Aerosol Crimes. Children Unable To Breathe Properly In London.

This lady’s niece was ambulanced into hospital with severe breathing difficulties. The medic told her that it was the fifth child he’d taken in with the same complaint that morning. ‘It’s the stuff they’re chucking down on us,’ her sister volunteered, to which he replied that he had noticed the link between the outbreak of breathing trouble in kids with heavy chemtrailing days.

She’s asking for whistleblowers to come forwards, doctors, pilots who are chemtrailing and any others who can help get the information out there as to what is going on.

Here’s a whistleblower, Clifford Carnecom, who knows what chemtrails are being used for.

He’s collected chemtrails and analysed their contents. He’s worked out their effects. He calls it geo-engineering and bio-engineering. The elites claim they are cooling down the planet, but it’s not right, they say, that ordinary people understand or are told what is going on. Some of the contents of the aerosols being sprayed are biological, and non-metallic (including DNA).

He says that he doesn’t agree the planet is being cooled by the aerosols. If anything it is being heated up.

One aim of the sprays could be military.

Another could be electrical, to facilitate other technologies (TAP – like HAARP)

Another possible aim is biological operations.

Geo-physical operations.

Surveillance systems.

Detection of UFOs.

The USAF is lying about what is going on, which bothers Clifford. This is an injustice being committed on the citizens of this planet.

This is a global covert operation. If particulates are sprayed (in suspension), they will eventually reach a global equilibrium. It is not a place that has been altered but the whole atmosphere has been affected. The spraying is now only a maintenance operation, maintaining the levels of concentration. The spraying will have spread the particulates worldwide by now.

Our atmosphere is highly fragile. Three quarters of our atmosphere is contained in the bottom seven miles. He believes the whole planet has been changed.

The key aim of all the objectives he’s identified is control. Chemtrails are a way to control humanity. Ultimate control is control of everything about you and your environment. That is the driving force behind the programme…energy, genetic evolution and all other aspects of life.

The discussion goes on to the topic of crimes against humanity, crimes against the environment. Clifford’s site is called ‘aerosol crimes’.

There is no legal case being brought anywhere in the world about aerosol crimes. The issue is not being dealt with sincerity and importance.

Where the official organs have not moved in this case of ‘war’ crimes, citizens can form tribunals of conscience. This happened during the Vietnam War, during the Iraq war. Has there been a tribunal of conscience? No.

Could such a movement develop? It is essential and overdue. It is sorely needed.

Is there any epidemiological data at this point? There is nothing systematic, nothing on an authoritative level. There is evidence from grassroots only.

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

19 Responses to “Aerosol Crimes. Children Unable To Breathe Properly In London.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t the Queen live in London? So are they trying to get rid of the head of the “elite” then?

  2. Anthonia says:

    It’s important that you own a small backup generator for you home. Why? Because disasters happen. Whether it’s just a simple blown transformer and your block

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Heavy chemtrails over Doncaster again this morning.
    The trails fanned out and went invisible, suspect there was not enough moisture to make them visible.
    The contents will still be up there, will see tomorrow what happens.
    Interesting video.
    I am speaking to more and more people who are weezing when they talk. That’s one of the symptoms.
    All we want to know is WHY.

  4. Tapestry says:

    People who stay indoors as the military do on heavy chemtrailing days (bloody cowards basically as we know , who all obey orders without engaging their tiny little brains) don’t get the full effects. Little kids running around outside in playgrounds get fully poisoned, and not Her majesty, of course, who will be advised when it is safe for her royal personage to go outside. Next time you see a member of the royal family, remember to spit your chemtrail mucus in their direction.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Surely the “Royal Personage” has to eat food that has been affected by chem-trails?

  6. Tapestry says:

    Let’s hope so. Maybe Reptilians thrive when they eat food adulterated with aluminium dioxide, barium, uranium and strontium. Mere humans do not do so. In all probability their food is carefully grown underground using hydroponics. Elites would not consider consuming the poisons they use to cull the herd. They’re all Rothschilds, for goodness sake, with Queen VIctoria, the common ancestor of the quuen and duke of edinburgh, being the daughter of nathan mayer rothschild.

    Diana, a renegade rothschild (murdered), was the daughter of Sir james Goldsmith, a renegade rothschild (murdered). William’s got ‘rothschild’ written through his bones like Blackpool on a stick of rock, inherited on all sides. Harry’s a renegade rothschild diluted other inheritance (Hewitt), and willing to follow his mother’s lead. We might be prepared to give him a try. If he’s bothered by land mines killing and maiming hundreds every year, he should start up on criminal aerosol spraying, which is poisoning and killing billions.

