Jill Dando Eye Witnesses Slung In Jail

An ex-member of the intelligence services asked me to call this morning, which I did. I have communicated with this person previously.

This time she stated that she had more information about the killing of Jill Dando. Two people she knew, brothers, were drinking in a notorious bar in Belgrade, called the Portobello, where government intelligence services and criminal gangs mingle with each other. A TV report came on the screen, announcing the murder of Jill Dando in London, and everyone started cheering the man who had killed her, who was there in the bar at the time.

The two brothers happened to be in the bar that night, as they were co-pilots of a flight which had taken British intelligence operatives out to Belgrade, who invited them to join them at the bar. They saw what happened and clearly realised what it meant.

On returning to the UK, they saw the media in the UK demanding that anyone who knew anything about Jill Dando’s murder should contact special numbers which they did. They imagined that meant what it said and did so.

In fact the attempt was the opposite of the declared objective. Prime Minister Blair had issued a D Notice, to ensure nothing of the Serbian hit, carried out in revenge for his bombing the Belgrade TV Station three days earlier, could be reported. The numbers were given out to find out who might know the truth and silence them.

The brothers were then framed and put in jail. They were accused of shipping £20 million of cocaine into a small airport, where they were asked to fly, were seized, arrested and slung in jail for ten years. They are out now, but are having great difficulty rebulding their lives. Their work requires foreign travel and they always find the permits very hard to obtain given their ‘criminal’ record. If they say a word, they’ve been told they’ll be slung back in jail.

Barry George also rotted inside prison for ten years, falsely accused of the crime of killing Jill Dando.

Meanwhile Butcher Blair, the one who does actually kill people, and makes big bucks tax free from his OWG paymasters, walks free, protected by a string of D Notices, which stops the public finding out things which would destroy what’s left of his reputation at a stroke, if the public knew.

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  1. That call was a prank call cos they know you will post any old shite that you hear,

  2. Julia says:

    Not sure why you want to hang out on this blog if you don’t like it Captain Ranty. Go and find another one that prints the stuff you prefer. There are thousands of us that are much enlightened by the information and possibilities presented by the Tap Blog.

  3. Tony_0pmoc says:

    Until Princess Diana was assassinated,in 1997, I was very naive and dismissed virtually all conspiracy theories as nonsense.

    Then at Easter in 1999, where I had spent two weeks with my wife and kids in Kuredu in the Maldives, with absolutely no news, I was travelling back, and reading a newspaper on the plane.

    In 2 weeks away, the World had gone mad and we were bombing Serbia to hell. This deeply upset me, as years earlier I nearly married a girl who’s family were from Serbia, who’s family had been incredibly kind and had welcomed me as part of their family.

    Then 9/11 happened, and I immediately knew something was desperately wrong with the story. It was not until nearly 18 months later, that I was 100% sure that the official story was a lie, because it contravened the fundamental laws of physics and maths.

    This was and still is deeply shocking, because it means the REAL EVIL comes from MY OWN CULTURE. I can’t blame it on a Foreign Culture that is more Evil Than Ours That I do not understand.

    It was like discovering you personally have brain cancer. The evil is within. Brain cancer is almost always fatal. How can you cure yourself? Cutting open your own brain to remove the cancer, is unlikely to be successful.

    But that is effectively what our culture has to do. No one else is going to cure us.


  4. Tapestry says:

    Julia, Captain Ranty without the graphic is a troll.

  5. Tapestry says:

    See today’s post from Project Camelot. Open your mind.

  6. Tony_0pmoc says:

    The interview that Project Camelot did with Jane Burgermeister a couple of years ago was riveting. The half hour I watched of this was two old guys talking in circles, that bored me rigid.

    Whilst I don’t discount the possibility of Jesus being the Son of God, and Billions of people believe it all, as I used to, I have studied the real history in some detail, and come to the firm conclusion that Jesus was in fact an allegory, and almost certainly didn’t exist as a real human being.

    Without evidence to the contrary, and I have seen none whatsoever, though I have seen UFO’s, I will continue to believe that UFOlogy is just another religion, with no supporting evidence of its existence.

    What may explain the more recent beliefs, is the fact that MKULTRA definitely existed, and mind control experiments were conducted in great detail. Large numbers of people were experimented on, using extremely powerful drugs and other very powerful psychological techniques both of which I have some experience of.

    No one has yet produced any convincing evidence of any alien existence or technology.

    Until they do, I will continue to have an open mind, which basically states – produce the evidence. Meanwhile some people make significant sums spinning UFOlogy, probably even more successfully than many Religions, in getting gullible punters to send them lots of money. Even I have got two books that go into the subject in some detail.

    The human race has believed a complete load of shite, throughout its history, and still does.

    Personally, I attended a UFO event in around 1975, and was very impressed. Here’s a video of it



  7. Anonymous says:


    This is a very interesting video about the mystery of comets, which science does not understand them well.

    It takes its lead the fate of Comet Elenin (which I was quite obsessed about for a while last year) which, to the surprise of astronomers, eventually disintegrated after a solar flare. Still more surprising, radio astronomers were unable to detect water as Elenin broke apart.

    After watching this I have a personal theory (doubtless not new) whether comets are actually ancient, unexploded missile warheads that are still orbiting the sun after a war, billions of years ago.

    We have –
    *Explosive fragmentation
    *Unexpected lack of water
    *Disintergration due to charged particles from sun
    *Un-known/proven system of propulsion

    With spaceship moon, exploded planet (asteriod belt), the monolith on the spaceship phobos*, it makes you wonder what “on Earth” went on back then – and whether we actually know for sure how long ago it was.


    – Me.

  8. Anonymous says:

    As always head banging & challenging stories.

    Selected by The one n only “TAP”

    Great read blows the cobwebs away from the stale n drab old press n TV trash.

    Challenging, New and Relevant always a sequel.

    keep plugged into TAP,
    for a real reality check right here right now.

    All your hard works appreciated,
    & its FREE!!!!



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