John Kettler. Chemtrails? ‘We’re Working On That.’

John Kettler offers hope.

TAP – I emailed John Kettler to ask him if his contacts with benign aliens who want an end to the New World Order (nothing ‘New’ about it. Call it the OWO) could offer any hope about stopping chemtrails. Here is his answer. I copied this from my emails so the correspondence takes place in reverse order, as follows –

John Kettler
9:21 AM (2 hours ago)

to me

Working on that!


From: The Tap Blog
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Hi John,

My blog is

I will disseminate stories from you that appeal to readers.

Thanks for your stuff. We need hope.

Can we stop chemtrailing?

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On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 8:43 PM, John Kettler wrote:
Greetings Tapestry:

I just wanted to say thanks for signing up to my Newsletter

TAP. I have decided to bring my son to live in Britain. We don’t want to be apart half of the time any longer. The chemtrails are highly toxic to babies and all earthly life forms, but at least we have hope of stopping them. There are benign forces in play, as well as the evil of the OWO. With this hope, I will bring Sean to live in England.

Sean writes –

I live in the scottish borders, 2mins along the lockerbie flight path, overhead is a literal motorway of aircraft heading to all points on the compass, it’s also a military fly zone so I do know virtually every type of aicraft from the private prop to the big transatlantics & military, as you say these craft are unmarked, they don’t fly on any of the usual routes & are sometimes what appears to be twice the height of any other craft, I think the reason we are hit is because of the 5+ big natural reservoirs that supply glasgow edinburgh south scotland & england with its water supply.

last years village horticultural show was devastated as people put it down to wet weather for not being able to grow anything, but some of these people specialise in growing certain types of veg. & have been doing for years. I even saw during the 2010 cold snap the fibres reflected in the sun, only one other person has realised what’s happening, I’ve know for a few years now but gave up taking pictures as there was no need in taking anymore.

Aliens are fabrications. The technology is real.

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21 Responses to “John Kettler. Chemtrails? ‘We’re Working On That.’”

  1. Tony_0pmoc says:


    I find it hard to believe, that you believe in such unmitigated bullshit, but if you do, then surely you shouldn’t be bringing your Son to live in Britain, but you should perhaps all move to Christchurch in New Zealand or even further south.

    I know from experience that the air in the Most Southern Maldives is extremely clean, because it hardly ever gets any pollution from India. However, it would be incredibly boring to live there all the time. New Zealand is probably not quite so good,but it will be much cleaner than the UK and it may escape much of the nuclear fallout in WWIII.

    The UK has got the busiest airspace in the World. I saw absolutely loads of contrails on Wednesday, yet sometimes there are none whatsoever, but that is merely down to atmospheric conditions commonly known as the weather. If the “elite” wanted to poison everyone, spraying chemicals in the air, would be the most inefficient way ever. The “elite” would also have to breath the same poison. The simplest way to do it, would be to pollute the water supply…A few tons of LSD in the Thames would send the entire SE of England totally nuts.

    Which brings me on to water fluoridisation. I have always been against this, and can well believe the studies I have seen which show that fluoride in water lowers IQ. Of course that will be dependent on the percentage of the fluoride used.

    Incidentally, (from memory) only around 13% of the UK’s population receives fluoride in water. It would be interesting to see, if there is any correlation to regional IQ. I happen to know which areas receive the question is without checking…which areas of the UK have the most stupid people? Provide a list of regional IQ levels (the data probably exists on some Government computer) and see if there is any correlation to fluoride levels. I actually think there may be.

    Note, I didn’t mention the Irish nor The Americans.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Tony, you sir are sn idiot, I live in New Zealand and I wouldnt advise anyone to move to Christchurch didn’t you hear the city has been destroyed by earthquakes, yes we have cleaner air but not as clean as one would imagine, we are not immune to the ptb, we have a greedy ex Goldman sacks priminister who is all too eager to kiss arse to America, the u.n or who ever else wants to control our small frail country. and as for the UK your just as screwed as America, p.s Tap don’t expect help from “e.t’s” lol that’s like praying to god…….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap I see operation mock is back to his old self, just when we thought he was back on side.
    Some people will just not believe their own eyes.
    For a start why would 16 planes go by in one half hour.
    Have you ever seen three planes flying abreast of each othe at the same altitude.
    I’m sure it is not allowed for aircraft to cross at 90 degrees, at the same altitude.
    What sort of evidence does the mocker require.