  7. otter walks says:

    @ Tap , Sorry to be redundant. What once where children, in areas I pass, are now grown. Many have children with issues. Not one of those I knew as five year olds hasn’t said to me, unsolicited, that they have asthma. These are twenty to thirty year olds many with ill children given flawed diagnosis, then treated with expensive Big Pharma Drugs which fail. More tests that are irrelevant regarding the true causation are ordered… This Big Pharma. Mafia our Doctor’s use for corporate and personal gain. This is where I ask; do you SEE the foment? Even if it is a single aspect of the NWO/OWO start to finish scheme? It is troubling that the BETA testing has taken the genocide system used on 1st Nation Human Beings, added it to the numerous potentialities to again use for control of the populace. (As to end us.) From the recent history of Hitler (An extremely minor Rockefeller player with only six million deemed genetically weak, dead.) Be it Mao, Stalin’s-“Stasis”, Pol Pot, Idi Ami, with their shorter and shorter power grabs their eugenics systems continue to fail. (Much more to relate on this… Dates…, I.G. Farben & Standard oil, now “Exxon” & Rockefeller’s Nazi Eugenics Federation.)
    “We” continue to dance to Awaken and end this insidious global insanity.
    It is sad that this aspect has begun to be so frequently experienced by U.K. children. However, they are not alone and the toxic set up is not fully system wide for further U.K. experimentation. The U.S. is well in advance of the blending of raw materials with ongoing research formulation.
    “Aerosol War Crimes” is a piece of the picture…
    It is yet another tool, with every person that begins to feel life’s compromise on a genetic level brings a positive adjunct, helping to over power the “unelite”.
    The industrial corporate complex is creating a whole new weapon system being refined and tested in ways beyond this formats capability to elucidate.
    Time after time the rise and fall of Tyranny researches failures and refines new potentials. They are tested and results recorded. The distorted inbreed nature of these psychopathically, sociological delusional “unelite” at the helm demands a prescription of Universal Mind.
    Survive-All… P.S. TAP, has Google censored my attempts to contact?

  8. Anonymous says:

    As Harry is a renegade is he being fed this special underground hydroponics food or does he just make do with Harrods food hall?
    Do they also make sure Harry goes outside without a hat on when they chem-spray?

  9. Tapestry says:

    I’ve seen messages , Otter Walks. Can you boil your message down to three sentences?

    As for Harry eating hydroponics, let’s remember that the elites are satanists with their souls sold to The Devil. Did they really expect the Devil would save them once they annihilate everyone else? Royalty will suck on the same poisons as the rest of us, as will Bush, Kissinger, the lot.

    Planet Earth will also be sentenced to death.

    Mutually Assured Destruction is taking place.

  10. otter walks says:

    TAP, Sorry; it is only 25% of the original. At least you read it. That’s one more person…

  11. Ria says:

    Hi Tap, It is ilegal in the UK to assist a loved one to leave this world so we have to watch them die in agony, yet the ones who say it is ilegal are the ones who are killing us all. Just cannot get my head around that.

  12. Anonymous says:

    These problems are more likely side-effects of vaccination not chemtrails. The problems in London on clear/contrail days could be pollution due to stagnant air under a high-pressure weather system.

    So not convinced yet of “chemtrails” at all that is, unmarked planes flying around spraying clouds of chemicals. David Wilcock doesn’t believe there is currently any such programme, at least nothing systematic.

    Here’s something you can do. Go to flightradar24. You can watch the planes as they fly overhead laying contrails and identify them – by name and flight number. I think this will dispel the idea these are unmarked planes carrying tanks full of chemicals.

    Now, modern engines and fuel probably affect contrail formation and may deposit some chemicals in the atmosphere. This though is not the same thing as flying chemical tankers, which Tap claims is happening.

    – Me.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Me – Have you , or anyone else , actually tried to track all the ‘ chemtrailing ‘ planes ? Also , how credible is the site ?

    Tap – seems that we are not even agreed that chemtrails exist ? Nevermind their purpose ? Blaming commercial airlines – and colluding pilots seems extraordinary – too unbelievable ?

    I havent heard anything more on the Lord James financial fraud -the supposed high level arrests of two weeks ago …

    Maybe it will be quiet until the war starts – then they will have plenty of good days to get bad news out …


  14. Anonymous says:

    //Me – Have you , or anyone else , actually tried to track all the ‘ chemtrailing ‘ planes ? Also , how credible is the site ?//

    I looked out the window and saw an Air India plane about 20,000 feet. They said it was one too.

    I’ve not tried to track them yet as it’s only the last few days I’ve thought about it.

    BTW today the planes left very short contrails whereas on Sunday the trails were persistent.

    I suspect the difference might be humidity of the relevant level of the atmosphere so I’m also going to track Skew-T charts for London region. These show the level of humidity.

    Why should the plane tracking site lie? It’s just my idea right now to use it. Also, there are probably mad plane spotters out there that check everything with a passion. They’ll notice if it is wrong.

    I’m not convinced about the chemtrails theory as posed.

    – Me

  15. otter walks says:

    Yes, “The Blog is showing it’s changes…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Another thing I have noticed is there is a blip in the trail as the chemical pumps are turned on.
    About 300yards into the trail there is blip where the new chemicals are picked up by the fluid pump.
    This also proves they only spray certain areas.
    If your readers just look at other sites, there is plenty of evidence of chemtrailing all over the world.

  17. Thank you so much for posting my video onto your Blog Tap. I am getting some good responces, and loads of messages of messages of encouragement.

    Thanks again, from
    Jackie Noise.

  18. Tapestry says:

    Jackie, why call chemtrails chemtrails? They need a heavier title which passes over to the hearer something of the enormity of what is being done. How about using the phrase from the blogpost –

    aerosol crimes

    we’re looking for criminals here.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Just looked at one of Jackie’s videos and the blip in the trail is clearly seen when the pumps are turned on.

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