Two Feet, 1st Nation Iroquois, Member Mohawk Longhouse Medicine Society…

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