Unravelling The Alex Jones Mystery

Hi Tap, just to let you know I have some much better links on the Beatles at.alia. so forget the first e-Mail I sent you.

I will use part of it & rewrite it in sections, for as you say the TRUTH is better exposed in aliquots. Too much of it in one sitting is too much to handle unless you are used to it.

Regarding the Abu Ghraib Stuff from David Pitchford, he is quite correct in what he says about William Milton Cooper, who named Alex Jones & David Icke as DISINFO MERCHANTS. I found some stuff on Jones giving a Lecture at a Jesuit College. There are many well known Celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, Schwarzenegger, WHO ARE MORE THAN PRO JESUITS, believe you me. I have pointed you in the Right Direction on this previously.

My family disapprove of anything on Conspiracies, & as I very often use the General PC & Leave short cuts on the desk top behind. They then scrub them, which is rather annoying. This of course doesn’t happen on my other computers, just part of the battle I suppose delivering the truth.

Bill Cooper made a point of saying Both Icke & Jones Never Mention Jesuits.
They always Emphasize the Zionist Jew Connection.

One of Bill Cooper‘s Books was Behold a Pale Horse. I may have sent you the e-Book, it was banned & now out of print I understand.


Regarding David Pitchfords data, I don’t know about the porn stuff, he mentions, but I have some interesting links on CHENEY & RUMSFELD and Abu Ghraib.

Excerpt :-

Charlie Sheen says to Alex Jones, “We’re Vatican Assassins” mockingly.

2/25/11 Quote during interview with Alex Jones: “…Guys, it’s right there in the thing, duh! We work for the Pope, we murder people. We’re Vatican assassins. How complicated can it be? What they’re not ready for is guys like you and I and Nails and all the other gnarly gnarlingtons in my life, that we are high priests, Vatican assassin warlocks… ”

Hear it here

More Here (video removed by owner)

And Video from Associated Press.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tap, never heard of this “end times” meme before. It’s called the “prophecy of the Popes”.

    It is usually credited to Saint Malachy, Bishop of Armagh. He received a vision while he was in Rome in 1139, wrote it down whereafter it was lost. The manuscript turned up in 1590. Some suggest it was a hoax penned by Nostradamus, and so only the later predictions could be valid efforts.

    Authorship really doesn’t matter that much. Is the existence of these prophecies significant? I suggest they are, but not necessarily because the prophecies were prophecies.

    All predictions – except the last one which is (in English) 33 words and two sentences – come in the form of a pithy motto, or a short descriptive phrase. These include some that are fairly specific “From the labor of the sun” (John Paul II was born on the day of a solar eclipse) to those most are quite general, like “Wavy man” (Leo XI, Bishop of Palestrina, which is by the sea). Here are a few more examples.

    The motto for Pope number five was “From the white countryside”. The real Pope was Nicholas Breakspear, the bishop of Albano – i.e. albino, white. Decent effort.

    Pope number 25 was “Good Count/companion”. The real Pope Adrian V was the count Ottobono Fieschi. That’s a funny one.

    Later an abbot in the monastery of Fontfroide realised the prophecy for a “Cold abbot”. Ha ha.

    The prophecy for our current Pope, number 111 in the list, is one of the lamest ones. Benedict XVI, was “Glory of the olive”. St. Benedict started the Benedictine order whose Crest is an Olive Branch. Obviously Joseph Ratzinger may have chosen his Papal name “Benedict” to conform to the prophecy.

    This raises an important question – are we actually looking at in the “Prophecy of the Popes” the Vatican’s game plan?

    An alternative explanation for the apparent accuracy of the predictions then is that aspiring Popes tailored their life choices and their Coat-of-Arms to the words in the prophecy. More interestingly also, perhaps, the Popes could have actually been chosen to CONFORM to the prophecy.

    Apparently the next Pope, number 112 on the list, is the final in the prophecy. The prophecy for this Pope is very dramatic. Read what it says then consider the news about the “assassination plot” below.

    “Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.”


    “The Pope will die within a year: Vatican ‘assassination fears’ revealed”

    – Me

  2. otter walks says:

    Somehow, I must be reading this wrong… It appears to me that the brakes have been applied regarding the levels of mind-game that inherently come into play when you start an evaluation of communication. Given it’s basis in duality, an infinite dialogue issues forth from any genesis born conception. Mind-set thought lines that are held as absolute ( As with “Chaos” ) have unending values, the end of which is infinite and thus illusory. These then give the proverbial “One” a basis to hold as absolute the level of vision that is at hand. That is to say that the point at which absolute fact becomes a given is the sleep state of absolute knowledge. This being a fear based, safety zone. The ego creates universal truths within the parameters of duality. These falsehoods as with science, cannot, be approximated and yield an absolute. You can’t proclaim resolution of an equation ( In this case the faith based belief that “One” sees with crystal clarity the levels in play via the use of “These” ultimately lacking means of communication… ) as there is no possible resolution available. A theorem is incomplete by nature, so goes debate.
    Given the bottom line… When you look out at the stars how can there be an end point? A border implies that universal parameters exist and yet contain a lack of solidity? Given that there is no end point if we define the universe as “This”… ; the end logic is that “We” are nonexistent. There can be no finite if infinite exists. Logic says infinity has the “ism” quality. That is to say that the outward search cannot be within a boxed form. Existential, physical, eye opening logic; has no other outcome than the paradox… Existence-is, isn’t… Looking 180 degrees at smaller divisions exploration is found to be one in the same. Duality… Back on point. If you stop the investigation at any time or place, you have either bought into the status quo, giving credence to the solidity of, de facto life and death finiteness or have come to “Know” that the essence of consciousness lies between thus encompassing all potentials … Negation of an Alex Jones, ( Debunking… ) gives rise to thought police mentality. ( Not being judgmental here… it’s just that someone is supposed to hear and awaken… just the messenger… Don’t shoot me I’m just the conduit… ) The end all being that to invest in the double agent, speaks with forked tongue, fertilizes fallow seed. With no context, a limited view equals the end of our thought processes. The dialogue has merit as a catalyst. If you trust the information then what of it? If you doubt it and find the possibility that double speak exists, conceptual demands befall oneself given that the two potentials have yet another level. One that has deeper wisdom and one that the persona espousing may not even be aware of or in tune with.
    Now forget all herein conversed, and realize that the “Zen Nature”, Vision Quest…, “Knowing” disposition; negates all that has been put forth. Be it A.J., or myself, as well as yourself, the awakening of humanity loses it’s absoluteness as soon as anything is said. Sure A.J. could be a propagandist. It could as well be that these communications are a weak method of conveyance. Inherently flawed… A subsequent judgement resulting in a lack of comprehension or worse the end of the search for the fundamental Truths. Survive-All… Awareness is Preparedness…

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