Ruthless Psychopaths Are Running The World

Hi Tap,

Some people may have already seen this 15 min. video. But to those newer to finding out how this world is really run, this video gives much information about things such as the vaccination programme, eugenics and large scale murder, genocide actually, carried out by ‘our rulers’. It’s chilling stuff, but very informative.



This is why I walk out each morning, look up in the sky and see airoplanes spewing out poisons.
This is why the water in the tap is disgusting, and needs filtration.
Food is filled with additives that cause cancers.
Vaccinations and pharmaceuticals are thrust at children and adults, which poison their bodies.

New viruses are being developed in laboratories against which we have no resistance.
Old people are targeted for earlier elimination, through vaccination.

The elites that run the world see us as no more than cattle.

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3 Responses to “Ruthless Psychopaths Are Running The World”

  1. Julia says:

    Useful vid, I even posted it on Facebook, maybe someone will look at it. The best thing we can do, apart from be informed, is to keep ourselves strong and healthy, so that our immune systems are functioning well. I have been doing some research on Jesus, and discovered he was teaching and practising some of these things when he was murdered. Namely chakra power, Qi energy, and the power of plants and their healing properties. In our modern times, we could probably add organic food to the list, and avoiding vaccines. Personally I think being indoors and in cars too much is bad for my immune system and well being. I expect some of it is individual. Tune into how you feel. Fear is a big weakener of the immune system, which is why they are always trying to scare us.

  2. Cindy says:

    Your correct,psychopaths run the world but their vac are not killing us.Med tech allows for our long stem life so not every psychopath is in control.Someone wants to save our life

  3. Cindy says:

    We still have good and evil.The bad guys..Psychopaths are trying to destroy everything while the good guys try to catch them.

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