Signs That Things Are Changing For The Better

Julia writes –

The good news is that local shops around me that are independently run without stupid hierarchies and corporate control are doing very very well. And that is despite the new Sainsbury’s up the road.

It is on my list of Signs That Things Are Changing For The Better. More people seem to like the stability and friendliness and community offered by local businesses.

Personally I think it works out cheaper if you take everything into account, and not just the price of milk on a special offer Tuesday.

Another interesting thing my local pub landlady told me is that people don’t book tables any more. Apparently this trend is happening elsewhere too. It looks like there is more spontaneity, more risk, combined with less planning, less rigidity.

Plus advice from David Wilcock via Me

Tap, David Wilcock has a different view. He says chemtrails proliferated during “project raindancer” but now that’s ended there are far fewer.

I’ve only found his opinion via a note to a forum post. I post it in full because it is enlightening about his overall philosophy.

[dw’s note: since he ends on a positive note here, and this is a concern of some people who come here, we’ve let it through. the ‘real’ chemtrail phenomenon appears to have already ended, and went under the name “project raindancer” — a three-fold process.

1. seed clouds for rain, 2. provide a reflective shield for haarp experimentation, and 3. reflect sunlight back into space to try to offset global warming.

i have reliable insider information that raindancer was discontinued. it may go on to some degree still, but most of the really scary data came out of a few small events. the political fallout from continuing raindancer was deemed to be worse than whatever benefit it was hoped to have to try to save the planet from ‘global warming’.

please minimize posts about conspiracy material as much as possible. such content proliferates online, and there is no need to further it here, particularly in light of how our consciousness is so directly tied in with what then manifests on earth. consult our guidelines on for more info.


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