The Chemtrail Battle Of Hastings

In 1066, Hastings tried to fend off an invader. This time they face an enemy too cowardly to show their faces. They spray poisons on the British population from 30,000 feet. An arrow in the eye would be too good for them. Someone should find the airfields where the cowards fly from, and invite them to battle on fair terms. Hands tied behind their backs, blindfolded, knife to their throats. They are killing us. We should do the same to them.

UPDATE – 14th March 2012. CBS NEWS broadcasts a segment on Chemtrails.

Last week, a TV segment on chemtrails was presented on a CBS affiliate out of Atlanta. Although the story was presented as a conspiracy theory, TV news reporter Jeff Chirico issued the following invitation at the end of the segment: “Now, we know that a lot of you have pictures and videos of chemtrails. We want to see them. So, send them to us at: We’ll post them on our website.“

TAP – is the chemtrails reporting embargo in the media about to burst?

ORIGINAL – Battle Of Hastings Post.

They’re on TV, running a commercial. Well done!

Why are chemtrails visible on radar?

Why are respiratory illnesses surging?

They’re organising meetings, leafleting, and running ‘chemtrailing awareness’ days, including a Portsmouth group.

May 12th Rye demo. Why not turn up? Make a bigger street presence.

July – a chemtrail awareness musical event. Speakers. Music.

It’s happening. Resistance is starting.

Donate. There’s a Facebook account where details are given. (TAP – is there? Can’t see one) – Just send us your bank account details, I’ll publish them and Tap readers will pay in direct soonest. TPTW tend to get in the way of funding if they can.

TAP – I’m worrying about the chemtrails I see in the sky where we live, and the strange smells on the air in the evenings. So much so I’m reconsidering moving my family from the Philippines, as we’ve been planning a long time. Why would I want my baby son to breathe Strontium, Aluminium, Barium and Uranium? The bastards shoved an unauthorised vaccine into him the day he was born. It’s my responsibility to try and keep their filth out of his tiny (though growing) body as regards their air poisoning programmes. He’s staying put until the chemtrailing Battle of Britain is over. I’m going back to join them soon, for a while, but the chemtrailing fight is my fight. Who’s trying to kill us every day? Let’s deliver the message to as many people as we can.

Youtube comments –

We need chemtrail awareness events every week not just a day…. this event that I organised was well advertised locally and even then I had to say it was a Environment Awarenesss event to the venue and council, you try to organise an event that actually says its a Chemtrails awareness event and see what shit you get from the authorities, it was a start just to show people whats possible, and considering it was just one person efforts with a sponsor…

These events need to be properly publicised. I would have gone to it if I had known about it and lots of other people would also have gone.  We need to have a chemtrail awareness day throughout the UK.

Gregory Pitchford writes –

The is one fight that is getting out there. Even my family who is far removed from the world of conspiracies is beginning to see the light when it comes to Chemtrails. There is a product that can help your body defend against the metal toxins. It is called Zeolite. I encourage you all to take it. I have seen the positive effects of this product first hand.

From Chemtrails UK on Facebook

Jim Marrs explains the kind of world we live in where TPTW can spend billions trying to poison humanity.

For more on the environmental effects of chemtrailing –

Facebook Links – Tiyana Maksimovich-Binno

Other reasons to be optimistic

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, This is a really well presented article, not had time to watch it all yet.
    How about keeping it on the page for a while.
    Could do with downloading the leaflets they are using.
    And details for donations.

  2. Tapestry says:

    How can I stop the blog? Stuff comes in for publication by the hour. I’ll keep it as top story for twelve hours.

  3. Tapestry says:

    If the ‘chemtrail battle of hastings’ check in, please send the required information to the blog email, under profile.

  4. Tapestry says:

    a copy of the leaflet, and donations destination.

  5. GPracers says:

    The is one fight that is getting out there. Even my family who is far removed from the world of conspiracies is beginning to see the light when it comes to Chemtrails. There is a product that can help your body defend against the metal toxins. It is called Zeolite. I encourage you all to take it. I have seen the positive effects of this product first hand.

  6. Ivana Blogalot says:

    Here’s something interesting I’ve just encountered on my www wanderings.

    One commenter on YT thinks the clip might have been filmed at a meeting of Memphis-Misraim Masons (whoever they are) Looks more like a Masonic weekend at Butlins, to me.

