Alex Jones Exposed. Gregory Pitchford Was Right.

Gregory Pitchford tried to expose goings-on at Abu Ghraib Jail in Iraq to the Alex Jones Show. He was immediately hit with a ‘ton of bricks‘. Here is the more confirmation that Alex Jones is being used as an intelligence resource for One World Government.

Alex Jones Exposed As Possible STRATFOR Double Agent… Canceled Speaking Tour… (Is This Really True?… You Decide)
Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sun, 03/11/2012 – 9:12pm.

Alex Jones cancels American speaking tour after revelations that he may be working for Israeli intelligence agency STRATFOR!

On February 12, 2012, David Chase Taylor of broke the story that Alex Jones was likely an intelligence tool for STRATFOR, a private Zionist intelligence agency located in Austin, Texas.

As detailed in the original article (see below), STRATFOR admits to being an intelligence gathering center and therefore it stands to reason that Alex Jones and his affiliates of Inforwars and PrisonPlanet have likely been gathering intelligence, data and info on patriotic Americans since 1996, coincidently the exact same year that STRATFOR was founded.

“You don’t know who’s good or bad until you get to that crisis point.” ~ Alex Jones, October 14, 2011

Just three days after Taylor’s original article entitled “Is Alex Jones A STRATFOR Double Agent?” was published, Alex Jones abruptly canceled his nationwide speaking tour without a reason except that “the collapse is so imminent”. Jones went on to attack the links between himself and STRATFOR by stating that he started his radio broadcast in 1995 and that was indeed self-made.

On the February 15, 2012, edition of the Alex Jones Show, Jones stated that HE WILL attend the first two scheduled speaking tour dates in Dallas, Texas, on Sunday, February 19, 2012 (7:00 PM) and in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, February 26, 2012 (7:00 PM), but that HE WILL NOT be traveling and speaking throughout America as previously planned.

Clearly Jones has been made as a traitorous spy and is running scared. Revelation of Jones’ ties to Israeli intelligence should come as no surprise since Jones has not and will not reveal the true Zionist control of America.


The Bogus Infowars News Story …

On February 29, 2012, the exact same day the story regarding Jones and STRATFOR became and internet sensation, Alex Jones and Infowars released a new news story, with the words “STRATFOR” and “Israel” in the title of the story.

The only problem with the Infowars story was that it was old news from November 13, 2011, packaged as new news for February 29, 2012.

The bogus Infowars news article was a calculated move by Alex Jones and his Infowars crew to muddy the waters in regards to the information linking Jones to STRATFOR. By creating a bogus news story with two key search terms in the headline, people searching online for information regarding Jones and STRATFOR would be led astray.

The bogus story by Infowars is now being carried by hundreds if not thousands of alternative news websites. Although the pathetic attempt by Jones did not work, as evidenced by the 3,000 plus websites currently carrying the Jones STRATFOR story, the fact that Alex Jones and Infowars published a bogus story shows they are in fact trying to block the story.

If the allegations linking Jones to STRATFOR were not true, why would they try to cover it up?


Is Alex Jones A STRATFOR Double Agent?”…

February 12, 2012

Now that Alex Jones has been exposed as a potential STRATFOR intelligence operative, his upcoming speaking tour may provide security challenges for the Shin Bet security team that is likely responsible for keeping him safe.

Alex Jones of and has long been accused of being many things; namely: a CIA agent, a Mossad agent, or a Jesuit priest. While his true identity and political allegiance has been secret for many years, his time as the defunct leader of the 9/11 Truth movement is about to come to an end.

Based on the following evidence, Alex Jones is likely a STRATFOR (Strategic Forecasting, Inc.) double intelligence agent. This conclusion is based on the following data and research which should leave little doubt that Alex Jones has been built up over the last decade to prematurely ejaculate the 2nd American Revolution, disrupt genuine political movements, and gather intelligence on American citizens.

