Are The London Olympics Going To Be An Illuminati Event?

Bart Simpson foretelling 911

This comment came in.

Hi Tap, The Gymnastics team should look upon this as a good omen, they should be far away if they had sense.

The Lord Mayor of London John Stuttard said the Games were in keeping with the Zion theme.
Remember the information was on Spooks code 9, and Tom Cains effort.

Even the Moslems know it will be blamed on them, just like 9-11 and 7-7.

I first thought, oh no, not another prediction of terror, which will pass by in the calendar like all the others. Then I had the thought as to what was the terror alert all about last year from the German lawyer, that the Berlin stadium was to be targeted during the women’s World Cup Final in Berlin.

There was so much deliberate deception being put out to fool ‘conspiracy theorists’ into believing that Berlin was going to be the target of terrorists, with an episode of the Simpsons picturing the demolition of a stadium similar to Berlin by a nuclear weapon. Similar methods were used to flag up 911 in New York in advance of the event, if only people had been alert to the Illuminati signals.

Then, of course, in the case of Berlin, nothing happened.

The comment above suggests Illuminati signals are starting to happen as regards the London Olympics. I haven’t examined these at all. Maybe other readers have, or the commenter can expand on the ones he’s seen or heard of.

If you were going to do a False Flag at the London Olympics, you would, given the likely attention of the conspiracy community or truth movement, probably give some other false, false flag alerts for similar events beforehand to confuse the conspiracy community into silence. The Berlin game which looked very convincing at the time, could have been one such.

You might also recall that the day after London won the Olympics in July 2005, London was bombed with the 7/7 false flag – the Tube bombing. That sequence of events had Illuminati signature.

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3 Responses to “Are The London Olympics Going To Be An Illuminati Event?”

  1. Zheng Yong says:

    HI Tap,

    This reminds me of ELENIN, where the movie, Deep Impact was said to be predictive programming.

    In the end, ELENIN was just a comet, a harmless one. Perhaps, what Rik Clay said was true. Maybe there will be a FAKE ALIEN invasion, which will be presented as a False Flag.

    Maybe Project Blue Beam will be used.

    Thank You.

  2. Julia says:

    There is also a possibility that we influence the future by preempting it. If too many truth researchers, conspiracy theorists, whatever you want to call us, point something out that will happen, then they can hardly go ahead with it can they? If they go ahead, the conspiracy theorists stop being theorists. Then the truth is out. So we may lose credibility by something not happening that we say will happen, but maybe we have also averted a catastrophe.

    There is also another possibility, that if you think too much about something, it attracts it in, whether good or bad. So hoping that your prediction of disaster will come true in order to validate ourself is not a good idea.

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