Hey, Sean. Come To England And Breathe Some Chemtrails.

I am going to fetch my family from the Philippines next month. But should I do so? The air is heavy with poisons here, aluminium, strontium, barium, uranium, boron and more, spewed out by unmarked aircraft many days each week.

Where he is, the air is clean. The food is fresh, and the water’s clean.

Britain is a nasty game of chemical Russian roulette. Babies are terribly vulnerable to poison. If we want to be together, what choice do I have, but to subject him to risks no human should have to run.

Do we have a government any more? I wrote to my MP, The Rt Honourable Owen Paterson about chemtrails. He replied that he would see if anyone else had heard of them, with no forwarding to any other minister. It’s the government doing this, Owen. That’s you, by the way. Ask yourself if this is right. Ask your dear leader, if that’s what he is, and his jailed ‘cronies’ from News International. I’m sure no one would dare chemtrail Rebekah’s back yard in Oxfordshire.

Cameron’s closest friends, News International operators, back row, Andy Coulson, Rebekah Brooks. front row, Les Hinton, Murdoch. Their faces tell it all. The truth is not for sale at any price.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “There is no independent media anymore. It is whose agenda is paying the money for the media outlet,” he said. “Politicization of media means that media outlets are today like political parties. Everyone is adopting a point of view, fight for it and bring all the tools and all the means they have in order to make it reach the biggest amount of viewers.”


  2. wasp says:

    This was a Comment ,to a Comment relating to Jone’s & Icke I Posted, I will repeat it here, as it’s probably too far back to get noticed, so I will repeat it here.

    @Anonymous 5.04 PM
    In reply to your comment viz.
    @WASP As I stated I don’t agree with your accusations of Alex Jones and Stratfor. I am not a computer wizz.

    You obviously don’t know much History either. Look up the Verona Treaty of 1213. You will see that The Vatican Own & Control virtually Everything.

    They Certainly Own America, as well as Britain which is controlled by The City of London which it’s self is Controlled by The Vatican, as I have said on numerous occasions.

    The Legal System World Wide is Commercial Law i.e. UCC LAW.

    The most Powerful People in the world are The Knights of Malta, so before you start Quoting Zionists, know that they are The Tools of The ones in Control.

    There is far more to proving a point than looking up & finding a couple of videos. Both Jones & Icke never Touch on this Subject, amongst others.

    I am still of the opinion William Milton Cooper was correct in his assumptions.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Thank You, for keeping your word and holding the Chemtrail page.
    My local Doctor has taken photographs off me to show to his friends and a Councillor. Just for good measure I downloaded your Tap information for him as well.
    Wonder where Rebekah Brooks was at the time of 9-11, no prizes for guessing.
    It’s the Women that need keeping an eye on, they have a hand in some strange businesses.

  4. Tapestry says:

    We’ll have to move the blog on in the morning. I’m glad it was useful to you today.

    Wasp’s getting good traffic tonight from google.news Perhaps he’s an insider too! Only joking, Wasp. It’s a comment connected to the Goldman Sachs resignation probably, linking to your post.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I hope you don’t think this is silly, what if Gareth Williams, the man found in a pink suitcase.
    What if he was investigating Chemtrails in his spare time.Because we know he was a fresh air fiend, always out on his racing bike.
    Say he was getting too close to who was doing it.
    I mean, if your MP has no idea about them, it may be a top secret.
    At least you got a reply to your letter, the cretin we have for an MP never replies to letters or emails.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Owen Paterson is a good MP.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi tap family. Your son is wonderful as he is..Do not bring him here to breath in all the filth that is been spewd out upon us..We have gone to war with other countries who have treated their people like this….Their crimes were gassing the innocent people..spot the connection..Stay safe..

  8. dognamedblue says:

    I live in the scottish borders, 2mins along the lockerbie flight path, overhead is a literal motorway of aircraft heading to all points on the compass, it’s also a military fly zone so I do know virtually every type of aicraft from the private prop to the big transatlantics & military, as you say these craft are unmarked, they don’t fly on any of the usual routes & are sometimes what appears to be twice the height of any other craft, I think the reason we are hit is because of the 5+ big natural reservoirs that supply glasgow edinburgh south scotland & england with its water supply. last years village horticultural show was devastated as people put it down to wet weather for not being able to grow anything, but some of these people specialise in growing certain types of veg. & have been doing for years. I even saw during the 2010 cold snap the fibres reflected in the sun, only one other person has realised what’s happening, I’ve know for a few years now but gave up taking pictures as there was no need in taking anymore

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