End Game
Alex Jones’ film “End Game” appears to be the cover for Operation Endgame, a “2003-2012 plan under implementation by the Office of Detention and Removal Operations of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain and deport all removable aliens and “suspected terrorists” currently living in the United States by 2012″. Based on f0llowing evidence and behavior history of Jones, it is highly likely that he is part of this operation.

Austin, Texas...
The city of Austin is the capital of Texas and home to both STRATFOR and Alex Jones. The city also boasts other political intelligence operatives; namely: Karl Rove, top Republican Strategist, Steven Jackson, founder of the Illuminati card game, Jehmu Green, founder of Rock the Vote, and Silona Bonewald, founder of the League of Technical Voters. Austin is located only 199 miles away from Lake Jackson, Texas, which is home to U.S. Congressman and 2012 U.S. Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Needless to say, Austin represents a majority of the Republican/Right Wing power structure in America.

Founded in 1996...
A global intelligence company, Strategic Forecasting, Inc., also known as STRATFOR, was founded in 1996 in Austin, Texas, by George Friedman. Alex Jones’ career was also founded in 1996 when he began his radio career with a public-access television cable TV program, but was quickly promoted and hired on at KJFK in Austin hosting a show entitled “The Final Edition”.

Apples & Oranges?…
Prior to STRATFOR’s alleged hacking incident on December 24, 2011, the following data and information was present on the STRATFOR website. When compared, there is little doubt that STRATFOR and Alex Jones’ Infowars and PrisonPlanet are indeed one and the same:

The Apples
STRATFORE WEBITE: “STRATFOR’s global team of intelligence professionals provides an audience of decision-makers and sophisticated news consumers in the U.S. and around the world with unique insights into political, economic, and military developments.

The company uses human intelligence and other sources combined with powerful analysis based on geopolitics to produce penetrating explanations of world events.

This independent, non-ideological content enables users not only to better understand international events, but also to reduce risks and identify opportunities in every region of the globe.

The company delivers content daily on its Web site, in videos, e-mails and books, and an iPhone app.”

STRATFOR WEBITE: STRATFOR delivers critical intelligence and perspective through:

Situation Reports: Snapshots of global breaking news

Analysis: Daily reports that assess key world events and their significance

Quarterly & Annual Forecasts: Rigorous predictions of what will happen next

Multimedia: Engaging videos and information-rich interactive maps

Intelligence Guidance: Internal memos that guide STRATFOR staff in their intelligence-gathering operations in the immediate days ahead

Currently STRATFOR’s products are oriented around individual subscriptions, of which the “Premium” product is the most comprehensive in content offered. Some of STRATFOR’s work remains available free to the public.

STRATFOR has some products available to the public including private briefings, corporate memberships, a publishing business that includes written and multimedia analysis and an iPhone application.

The Oranges
Alex Jones and his team of reporters, writers, and producers routinely schedule, host and quote former and current intelligence officials such as Dr. Steve Pechenik (DOD), Wayne Madsen (NSA), Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer (Senior Fellow at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies), David MacMichael (CIA), Ray McGovern (CIA), and James Wesley Rawles (ARMY Intelligence) just to name a few.

These intelligence operatives provide Alex Jones’ listeners with unique insights into political, economic, and military developments.

Alex Jones and Infowars use live reporting, websites, podcasts, video streams, videos, books, iPhone applications and a host of other media to attempt to explain and make understood world events.

Alex Jones & Infowars delivers critical intelligence and perspective through:

Situation Reports: Snapshots of global breaking news (Nationwide Reporting- Nightly News)

Analysis: Daily reports that assess key world events and their significance (Daily Radio Show)

Forecasts: Rigorous predictions of what will happen next (Forecasting – Gerald Celente)

Multimedia: Engaging videos and information-rich interactive maps (Movies, Videos, Websites)

Intelligence Guidance: (Internal memos likely guide INFOWARS staff in their intelligence-gathering operations as they database addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses)

Alex Jones’ main product is merchandise in the way of DVD’s, books, stickers and clothing, but customers can obtain the “premium” Prison Planet TV membership which allows unfettered access to all of Alex Jones’ films, interviews and broadcasts in high quality. Alex Jones’ daily radio show, website and iPhone application remain free to the public.

