Fulford: Bankers Running. Jesuits Behind The Fukushima Nuclear Bomb.

WASP sent in –

Ben Fulford, talking on American Freedom Radio, describes a cyber war going on between the old central bankers, and the new financial system, being set up by the White Hats. It sounds like total chaos. Arrests. Mass resignations amongst bankers across the world. ‘We are raising the pressure on them all the time,’ says Ben.

Fulford says Anonymous have joined in on ‘our’ side. The Gnostic Illuminati too. Along with the world’s royal families who say the central bankers have walked off with their gold. He says Bill Gates has been the prime mover blocking the new financial system, and trying to maintain the old families in power.

Bill gates is no entrepreneur says Ben. He should be in jail. He was given a contract for software for $100,000 ripping off IBM shareholders of their shareholders’ rights to own the world’s biggest internet browser, because he was from the group of elite families that control the financial world.

Timothy Stone says again that there as no 9.1 earthquake before the tsunami that flooded Japan’s south eastern coast. The tsunami was caused by a nuclear weapon. There was a 6.4 earthquake nearby, which is 500 times smaller.

The accusations against my acquaintance Peter Stevens, the ex-Hong Kong Police Commissioner, for smuggling the nuclear weapon into Japan that killed 20,000 people, are repeated. I called a friend of Peter who says the accusation is ‘rubbish’. I’ll email him. We all used to meet up at Puerto Galero Yacht Club over many years. It seems a bit hard to believe, to be honest, that Peter would have any involvement.

The former Black Pope, Count Hans Kolvenbach, has boasted by phone that he was behind the black op that caused the Fukushima ‘earthquake’ on 311. He’s going to arrested.

We’ve given them the month of March to surrender. My group, the White Dragon Society, is saying we want a meritocratic economic system, creating an era of unprecedented prosperity. We won’t be a world government, but we’ll get rid of the current bunch of gangsters and bring back democratic government.

The criminals are talking to us. We’re negotiating. Things are happening now. Fox News reported the arrest of Timothy Geithner. Let’s see what happens to Bill Gates next. They’ve got nowhere to hide. The Royal families are saying that we appointed these bankers three hundred years ago, but now they’re all fired.

(TAP – Hang on. The Royal families are Rothschilds themselves. Queen Victoria, the fountainhead of all the world’s royal families , was Nathan Mayer Rothschild’s illegitimate daughter. They’re upgrading Prince Harry who is known to have less Rothschild blood, bar the minor complication that his mother was the daughter of James Goldsmith, also of Rothschild descent – although a renegade to his tribe and a good man, it has to be said.)

We have to get rid of the pharmaceutical companies. Monsanto are murderers and criminals. They are going to be terminated. A year from now they won’t exist.

GILLIAN adds –

Hi Tap,

I hear what you are saying in your reply to me on your website. Much food for thought there.
As a Christian myself I didn’t know we were not supposed to believe in the possible existence of aliens
or life on other planets. It doesn’t say that anywhere in the Bible as far as I’m aware. It does seem a bit
odd that TPTB come down heavily usually in the form of ridicule on those who go public with their experiences.

As a Christian though I am more inclined to believe in the not to be underestimated power of the evil one or Satan.

It is this entity that TPTB are said to follow and worship, is it not? e.g. Satanists and peados make up most, if not all of TPTB. Anyway, I shall keep an open mind on the alien issue and I don’t entirely dismiss the possibility that Christianity and other Religions are a purely made-up thing to keep the populace in order and to wage war (allegedly) over.

Anything and everything is on the agenda now for discussion. People, including me may well have to think again on beliefs we have held dear all our lives, so far.

I have recently watched several of Ben Fulford’s videos. He certainly isn’t a slick PR sort of man. I would be suspicious if he was. He seems almost bumbling at times. This of course could be a double bluff. But on balance, I quite like him and he does come up with some good info. I wish these White Hats or White Dragon society would make up their minds exactly what they want to be called or known as. As I’ve said before I think, It is a very interesting time to be alive here on planet Earth. I suppose people have always thought that though.

Kind Regards,


Ps. I hope this email goes out okay. I had the devil of a job to send you my last/previous one. I was becoming very suspicious!

Tap – It’s for all those people living in East Dorset! Chemtrails are less there, I’m told.

Irsigler (in recommended books) says that Christianity in its original form was very different to the version that merged with the Roman Empire under Constantine. The opposition to all war, and to slavery was dropped, for example. The version we have is the Roman Empire version of Christianity. The original was sufficiently threatening to the money men in the temple, the slave-owners and the war party, that Jesus had to be executed in brutal fashion. We are in need of a return to the original.