  4. Anonymous says:

    //Incidentally, (from memory) only around 13% of the UK’s population receives fluoride in water. It would be interesting to see, if there is any correlation to regional IQ. I happen to know which areas receive the question is without checking…which areas of the UK have the most stupid people? Provide a list of regional IQ levels (the data probably exists on some Government computer) and see if there is any correlation to fluoride levels. I actually think there may be.//

    I agree fluoride is dangerous to health.

    As for your study idea… remember fluoride is a sedative. The elite would have an incentive to specifically target unruly areas. These areas may already have low IQ scores before fluoridation poisoning commenced to calm them. You’d need to compare equivalent unruly areas with and without, and equivalent orderly regions with and without.

    Chelmsford, which recently gained city status, has fluoridated water and may be an interesting area. It is not unruly and has two successful grammar schools. The NWO under the labour government tried to close them down and failed. Fluoridating their water supply might have been the next move.

  5. Tony_0pmoc says:


    Most jet travel is international, and jets get refuelled at different airports all over the world. Some of these countries, are not actually yet under the control of the “world elite”. Doesn’t it strike you as a tad difficult, to get all these airports to put all this nasty stuff in their jet fuel?

    And why for God’s sake did they take lead out of petrol and bring in the clean air act to stop everyone burning coal to heat their homes? In Oldham where I grew up, all the birds were the same colour – sooty grey, and I had bronchitus which nearly killed me.

    Not all scientists are corrupt, and some of them regularly measure air quality, and yes it often full of all kinds of poisons, mainly from car exhausts.

    Marrakech was great 30 years ago, because most of the local traffic was on donkey. Whilst the place stunk of donkey shit, it was much nicer than it is now, that the main form of local traffic is very smoky moped.

    You can believe any shit you want, but by obsessing on stuff that is bollocks you are missing the really important stuff that is of great danger to us all.

    We are all being impoverished. The financial crash was deliberately planned. There is no shortage of energy, but it is going to be turned off. Genetically modified food will kill billions – read Seeds of Destruction. Most modern pharmaceuticals including vaccinations are deliberately designed to harm your immune system, and lead to your early death. Aspartame was initially banned, because it caused brain tumours in rats and it is very harmful to health. It was only legalused as a result of very powerful political and financial corruption from Rumsfeld, who also was in charge with Cheney and Bush re the events of 9/11.

    Now sure, I accept that there are some weather experiments going on and some spraying in some areas. But they have negligible effect on the vast majority of the human population.

    The climate has always changed and it always will. There is nothing we can do about it except adapt to its changes. We cannot control climate, except by letting off all the nuclear weapons which will probably kill us all before we freeze to death…

    I could go on about another dozen or so conspiracy theories that I think are true, but you will just mock me. So why should I bother?

    Is this a religious spiritual site or what? I can do that as well if you like, but I only believe in complete bollocks after about 10 pints of Speckled Hen (cheap in Sainsbury’s at the moment – if you but the bottled stuff). Drinking too much alcohol will kill you, so don’t drink any for at least 3 days a week.


  6. Tapestry says:

    Great comments pouring in today. Imaginations are running. I’m either nuts, or liable. Surely insanity precludes responsibility in the eyes of the law, or legal responsibility means I’m horribly sane. I’ll proceed on the basis that I believe myself to be sane. I don’t like breathing toxic metals, and I want to protect my children from breathing them too. Sorry if that creates a problem for anyone.

  7. Tony_0pmoc says:


    Personally I like a bit of heavy metal. They have got AC/DC on Planet Rock now – with the original vocalist – who I saw numerous times in the 70’s – the last time at Wembley Stadium in 1979 supporting The Who

    I don’t think you are anything like as mad, as me by the way.

    Your Son looks beauiful. Just like his Mum.


  8. Tony_0pmoc says:

    I would also like to say that despite the fact that Evil is currently in the ascendant, and the future does not look at all good, the situation is not hopeless.

    The vast majority of people are not evil, in fact they are really nice, though sometimes misunderstood.

    We can fight against evil and control it, but this will only work by non violent methods or we will become the evil which we are trying to control.

    Recently there have been some very brief glimpses of light in the dark of the tunnel.

    Until last year, I had never witnessed a street party. It wasn’t in our street.

    This year a girl, put a note through the letter boxes of every home in our avenue, asking if anyone fancied it….