People in High Places
According to STRATFOR, the company’s publicity list includes Fortune 500 companies and international government agencies, although their client list is allegedly confidential.

Like STRATFOR, Alex Jones’ publicity list includes celebs like Charlie Sheen, Willie Nelson, Jesse Ventura and Joe Rogan, as well as a number of other “elite” individuals within government, intelligence, Hollywood, and the corporate world.

How and why Jones is so deeply connected to the “elite” despite being a “conspiracy theorist” is a mystery and quite baffling unless he is indeed part of an intelligence network.

9/11 Predictions

In the days before and on 9/11, both STRATFOR and Alex Jones were making predictions about what was going to happen and who would be allegedly responsible.

According to Wikipedia, STRATFOR has a connection to the 9/11 attacks: “At the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks, STRATFOR made its “breaking news” paragraphs, as well as some notable analyses predicting likely actions to be taken by al-Qaeda and the Bush administration, available freely to the public.

According to Alex Jones himself, he predicted 9/11 and the Anthrax attacks that followed. Jones’ information and insight is also free to the public. Clearly, there is some sort of an intelligence connection at play.

STRATFOR, a Zionist intelligence operation, obviously knew of the impending 9/11 attacks which were carried out by the Israeli Mossad. Jones job has been to make 9/11 an “Inside Job”, thus putting the blame squarely on the American government and it’s people rather than the Israeli Mossad where it belongs.

Jones’s numerous and baseless terror predictions such as an impending bioterror attack is likely coming from STRATFOR and the Mossad intelligence networks.

STRATFOR was founded by Dr. George Friedman, an admitted Zionist. In an interview, Friedman was asked the following: “Does being Jewish affect the way you view the world, I begin. “Being Jewish keeps things in perspective,” he says, smiling. “We lost two temples.”

Alex Jones’ repeated denials and lies in regards to Zionism clearly indicate that he is a Zionist tool. Aside being married to an Israeli, Jones has purposely lied and deceived his audience about the real Zionist threat to America.

Clearly Alex Jones and his likely employer STRATFOR have ulterior and devious motives when it comes to the 9/11 Truth movement and the future of America.

Exposing Jones and his partners in crime is the first step towards getting a real and independent investigation into 9/11 and saving America from is rapid free-fall.

Alex Jones previously attempted to bait the American public into a full-blown riot on the eve of Y2K (December 31, 1999) by repeatedly stating that the Russians had nuked the United States.

Jones’ traitorous actions were to be repeated on February 6, 2011, when a thermonuclear weapon was to be detonated at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas.

David Chase Taylor’s free ebook entitled The Nuclear Bible was published 10 days prior on January 28, 2011, in an attempt to stop the impending false-flag nuclear attack.

Overwhelming direct and circumstantial evidence has now surfaced in the aftermath of the failed Super Bowl plot which unequivocally shows that Taylor’s actions did indeed stop, or at least postpone, a Zionist nuclear terror attack upon America.

Jones was set to blame the U.S. government in the aftermath of the attack in a calculated attempt to goat Americans into an armed response, despite the fact that Pakistan has been set up over the last 25 years as the scapegoat of nuclear terror.

Humanity, namely America, is waking up. Had a nuke gone off in Texas that Sunday night, riots, martial law, and an armed revolution would have likely ensued. Alex Jones’ job is to make sure that happens.

We are in an information war. While 90% of what Alex Jones says is true, it’s the 10% he is omitting that is going to end up damning America.

Exposing the one and only Alex Jones as a potential STRATFOR double agent is paramount and the first step into exposing the truth behind the truth movement.

Please do your part. Namaste.


The following is an excerpt from an article entitled “McStrategy”:

How would you like to tap into an exclusive private intelligence service staffed by ex-CIA analysts who glean exclusive information from shadowy sources, cross-grid raw intel to detect relevant patterns, and alert you by email when the product requires your attention?

Welcome to Stratfor, the brainchild of George Friedman, a Texas academic and sometime U.S. government consultant, who became an intelligence entrepreneur and runs what the press routinely calls “a private CIA” out of an office building in downtown Austin.