    Anyway, take a look. Really vulgar! The just ain’t got no class, these Masonic types…

  7. Tapestry says:

    I am holding the page today. Thanks for links.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Breakdown of the TSA’s activities and costs here:

    TSA monster

    (Click on picture for embed code).

  9. Anonymous says:

    //Someone should find the airfields where the cowards fly from//

    How large are the planes you are thinking of?

  10. Tapestry says:

    Look up in the sky most days. Take a 50 times magnification photo. Most are unmarked, and hide their origin. Total cowards. None ever admits what they do in public. Mass murder doesn’t look very good on your CV/resume.

  11. Russell Sprout says:

    You probably don’t know Regina Dugan’s name, but for the past three years, she’s been director of DARPA, the military’s R&D lab. In a few weeks, she’ll be moving into an executive position at Google, becoming one of the most senior military officials to cross over to the private sector

  12. Russell Sprout says:

    It’s now illegal to know what’s in your food

  13. Tapestry says:

    from Viv by email –

    If Scotland gains its independence after the forthcoming referendum,
    the remainder of the United Kingdom will be known as the Former United
    Kingdom (F.U.K.) for short.

    In a bid to discourage the Scots from voting ‘Yes’ in the referendum,

    Unionists have now begun a campaign with the slogan:

    “Vote No for F.U.K’s sake!”

  14. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps its just co-incidence that Disney / Pixar have a cartoon based in Medieval Scotland – ‘Brave’ being released this summer ?


  15. Anonymous says:

    Chemtrails are everywhere across the globe… and I’m sure this town has it’s fair share too.

    Just make sure you don’t die of some chemtrail related illness… FFS! LOL


  16. otter walks says:

    Greetings, @ “TAP”, Re:”I’m reconsidering moving my…” Having clear insights from first reading of your concerns the grace of prescience; the answer found was; “Stay as is”…
    A divination gifted-“yin conduit contact”- at times asked to distill, clarify, or decant visions to common speak; divinations as answers which were in no way compromised by bias.
    The question was simply asked if permission was given to ask?, ( Yes )
    This after she was asked to read the specific “TAP”- “I’m worrying” statement. ) She doesn’t know you or your family from any format…
    From your writing alone, your query came through with parallel answers… ( Unusual for a second clarification regarding life/health/journey… )
    First came “TAP” stay in the place you are…
    Secondarily, your family should stay where they are, augmented by; stay in the “Philippines”…
    Hoping you will consult whatever essence you hold true, asking your “oracle” for clarity.
    Here is presentation of “Positive Energy Resonance” a conveyance hopefully lacking semantics…??? Live well…
    Survive-All… Awareness is Preparedness… May “That Which IS” be with ALL in this awakening…

  17. otter walks says:

    @ “TAP” Should have told you that this is a “Dowser” Label’s are often hypnotically distracting due to inherent bias…
    The techniques taught by Raymon Grace refined the skills brought forth via incarnation… “Dharma”…
    Best in health and life. Otter…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hello my name is Ann and I am the woman who started Hastings Against Chemrails. Thankyou to whoever wrote this blog for bring it to the attention of others. The link to the commercial is from another person but if anyone cares to go to my youtube page you will see that we have had nearly 9000 hits already on yoube. I have also being organising for a year and I have written to papers, had a petition to our MP,had numerous leaflet days, written to environmental law firm,even had T. shirts made! I have 3 events lined up this year, April 14th will be a leaflet day in Hastings. May 12th in Rye and on the 15th july I have organised a big event at the Horntye Park cricket ground in Hastings and this will be a music and Awareness day with music from noon till midnight, stalls, BBQ, Awareness stalls, speakers and kids area all free!! I desperately need people to contribute to keep the commercial on the TV and have even been offered slots by other networks, please help us to keep this Awareness of chemtrails going by helping in anyway you can, all the paypal links are on my group page on Facebook Hastings against chemtrails or my youtube channel link of TheAnalogical..Thankyou.
    Time is running out and we must make more people aware of the reality of what is really going on!!can you help??

  19. Anonymous says: heres a link to the paypal button to contribute to the commercial but I do not think it works on here so please go to the youtube or facebook group.I also have an information stall on the9th June at the Bohemia village fair in hastings and on the 14th July a stall at the St leonards festival in Warrior sqaure so please come along and help.

  20. It’s a really great read. Thanks for publishing this! hastings.

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