We Are The Slaves Of The Crypto-Terrestrials.

The Project Camelot interviews get more and more incredible, as more information about the world’s elite groups spills out. Here is a scientist and an author/researcher, who both believe that the world is run by a group of crypto-terrestrials.

99.9% human, they have a tiny amount of DNA from an alien species. That’s why they protect their bloodline. They created civilisation not to help us generate wealth, but to enslave us. They created religions.

Mohammed met a grey character in a cave who downloaded the Koran to him. They are called the archons. They duplicate reality and fool us all the time. They aim to rob us blind and keep out of sight. If anyone gets close to them, they turn very vicious indeed.

There are two groups in charge here, says Kerry Cassidy. There are the greys which are a servant level. The krypton live underground. They have a skin problem which makes skin scale like a reptilian look, and have to keep out of the sun.

There are many types of greys. They were created by the Annunaki.

TAP – it’s pouring out so fast, I hardly have time to write it all down.

Abductee says he was grabbed by greys, while he was operated on by the tall whites. This is the common story of abductees. The manipulation of these crypto-terrestrials appears at every turn in our history. Religions are created to imprison us.

Humans are a hybrid race with many race lines.

Re China. I’m taking a break. back later. watch the video yourself below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is the “Aliens are bad” meme again. Were this true, according to David Wilcock and others, including those known to Project Camelot, their insider contacts, these bad aliens are the minority.

    Muhammed talking to grey aliens sounds as likely as Muhammed’s real father being a flame-haired Scotsman with merchant business called ‘McHammonds’.

  2. Anon says:

    The usual disinformation, linked to MK ULTRA.

    – Aangirfan

  3. GP says:

    What happened to me the night I called Coast to Coast AM and was told to call back again on Friday to give Alex Jones a chance to respond will go down as the scariest night of my life. I would explain it but I can’t. I don’t understand it and my credibility will be in question. I AM STILL QUESTIONING THE EVENT MYSELF. WE ARE WAY PAST A STUPID PORN SITE AT ABU GHRAIB. Some of you know about my prophetic dreams and the horrific nightmares I have had as a child. My friend who was investigating this with me was fired 3 days after I contacted Alex Jones. He has had the same experience 22 years ago but to be honest with you I never believed him. He and I have the same birthday. 72171. I don’t know what any of this means anymore. I don’t know why I was told to roll dice at Travis AFB and rolled 222 in a grouping they were examining. What happened to me Friday after listening to the strange topic on Coast to Coast AM about dreams and nightmares and the night I was supposed to tell my story, will go down as the scariest event of my life. I will not expalin it now because I just don’t even know how to. It is beyond something I understand. If I told you, you would all question my sanity like I am questioning it RIGHT NOW. I am questioning whether I should be involved in this at all anymore. I am questioning if I should call Coast to Coast AM again at midnight like they have asked me to after they have investigated this more and have given Alex Jones time to respond. I am questioning whether I should go away like all this censorship is telling me to. What happened to me Friday will go down as the scariest and strangest thing I have ever experienced. My faith in God and my prophetic dreams have been shaken to the core and this is way beyond a stupid porn site. This is way beyond Alex Jones and William Cooper. This is something that absolutely scares me to death now and I really don’t think I want to pursue answers to this. I may never know the meaning behind Oct 7th 2012 AND MAYBE I AM NOT MEANT TO. All I can say is I pray Everyday, every hour and every minute that I don’t experience what I experienced on Friday around 3 in the morning. I will never forget it and it left me completely emotionally drained. I really don’t know if I can survive another, “What Ever That Was”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tap has his first troll!

    GP, why do we have to be your attention slaves?

    If you have info, provide it. You appear desperate to discredit Alex Jones, someone others credit for waking them up to many aspects of OWG – such as the poisons in food, water, vaccines, false flag terror and the control grid.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Aangirfan, are you referring to GP, or Project Camelot?

  6. Tapestry says:

    If Project Camelot, do you see the whole thing as disinformation? How do they construct so much evidence from so many people?