Friedman’s private CIA, for that matter, isn’t much different from the official version.

The comparisons of Stratfor with the CIA are not entirely off-base. By main force and superior salesmanship, George Friedman has managed to replicate the key features of the intelligence establishment on a private footing.

Prior to STRATFOR’s alleged hacking incident on December 24, 2011, the following FAQ data and information was present on the STRATFOR website:

What is STRATFOR’s political orientation?…

STRATFOR is rigorously non-partisan and non-ideological. We are privately-owned, not affiliated with any government or non-governmental agency. We are an objective intelligence service, providing information about what has happened or will happen, not what should happen. We make no policy prescriptions or advocacy statements.

What’s the difference between “news” and “intelligence”?…

News is a commodity that you can get anywhere on the Internet. Intelligence today is what’s going to be news tomorrow.

STRATFOR provides three types of intelligence products:

Situational Awareness – Situational Awareness is knowing what matters, and an intelligence professional’s responsibility – STRATFOR’s responsibility – is to keep you apprised of what matters without wasting your time with clutter.

We provide near real-time developments from street revolutionary movements and military invasions. OJ’s latest arrest and mudslinging in Washington and Brussels don’t make the cut.

Analyses – STRATFOR tells its Members what events in the world actually mean. We also tell you when events are much ado about nothing. Oftentimes the seemingly momentous is geopolitically irrelevant and vice versa. We discern what’s important objectively – without ideology, a partisan agenda, or a policy prescription.

Forecasts – Knowing what happened yesterday is helpful; knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow is critical. STRATFOR’s intelligence team makes definitive calls about what’s next. These aren’t opinions about what should happen; they’re analytically rigorous predictions of what will happen.

TAP – We ran a story from Gregory Pitchford attacking Alex Jones in February 12th 2012, and our numbers on beforeitsnews fell instantly from 250,000 a month to nearer to 20,000, with no stories allowed to reach the Top Ten since. It was as if we hit a raw nerve.

David Chase Taylor – February 16, 2012 – TrutherNews

About the Author: David Chase Taylor is an American journalist, researcher, writer, teacher, media analyst and peace activist. He is the editor in chief of, a false-flag and state-sponsored terror whistleblower website which serves as a conduit for worldwide peace related news and information.

Truther’s motto is “Peace by Revelation”, with the stated purpose of obtaining world peace though non-violent pro-active peace action.

UPDATEThe Future Staged Assassination Of Alex Jones

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

7 Responses to “Alex Jones Exposed. Gregory Pitchford Was Right.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Exposed? More like conjecture.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Conjecture exposed!

    The evidence is building that Alex Jones is not entirely as advertised n the tin.

  3. Anon says:

    Alex Jones is being attacked by the CIA/Mossad/MI6.

    The good guys constantly get accused, by disinfo agents, of being spooky.

    – Aangirfan

  4. Tapestry says:

    My letter o is frequently missing which is a bit of a bore.

    Alex Jones could be working a system of survival by never mentioning certain topics.

    I find much of his output helpful.

    He does use the panic button a lot. Maybe that works well in Texas. In the UK many people are less impressed, but then we’re not his audience.

    Gregory Pitchford says that he finds the average American is totally asleep to what is happening.

    WASP says Alex Jones has connections to the Jesuits.

    He is charming in his manner, and a great performer. The media world would be the poorer without him.

  5. Julia says:

    If we learn to take the 90% truth of what he says and leave the rest, then he is useful. I think the Bible has some stuff about not worshipping idols. Take each bit of information on its merits rather than assume that a source is ALL GOOD or ALL BAD, then we don’t need to even know who Alex Jones is.

    Interesting about the Search mechanisms being interfered with by generating a news story to hide other ones with similar search terms. I have found this many times with a film name getting in the way of a search. FOr example, a search for Troy gives you hundreds of results about the Brad Pitt film! Not what I want at all.