    She was amazed at the response, and so was I.

    So we are having a street party this year and nearly everyone is coming and my wife is helping to organise it.

    And there was me thinking all the neighbours who we haven’t yet met are miserable bastards.

    They probably hate us cos for years we had noisy parties in our back garden every other Saturday night.

    No one is allowed to smoke in our house, they have to go outside.


  9. Tony_0pmoc says:

    Life repeats itself in the most obscure ways.

    Over 40 years ago, my other older brother said I think you will notice the difference…

    Our older brother had said a couple of years before when I was 15 years old….well if you can find all the bits and put it together and make it work, then you can have it…

    So I was legally riding my BSA250 C15 on my 16th Birthday…

    When I was 17, my other brother said try this. He bought a Triumph 650, and he had stripped it down, and rebored it, and put it back together…

    One of the Best Fucks I Have Ever Had With a Machine…

    Last week, my Computer which was STATE of The ART 4 years ago stopped working.

    Sure I could probably fix it myself, but why try with The Young MASTER in The House…

    So I nagged Him…Can You Please Fix My Computer…

    Tonight, after I had a Couple of Speckled Hens…He Said Dad…I think you might notice The Difference…..

    I said- Look I Never Drink and Drive…So stayed on my C15…I Don’t want to Crash The Thing


  10. Tony_0pmoc says:

    I think my son is trying to drag me back in….

    My Playroom has got hardware, computer, cables, cameras and some really strange stuff everywhere such that I hardly ever watch TV in High Definition….

    The Hall to Our House (which is Lovely and Old) has got a stack of old servers,waiting to be rebuilt and deployed probably for his American customers…

    His own bedroom is like a teenage wasteland, except that it too is like my Playroom. His double bed is of course clear of beautiful girls, last time I knocked. “Dad I am Busy”

    His Sister’s Bedroom – She is away at University – has got so much computer hardware in it, I can barely see her bed…

    But the top room of our house, which is quite large, and has its own toilet and bathroom, only has some of his hardware reasonably well hidden under the bed, which is useful when a large American Rockstar comes back to our house and stays the night with his erm wife…

    Whilst they break the bed, my sons hardware underneath stops them crashing to the floor.

    You see, I like Americans too.

    But Our Son is a Wizard.

    My Daughter phoned me up, and said She is Going To Surprise Mum on Mother’s Day – Don’t Tell Her.

    Now, I look at my life, which is pretty good, and I think of the kids in Libya and Afghanistan and Iraq who we have been bombing to hell, and I want to use the last ounce of my brain and willpower to stop us from doing this.

    I Want To Politely Ask and Trade on Fair Terms…

    You have got some stuff, that we want. We have got some stuff that you want.

    Lets shake hands and do a deal.

    I don’t want to steal.


  11. Tony_0pmoc says:

    The ultimate human revelation is that you don’t create anything truly original out of order. The New Ideas Flow From Chaos…

    You just need Order, and Discipline and Incredibly Hard Work To Turn The New Ideas Into Something That Works…

    My Wife and I watched Senna last night…

    She said This is About Motor Racing…

    I Didn’t Say would you like to watch a Girlie Movie Instead

    But My Wife Wants HER House Tidy From All This Boys Stuff…

    Yes but its nice having him around…

    She loves him to bits.

    Note, I never name the Christian names of my wife and son and daughter…

    Why is That???


    When It Happens, You Will Know That It Is YOU Who That Changed The World.

    YOU Did It By Trying


  12. Anonymous says:

    Oh oh train crash

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Operation mock has done a good job of spoilation on that thread.
    If only we could find a way to harness his energy.
    Obviously the man has no proper job, how could he find the time to write such long blogs.
    Anyway as long as he gets some enjoyment out of it, it may keep him away from the speckled hen.

  14. otter walks says:

    @ Tony_O -Part One… You did get me laughing, many posts since this started, oh and 3 hours sleep. Good positive dialogue aiding in the dissolution of the Global Cartel…
    We are one big industrial waste dump. ( Much has transpired in posts by now…)
    Prefacing the last statement first and regressing there after… Regarding T’s 1st post. The use of any water save moderate use of laboratory distilled H2O or the generic common use of filtered, “Pure” water, free from anything beyond H20… Silver has long been used for purification, the right filters have silver, and keep a bar in your H2O dispenser. Use glass, here despite number 1’s alleged absence of BPA, how can you trust Corporate motives? Especially when the plan is to kill all of life…
    As of this time, there are now twelve comments, this started after number one…

    That being said, may your statements be addressed?