    Is the whole thing a giant fabrication? Any more to go on, in that regard?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tap – Arent there more earthly reasons behind TPTB – like greed and the love of power / control – which do not necessitate the existence of aliens ? That said – the stories are obviously appealing …


  8. Anonymous says:

    Two further ‘ observations ‘ .

    1. I always found it strange that the ‘ illuminati ‘ messages in pop videos were subliminal – I mean whats the point of messages which can hardly be seen unless you slow the video down . Last week I saw a documentary on BBC called ‘ super smart animals ‘ – It featured a chimp in Japan in front of a screen . Numbers 1-10 would flash up on the screen in different boxes located around the screen – the trick was to tap the boxes in order 1-10 once they disappeared. The presenter could manage to do it down to a half second flash – but the chimp could manage the feat even down to a 0.1 second flash . Perhaps the subliminal messages are being viewed by those who can view them without the video being slowed ?
    2. I always found it strange that men can build space craft , but we have only dug a hole 12 miles deep. If the earth were an apple , we would barely have pierced the skin. Perhaps there is more down there than we know ? A similar situation exists with ocean depths ?

    PS .. Is it just me who struggles to enter the ‘ two word verification ‘ when posting ?

    • GP says:

      These messages are absolutely seen and understood by the sub conscious. They absolutely effect you. Do not think for a moment they don’t and the hidden messages within rock music is just a game and is harmless. Alester Crowley was very clear about backmasking and endorced it for a reason. It is very effective and extremely dangerous to listen to. I stopped listening to music 20 years ago and picked up talk radio and conspiracies. I thought it was a safer alternative. Boy was I wrong!!!!

  9. GP says:

    These humans that have a mutation within their DNA are a part of the Iminent Disclosure ahead. If you want to see a glipse into a future foretold by a Precoog and a Propetic Dreamer, rent Xmen First Class. It is much closer to the future than you think. The question that I have is are “They” all eternally dammed? Is their Nephillim blood a one way ticket to the “UnderWorld Forever?” Can they receive the Blood of Christ and be forgiven for their sins and receive “Eternal Life?” I believe God is a Merciful God. It does not make sense to me that these Human Mutated Individuals whose ancestors survived the flood as Genesis speaks of would sentence them to being eternally dammed forever, with no choice. I believe they have a choose, like us. While their gifts are far from anything we can understand, they can be used for good. Angelic powers can be used for good. I have researched this topic and have thought about it many hours. It was a topic discussed and debated with one individual staff member while I was at Travis AFB. I was arguing that this was not possible. “They all were evil I stated” and I would not be swayed. We discussed Triangles and Circles and debated who was right and who was wrong, Lake Titicaca and more…I believe I may have been wrong. They have a choice just like us. As long as human DNA runs through their blood, they have a choice like we do. If you think about it, the blood of Jesus would not be like ours either. It would be foreign to ours too. This topic is not meant for everyone and requires an understanding of things that I suggest you do not look into. Life is but a blink, spend your days in peace and harmony and loving and helping one another. If you must investigate topics like this concerning the Book of Enoch and the EndTimes, I WARN YOU!!!, it may not be all Roses in the end for you. We are not meant to understand such things and it is much smarter to keep your mind focused on God and the positive things he has given us.

  10. dkim408 says:

    They’re another type of hominid indigenous to this planet with elongated skulls, large brains, that provide for a high IQ, 150 average, 180 top 15%, but are jungle brutal destructive judging by what we can gather from human history. And very stealth, covert, secretive, aka “cryptoterrestrials”. The Egyptian pharaohs like Akhenaten (biblical Abraham), Nefertiti, Tutankhamun, had elongated skulls and many elongated skulls were found in Paracas, Peru. There was evidence found in the Vatican, and “Man in the Iron Mask” would place one in 1700 France which is just 300 years ago. See Mac Tonnies, Karen Hudes, Ed Spencer, Brien Forerster.


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