Tap Blog Writers Report Various Online ‘Attacks’

It’s been an odd kind of a day, with not so many stories as usual coming in. Wasp says his PC is so slow he can hardly write at all. Scotty says he wrote a long piece and the whole of it was lost. The stories coming in seem a little too focused on aliens for Mr Low’s tastes, and reader numbers have dived to levels not seen for weeks. Julia’s having to get her Microsoft Office replaced as it stopped working. Three regular writers out of action all at once seems too much for coincidence.

As we’ve been pumping out quite aggressive material in recent days, seeing 80,000 page downloads in four days (big numbers on here and B4IN), we are due a pullback, but the current one seems a little severe. Maybe Google are doing a job on us!

It isn’t the first time if they are, and it won’t be the last. I’ll still be writing away even if it’s for ten readers so don’t worry. Any more good stories anyone? I’ll have a look in the morning. But right now it’s Asian bedtime. Goodnight!

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5 Responses to “Tap Blog Writers Report Various Online ‘Attacks’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Many of those readers went to the Gary Speed articles. Maybe the inquest has answered some questions for them so now they are not coming back and your numbers are returning to the rising trend line.

    In other news, globalist sponsored psy-op Anonymous’s latest wheeze has been to ” intercept conversation between FBI and Scotland Yard on how to deal with hackers”. It’s a media circus.


  2. Anon says:

    Yes, everything very slow today!

    – Aangirfan

  3. Zoompad says:

    Same here, like watching snails racing waiting for pages to load today.

    The anti child abuse bloggers are getting some sort of special attention from the “anti terrorist” hackers. Sick of having the anti terrorism laws used on me, as I dont have a vicious bone in my body, I am a Pindown abuse survivor and a Christian, not a terrorist!

  4. wasp says:

    Here is something That might be of interest. The Corporate Gangsters Never cease to Amaze me.
    In particular The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, along with 28 other news organizations, intend to launch a new Company called NEWS RIGHT.
    & as the heading states YOU WRITE WHAT YOU ARE TOLD

    THEY Tailor The News to their own ends , so they now assume they own it, & intend to CHARGE for it via Their New Co NEWS RIGHT.

    I don’t think this is the last we have heard of this, I haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere, so just wait till the Blogs find out about this,I sense the sneaky hand of Murdoch in this, & as they say the Technology is available to ‘POLICE’ it Here is the Article, with some very interesting comments.

    Thing have speeded up a bit now, but not as fast as normal,makes searching very difficult.
    I got rid of a load of ‘tracking cookies’that weren’t necessary.

    I will do a couple more searches then thats it for tonight.


  5. wasp says:

    Here is a relatively up to date Report on Monsanto.

    Remember India kicked the Illuminati out in Ghandi’s Day & they don’t want them back


    If yo look this up you will also find intinsic active links.

    India has joined the conglomerate of nations directly opposed to the agricultural corruption brought upon by bloated biotechnology giant Monsanto, declaring legal action against the corporation for a crime dubbed ‘biopiracy‘.

    The charges were brought against Monsanto for utilizing a local eggplant variety to develop their own genetically modified version including the notorious biopesticide Bt. Monsanto’s Bt GMO crops are known to threaten the environment in addition to human health, and India considers Monsanto’s unauthorized testing of the crops to be biopiracy.

    India’s National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) made the unprecedented decision as detailed in their official statements on the subject, joining nations like Hungary and Peru in their efforts to control Monsanto’s presence within their borders.

    Hungary was among the first to lead the charge, actually destroying more than 1,000 acres of Monsanto’s GM maize in direct defiance against the company. Peru also took a monumental stand against Monsanto, announcing a ten-year-ban on GMO crops and genetically modified ingredients.

    In summary of the decision, the journal Nature Biotechnology states:………….

    cont. viz. Link


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