    There are different Types of fluoride. In Fluoride, Utah folks have had little use for dentists. That may not still hold true, My experience is from the past and hence is again unborn, and without my current research. ( Just don’t have the time to research every last thing. ) Given where they are located on the “Fracking” map their situation may have changed…
    ( Halliburton and Dyncorp’s,… “Darpa”- NWO front agenda driven by Dick “The Zombie ” Cheney…
    I do see that continual exposure to the industrial wastes being used are without a doubt, a catalyst causing the boom in osteoporosis. It is a given that Sodium Fluoride makes teeth brittle at the least…
    An analogy: Iodine recommended for ingestion when radioactive contaminants are at issue would seem contraindicated. The fact that hypothyroidism manifesting due to Iodine ( 131 ) to most seems contrary;should they think. ( ? )
    Point here is two different Iodine’s… ( Being where you are you likely knew of “Yellow Cake” before the U.S. Puppet Mouth Piece ever used the word or disseminated any issues save terrorism…
    You wrote “contrails” I presume you mean chemtrails? Vast difference, for you new readers…

    YES! Very true “The Elite” ( At least “Elite” in their handicapped minds. )
    are in public, at least, eating and drinking the same poisons.
    Do you think the mentality of the “Elite” is one of survival? They are GODS and the endgame is oblivion! God equals immortality. Aside from debauchery and pedophilia, what is left? Thirty years of food in “DUMBS” will not cover the potential for the rise of a “New Eden”.
    The elite infighting is right in front of all, you need just look. They are extremely simple minded.
    Power grabbing ending in each others deaths. Deaths essential in becoming “GOD”! ( Visionless existence in this realm!!! )
    One need acquire more than all earth powers… Energy is infinite; as such the finite can not exist! Simple proof of this agreed upon illusion… Layers of life missed…
    Do you feel the elite have a clue? With their Geo-engineering? The false force feeding of global warming, eugenics distraction program. Ex.…/Read-All-About-it-Al-Gores-melting-Anta..
    Problem for them is Earth is stone and living. “Stone/rock speak” either cataclysmically or transcendentally. Though stone masons know the speed of stone and hear them… As do the Steward’s of Earth, the all encompassing hybrid tribalism… Has accessed the slow stone language.

    Psychotropics would be a better teacher than the
    Slime Oozing out of the Puppet Mouth Media most all believe… Time to Awaken!!!
    As to southern hemisphere air. It may be better, I hope it is. This must be tempered by facts… Continued…


  15. otter walks says:

    Part 2… Exposure to open air nuclear testing, abuse of industry; including mining’s production of toxic waste from the lack of over site. Power usage of numerous types, farm raised fish killing the water’s natural power by oxygen depravation pollution… Giving rise to creation of environments ripe for the growth of what we see as microorganisms; viral, bacterial, prion forms visible to humanity, yet not thereof.
    I can go on but, it’s time again to say to All… Read between the lines, do the research! It’s easy, enter anything in a search engine for your own edification.
    Last; this life for me has been multi dimensional in experience. I Knew “String Theorem” through this existence prior to it’s publicized format.
    Being pronounced clinically dead three days running after the bio-warfare release of spinal meningitis in 1955… That is, the pronounced absence of life for 19, 23, and 21 minutes. Three days running it was the means for meeting in timelessness with the Seraphim…
    And then following the thread back to incarnation having been told that this life was by My choice. I did not have to go back, as life eternal was what I left behind. Yet, it awaited my return and I knew that… I had made the choice to serve a purpose… Healing on all levels and with all available expedient resources… ( Ask if you are in need. ) continued…

  16. otter walks says:

