Gulf War Syndrome Caused By Genetic Mutation From A Vaccine


Urnovitz and his colleagues have been studying the implications of vaccines in cancer, Persian Gulf War Syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS. Urnovitz, who holds doctorates in Immunology and Microbiology from the University of Michigan where he studied vaccines, has become one of the most vocal proponents for scientists to become aware of vaccine-associated genetic mutations. [7]

His work in this area has supported the concepts that:

Our bodies have a “genetic memory” of foreign substances it encounters, including vaccines.
There is a limit on how much foreign material our bodies can handle before genetic damage occurs and/or progresses into a chronic illness.

Each person has their own unique genetic blueprint which responds to foreign substances differently.

Comment: Although Urnovitz did not elaborate further on the subject of “genetic memory,” his reference to it can be interpreted as an inference that the genetic blueprints we inherit from our parents are influenced and potentially changed in adaptation to environmental exposures throughout our lifetimes.

Perhaps Urnovitz and colleagues are best known for the work they have published on the Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), where they found evidence of genetic alterations in human chromosome 22q11.2, a known genetic “hot spot” for mutations, which appear to have a role in the pathogenesis of GWS. [8].

Even more striking is that when they sequenced their findings, many enteroviral-similar segments were found suggesting that this may have played a role in causing the changes in 22q11.2. Most Gulf War veterans received the oral poliovirus vaccine, which is an enterovirus. Since the polio vaccine was originally cultured in monkey kidneys, known to be contaminated with simian (monkey) cytomegalic virus (CMV), the veterans would have also received the CMV contaminant.


In a sense, modern America might be likened onto a tree on which the leaves remain green even while the roots are dying, the roots of course referring to the ominous physical and mental health trends taking place among American children, with one-in-six children being afflicted with a developmental disorder (autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, allergies, and asthma. [9-10] It is questionable whether any nation or society can long continue to thrive or even survive with the current rate of health attrition taking place among our children, unless it is reversed.

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  1. otter walks says:

    On the button… The truths keep coming… Thank you for your efforts… Survive-All…

  2. Larry Burris says:

    Not sure how many people were affected but I have had 2 events labeld as caused by gene mutation. 1st one was the removal of my entire large intestines. It was first thought to be familia polyposis, later termed as a mutation caused by enviormental issues during the gulf. The 2nd just was discpovered was a gene mutation causing over production of red, white blood cells and plattets. I am also starting to have severe joint pain and flash headaces. The first event was service connected. As I just found out about the gene mutation I recently applied to have that service connected. Is there somewhere where I can find out what the blood disoder can/will cause down the road?

  3. Larry Burris says:

    I am not sure how many this affects but I had to havbe my entire large intestines removed, att first it was thought to be familia polyposis, later it was found to be caused by a gene m utation. Recently it was found I am producing to many red, white cells and plattets. The cancer center found the mutated gene. I am certain it was caused by the gulf war, either the DU spent ammo or the chemical and biological agents we were exposed to and the various expermental vaccines and such we were given. Is there somewhere I can get information as to the long range ramifications of the blood disorder? It is currently under control but …

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