Frankenstein Foods Now Called ‘High Tech Agriculture’.

Genetically Modified Organisms GMOs are getting a bad press. Surprise. Surprise.

They kill and sterilise animals and humans.

The only way to get around this minor inconvenience, according to Bill Gates, is not to withdraw the programme, but to change its name.

Bill Gates thinks the GMO/Monsanto industry should model itself on the pharmaceutical industry. Corruption of regulators. Hopelessly inadequate testing. Masses of unnecessary deaths. Brilliant idea, Bill. He wants more poison, more death and more sterilisation to promote his world depopulation campaign.

Listen to the self-confessed mass murderer being interviewed about why he never uses the term GMOs.

and see how the Gates family has been involved in population control for two generations –

from HETT

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4 Responses to “Frankenstein Foods Now Called ‘High Tech Agriculture’.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    We’ve been warned of hollow “DEAD” food.

    rotating crops was a wise farmers strategy.

    But GMA is despicable.

    But what could be worse a greedy capitalist company playing GOD sorry the “DEVIL” duping us all to buy what we would unguardedly consider “natures food”.

    If you believe that corn flakes were invented/discovered by monks it makes this most popular staple morning meal a total JOKE.

    Spiking vitamins with these GMA corn fillers & cancer causing nutra sweet & getting folk to part with & pay good hard earned & taxed money is a total PI*5take.

    Where the only positive effect is the placebo but totally undermined with GMA etc.

    “Toxic pills” 5h*t

    some would say this is the ultimate insult,
    “someone HAS got an agenda” & many are collaborating?

    GMO in the UK were called “Frankenstein foods”

    Rememeber:- gma food, genetically modified = “Frankenstein foods”

    At last a word that gave the kiss of death but those above with their plan are back with avengeance.

    They Do have a plan WHAT IS OURS?

    all we seem to be doing is batting back.

    So whats our plan?

    will we take our gift of the world back? For our children at least.



    the amount of foods that are polluted with corn GMA crops is STAGGERING.

    WE are ALL doomed

    Nature or man who would you trust?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard that if you let a load of rats mice squirrels etc etc free in the middle of a Genetically Modified Organisms GMOs GM,crop “FIELD” sorry high tec Agriculture’.

    Well if let free in the centre of this GM field. they actually look lost show absolutely no interest in the plastic crop around them eventually as they become aware of their hunger they scurry away to the neighbour “UNGMO” fields to feed. DUH what do they know?


    PS there was a story where the USA sent tons & tons of GMO foods to starving Africa which were sent right back!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bill Gates is EVIL

    does this make him clearer?


  4. Anonymous says:

    And what testing has been done on these Franken seeds in relation to the birds and insects? We are in very big trouble due to these scientific nazi’s. What shall we do to fight this unbelievable evil at every turn? Dear God please help the righteous people!

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