Re aliens, if the religion says all aliens are imagined spirits, it will have a problem adapting to the possibility that they are real and taking a highly active role in our social dismemberment.

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19 Responses to “Fulford: Bankers Running. Jesuits Behind The Fukushima Nuclear Bomb.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If this is true, then I would say that it’s the test run for California. Remember the movie “A View to Kill” & “Superman The Movie”.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I have little idea about movies. I got bored with them about thirty years ago. If you have a point to make, I won’t understand what it is, unless you explain it without reference to movies.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Tapestry,
    This Fulford character is a complete phoney. He said that some great announcement was to be made on last Tuesday evening about the take down of all the evil banking forces etc. etc.

    So what has happened. No announcement. No big purge by his laughable White Dragon gang. Nothing Zilch Rien.
    What a phoney. And, I believe people actually PAY for his crap letters.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Fulford actually has quite a good prediction track record. He was onto earthquake attacks being carried out against Japan well ahead of them actually happening.

    The mass resignation of the bankers is happening. Geithner has been arrested. Bill Gates was possibly arrested, not confirmed or denied by Microsoft.

    If he’s a phoney, he’s a pretty successful one. He was talking about the White Hats before they admitted they existed.

    Fulford is worth watching. I don’t get the problem of his having a paid blog. Blogging requires time and effort. Not all are dumb enough to work for nothing like me!

  5. Anonymous says:

    These are the DAILY amount of earthquakes. Anyone that uses the prediction of earthquakes in their predictions is onto a winner. They can’t lose.

    Magnitude Average Annually
    8 and higher 1
    7 – 7.9 15
    6 – 6.9 134
    5 – 5.9 1319
    4 – 4.9 13,000

    This what Fulford said:-
    There will be some sort of announcement about this and other things on Tuesday evening, March 27th, 2012 Japan Standard Time according to illuminati and White Dragon Society sources. The arrest of some very high profile individuals is imminent.”

    Bankers resigning so? How many people in the World caan be classified as bankers. With banks heavily in debt and not paying bonuses I not surprised bankers are resigning.

    As I said before 27 March announcement. Where is it?
    If you want to be taken seriously you have to come up with the goods when you say you will. It’s no good being half right. We could all write news letters on that basis.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Earthquakes sorry not DAILY but ANNUALLY

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very fishy!

    I first started watching Benjamin fulford videos about 2 months ago.

    The Videos i saw were of a 80 year old man who said he was Ben Fulford.

    Are there 2 BF’s? Or is it just a double dose of BS?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Here you go. The internet is full of stuff that catches “gurus” out.

    “This is one of the most revealing interviews with Ben Fulford ever.
    Ben talks about history of religion, and confirmed evil force that controlled humanity for 26,000 years.

    But the best information was what he foresees in the very near future:

    1) Bankruptcy of the corporation called the united states of america
    2) Bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve
    3) End of all the sub-corporations, de-facto courts etc
    4) origanic United States going back to Common Law
    5) New banking system in place
    6) All debts forgiven

    Ben is still sticking with Sept 30 timeline, he said it could drag to Oct 7 or Oct 24 depending on certain events.”

    These wre all YouTube videos posted 2009 yes 2009 and his timeline was 30 Sep 2009.

    No wonder the YouTube videos have taken off by the owner.

  9. Tapestry says:

    I see Fulford not as a genius, but someone who’s decided that he’s going to fight the elites, and attack them with whatever material comes to hand. I don’t expect any human being to accurately predict events with dates, but warriors will tend to do things that keep pressure on their opponents. There is evidence that opposition to the elites is growing, and he is willing to ‘take a flyer’ to stir up further opposition.

    Most political leaders predict the demise of their enemies to keep up morale. The war will be over by Christmas. Remember.

  10. Tapestry says:

    Multiple Benjamin Fulfords are either coincidental, or disinformation. Wellaware were saying he was an actor. It is also typical of warfare to attempt to discredit your enemies. The attempts to discredit him show he is of significance.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Funny how the video of an 80 year old Benjamin Fulford i saw was actually on the Benjamin Fulford Blog!

    Remember Bill Schneider? Coincidences DO NOT exist! They CAN NOT be proved mathematically!

    Ive got a very keen sense of smell and it stinks on this blog now. The Blog has gone into DisInfo/ MissInfo mode.

