Read ‘Vatican Assassins’ By Eric John Phelps. Who Were The Genocidalists Of WW2?

WASP writes –

Bull’s Eye Anonymous!

If you want to argue it out with your mates, there are many references you could consult but one of the Best is Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps. Link:- Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers.

References will confirm that Many Top Nazis were Zionist Jews & SMOMS. Consider e.g. Reinhard Tristan Heydrich Governor of Bohemia & Moravia

Here is a very good S/C for you to look up this Psychopath.

Known as “The Hangman”

He was a Zionist Jew Jesuit & SMOM.

One of his claims to fame was, that with the cooperation of the ‘Bent Cross’, he made the decision to convert SERBS TO Catholicism.

1/3 would be killed.

1/3 would be put into Camps controlled by the Catholic Ustashi, Certain Torture & Death {READ UP ABOUT THAT),

1/3 would automatically become Catholics.

After the War TITO kept the lid on all this. He is also attributed with the dubious honour of setting up The Einstatzgruppen for Himmler.

All The Top Nazi’s were spirited away via the ‘RAT LINE. Why do you think the Serbs Attacked Croatia & Kosovo, lead by Slobodan Miloševic who was eventually caught & conveniently died whilst in Captivity in The Hague.

Borman, Hitler’s Illuminati Controller was also a Zionist Jew & SMOM !



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