    Part 3… Nature from the lowest, to on-high “God in The Beyond”: God’s, God’s, God,… Forever… Speak to and through this perception of life…
    We exist that “That Which Is” may know of “Itself”…
    The Eastern Philosophies and that of 1st Nation have between them an artwork that closely renders the ultra-pure.
    See… Andrea Pozzo’s “Entrance of Saint Ignatius into Paradise”… 1691-1694… ( Yes, I know Ignatius-founded the Jesuit Order in 1534…)
    I have returned two other times, been shot with six through and through bodily points. As well as physiological over load of “Medicine” by accident, always to come back… The Longhouse holds many and becomes as one. I have healed and been healed…
    Belief is a presumption or sentiment inherent with B.S. … Where is the existential? The experiential quantitative polyglot? In belief of belief lies deceit.
    I can’t tell you how many ultra/multi-verse entities I have been with or seen in vision quests. I can say that on two occasions one or more anglos were present and saw the same “Beings”. Though their given descriptions varied by approximately 25% from the entities I fought off, having told my travelers don’t look at them!!!
    If you see Wraiths, 12th dimensional entities, The Woman in White, The Ghost Woman, The Grim Reaper, or Deities such as “The Great Black One, or Speak with the messengers which appear within nature, you are not seeing vestiges created by your mind… Remember St. Francis of Assisi… Familiars may come as one; or individually from this or other worldly realms, as a wave the eastern mystics call the Avatar.
    Having encountered five different type entities, seen in this gross plane.
    Either you are seeing them through heightened sensitivity, their hubris, carelessness, or dharma plus space/time destined appointment you are ready to hear. Not unlike Knowingly comprehending the speaking in tongues or more gross plane linguistics…
    If you do not, you may be in danger or miss a telling that is being bestowed upon you through Grace. ( For lack of a Native translation. )
    The U.K. sounds like it is getting constant dispersal of toxic wastes. These “children” ( Elites given their own very sick, sad minds. ) that have brought forth these programs are saturating the atmosphere as a
    foundational permeation or assemblage of raw materials for further, future, tests.
    With the delusions of those that think they are elite, comes souls
    that inordinately lack the essence of involution… We create their one trick pony, boogie man/trickster, psychotic, sociopathic passion play.
    Using Humanity as their subjects. A lower form to dispense with.
    This belief an attempt to negate “Their” Fears of life as immortality is
    only extent in a realm of which they have no comprehension…
    Every positive inkling in time erodes the space “They” think is absolute
    and controlled by “Them”…
    The NWO is handicapped by their lack of “True Vision”; “in such
    unmitigated Bull Shit”.
    Survive-All… Awareness is Preparedness…

  17. Anonymous says:

    So to conclude chemtrails are completely bollocks, ok so I don’t have to be worried that the blue sky under Southern Portugal turns blue to milky in a matter of hours due to what people believe are condensation trails? WTF I don’t know what are in those trails but pretty sure it ain’t just f***** water.

  18. Tapestry says:

    Real life has intervened sending blogging down the list of priorities.
    I hope to get back to regular posting soon.

  19. Anonymous says:


    There aren’t many good role models for young girls. I think Jessica Schab could be one. Has an impressive mind and is super-model attractive.

    The main thing I think she gets across in the interview is a very positive attitude and her brightness of being. It’s an excitable girly interview but she drops in ideas seemlessly – quoting Einstein, experiences with Pleidians, references to angels, DNA, Jesus, Buddha… great stuff.

    I would prefer the interviewer to be more challenging, exploring her ideas in a focussed way. But you have to understand – sorry to be sexist – this is aimed at a female audience. It’s very friendly, emotional and love orientated – not that there is anything wrong with that!

    She speaks fast, in un-subtitled Canadian.

    Jessica was also interviewed by Project Camelot, also worth watching. At 26 she was probably the youngest they have interviewed. Again, her ideas could be more focussed but it’s still fascinating.

  20. cave cave dues videt says:

    ET’s = no such thing

    ED’s = very real, very dangerous.

    BTW, Pleidians…angels…’Jesus’,
    ‘Buddha’… these are things are known as ‘ascendant masters’, they are not ET’s, they are ED’s, extra dimensional entities.

    I’m pleased that John Cuttler has finally admitted that these are ED’s and not living creatures from other planets, somewhere else in the universe. Governments & military have been in contacting these things for decades. They are closely linked to planet earth and human beings. They have always been with us, but exist where we cannot see them; they have ability to influence humans and sometimes can even take people over completely, in some extreme cases.

    They are the demons of old, as described in The Bible. Do not fool yourself that they are anything else. Examine the evidence carefully and objectively, you will see that this conclusion is correct. Have a look at these documentaries:


    Interview with Russ Dizdar:

    Also, have a look at the books of Jaques Vallee. He worked at MIT in 1960’s. He was an atheist but concluded that these things were demons, as did John Mack, another highly respected academic.

    Do not be deceived.

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