  12. Tapestry says:

    Do you have a link to the 80 Year Old Ben Fulford?
    Do you have a link to the Bill Schneider coincidence?
    We’d all like to share these great thoughts with you, if you don’t mind.

  13. Anonymous says:


    I don’t like this.

    The representative of the gnostic illuminati (man on left) says the Abrahamic god is the devil, believes in Isis (illuminati beliefs), and says the only thing wrong with the old world order is the pyramid lacks transparency and meritocracy.

    We don’t want any single world pyramids. Is the gnostic illuminati actually hindering or actually carrying out the NWO project?

    It’s hard to tell. I don’t like it.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just watched the video that Anon 1:16 PM
    It’s a comedy show. Isn’t it? Especially the guy with the “OddJob” bowler hat. Fulford sounds as though he on “something”.

    So the idea is we get rid of one lot of idiots and replace them with another lot of idiots. Sounds great.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Do you have a link to the Bill Schneider coincidence?

    So you dont actually watch the videos posted on your own blog? Its among the Bill Schneider videos posted on the 28th Ermm, Posted by you apparently.

    The 80 yr old Ben…

    I first heard of Ben whilst reading David Wilcox’s report on ending 100 yrs of financial tyranny. So i try to find out more about Ben and find his blog on google, I checked it out and the first video i watched was of an OAP reading the latest update from This white dragon society.

    Then i saw an article of OAP Ben meeting with a Senior Rothschild. Thats all i knew of Ben until i saw his latest release on the Tap Blog with Alexander Romanov.

    This is when i sit up and rub my eyes. 2 people claiming to be Benjamin Fulford probably 40-50 yrs age gap.

    I’ve checked the Fulford blog and i can’t find the old man Fulford video anywhere.

    It was definitely on the Fulford blog because i recognize the site is the same, its also has lots of Chinese/ Japanese writing and thats not something you forget.

    The more i think about this Gnostic illuminati thing the more i believe its either an illuminati con trick or the Ruskies are now playing the game too.

    “Putin would be a great leader for the world because of his Judo skills” C’mon!

  16. Anonymous says:


    So this OAP Ben Fulford is actually just an old bloke that makes videos of all sorts of alternative news stories. As i saw him first on the Fulford blog i just assumed that was him. I stand corrected.

    Its still a bit weird, this old boy was on the Fulford blog and there was an article of him meeting with a rothschild.

    There’s a connection to be made.

  17. Tapestry says:

    Is this disinformation commenting?

    Schneider coincidence? That means the fact that the underground train was being tampered with as they were by coincidence routing the line through an alien base?


    The Rockefeller interview with David R was a younger Ben Fulford before he put on weight and grew his hair. As he’s under death threat, I imagine he needs to alter his appearance from time to time. He’s clearly a fighter as a personality, and wants to land blows on the OWG. He’s a very brave individual, isolated by the death threats and trying to land punches where he can. He has information channels from within the White Dragon Society, of which he claims to be the spokesman. He’s always worth listening to. Of course disinformation would be expected in return from psyops.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Benjamin Fulford is a SHAMAN. He has Power that many don’t comprehend. He KNOWS DMT and the realms and entities of OTHER DIMENSIONS. Most “westerners”, drugged in to a stupor and educated for mind controlled slavery DON’T even know what DMT is (Dimethyltryptamine), where it comes from or the fact their Pineal Gland is probably ossified with FLUORIDE and aluminium.

    Want some “western” science to help you comprehend what IS happening? Research Morphic Resonance and Tipping Points (Doctor Rupert Sheldrake and MAPS.org)

    For those that want to SLEEP, let them sleep… (just don’t get in our way while WE heal this Beautiful Earth – your IGNORANCE and APATHY has caused ENOUGH DAMAGE already!!!)

    May Peace Prevail on Earth

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ellen White in the Spirit of Prophecy writings tells how the corrupted U.S. will enforce sunday worship (mark of the beast,Ezekiel 20:12 ?) from protestant factions in congress(image of the beast ?). Soon after this starts the total economic ruin will occur, presumably for enforcing the blaspemous sunday worship on the sovereign people going against Gods original 4th commandment.
    Antichrist changed the 4th law of the decalogue to sunday in early centuries A.D.


    “We observe Sunday instead of Saturday because the Catholic Church transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday.” — Peter Geiermann, The Convert’s Catechism of Catholic Doctrine (1957 ed.), p. 50.

    “Sunday is our mark of authority … The church is above the Bible, and this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact.” — Catholic Record, September 1, 1923 (Ontario).”

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