  6. GPracers says:

    After testing a William Cooper Theory and using non-classified information concerning my time at Abu Ghraib as bait for Alex Jones to prove he was a government “Shill”, my life became a living Mel Gibson “Conspiracy Theory” movie. While some would think the cloak and dagger stuff is cool, including myself prior to this event, it ended with threats of forced injections at Travis AFB if I didnt cooperate with the voluntary meds.
    I live this nightmare everyday now and play it over and over again in my mind. Wishing I did this, wishing I did that. Wishing I documented the event more so I wouldn’t look like an idiot among friends and family. I know with time that will heal.
    I have to say I was extremely ignorant to think I could call Alex Jones program director at Genesis Communications Network and leave an email and blab that information and think nothing would happen to me. I was extremely ignorant. I am no longer that ignorant man who called on that fateful day. I am a man dealing with a new anxiety and a PTSD that makes my time at Abu Ghraib pale in comparison. Whoever these guys are, they are really really good at what they do. When they have you in their cross hairs, it is extremely scary. Extremely.
    I still listen to Alex Jones but in smaller doses. I’m still involved in researching these deceptions but again, in smaller doses. Alex Jones claims to be fighting for Freedom of Speech but he completely avoided my fight and never bothered to even call or email me after I spoke with John several times after the event. Hearing from Alex, would have surely helped. Instead it left nothing but more unanswered questions concerning who he is in my mind.
    In conclusion, not all research conspiracists have it right about everything but William Cooper was killed 8 weeks after 9/11 and I’m pretty sure I know who he was. – Gregory Pitchford

  7. otter walks says:

    O.K., So what is “Exposed As Possible”?? In a way it is good use of paradox for mind exercise…
    So three thousand sites bisection duality. How can anyone, anytime ever be absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt certain of another’s allegiances? I’m simply making the point that You,”Tap”, and Myself; must all be Mossad, U.S., U.K., NWO agents. Given linear cognitive consideration a theory emerges. An opine braced by rendered “Facts”… Or are they? Does absolute exist? Am I dreaming this waking state? I have answers yet they are such that they cannot be spoken.
    The “Zen” syndrome of Native Visionary Medicine Here and Now.
    Theory holds One aspect, negates further compilation, giving a porous conclusion pregnable in analysis. This is the intrinsically flawed formate of scientific proof using theorems which are just that theory. To debunk one need evaluate the presentation set forth. Once debunked, that proof need be flipped debunking the debunked. With these layers dimensional strings form, are followed and eventually fade being no more than a repository for cycles which can only weaken theory.
    A.J., Nimmo, Dykes, Watson: put out information that one would think TPTB would want covered up. That’s self contradictory, lacking paradox laden nonexistent absolutes.

    Just the fact that the filing of the Articles of Impeachment by Rep. Walter Jones was first brought forth by A.J. creates a dilemma…

    So “TPTB- “They”, want someone out there to make people think?
    The purpose being, a you know, that I know, that you know I know, and thereby mind games go on forever.
    I guess that John Lennon was an operative as well. ( Playing those mind games forever…)

    As with philosophical debate this is limitless in it’s potentiality. So here is the short of
    The mind games forever emanate in thought without study of dualism, embracing conclusions the format of which are akin to a coin. There are three sides always available if you know to look, and how to see the Ego as the tool. It’s two sided existence templates for philosophical, introspective thought and subsequent debate. Having examined the two aspects that mind sets before us. Just because two sides are presented with an inherent imbalance, it does not give one the absolute answer.

    Why waste life force thinking in a singular vein of thought? With a linear basis lending to observational imbalance. That is… Thought without centered observation of two sides, excludes the third dimensional surface of life . That is a coin has three, not two sides. Why not live within the third side and comprehend from essence Life’s repetitive loop
    Heads, tails, compartmentalized truth sets; but doesn’t the, be it however unlikely, potential exist that a tossed coin could stand on it’s edge?…
    What is absolute except that we all came from and return through the veil? Life presents the opportunity to learn to pass consciously, that’s the End Game.
    See through the veil of illusion… Survive-All… March 9,2012

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