Paedophiles Can Never Be ‘Cured’

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From The Research that I have done in the past on this subject, there is no cure, its Analogous to thinking the Flue Vaccine Works.

They are ‘BAD APPLES’ & if allowed to remain with the ‘uncontaminated fruit’ they will contaminate and destroy it.

Levi Bellfield, triple murderer. Why was he released to kill again?

Time after time the do good Stalwarts of Society, always want to give them the benefit of a doubt, & they always reoffend. If you don’t believe me, just look up the PERVERTS that have reoffended over the last say 5 Years.

It is a breach a Child’s Human Rights that they should ever come into contact with a these PERVERTS.
Responsible Adults should make sure they don’t.

Do you honestly think that Milly Dowler’s Killer, Levi Bellfield should be let loose.


When convicted, the 43-year-old Bellfield, was already serving a whole-life term for the murders of Amelie Delagrange and Marsha McDonnell – and the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy.

Jurors heard he carried out the murders by striking his victims on the head with a blunt instrument and tried to murder Kate Sheedy by deliberately running her over in a car.

Now let us consider another Prize Piece of Degraded Humanity, whilst we are about it viz. Ian Huntley The Soham Murderer.

Former Soham caretaker Ian Huntley has been given two life sentences for the murders of 10-year-old schoolgirls Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells.
His former partner Maxine Carr was given three and a half years after being found guilty of conspiring with Huntley to pervert the course of justice.(should have been at least 12 Years)

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NO! Either ‘Give Them The Chop’,or Lock’em Up for Actual Life on Hard Labour, there is always a possibility the inmates will get rid of them.
Both Bellfield & Huntley have been attacked.


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4 Responses to “Paedophiles Can Never Be ‘Cured’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, It’s another one of those no brain issues, why does this keep happening.
    Why does our government allow these multiple murderers to keep breathing.
    I am sure the majority of people in this Country would vote to have them put down, like the SCUM they are.
    There must be another reason, the one that springs to mind is money.
    If we look to America for a guide, their prisons are full, and have no intention of emptying them. Why ?, because it employs a lot of people, and there is a lot of PROFIT to be made.
    Yes, we will be on the same scam, only the penny needs to drop.

  2. israelite says:

    The late and much missed Joe Vialls debunked the case against Huntley. Unfortunately his analysis of the case is no longer available.

    However, there is mention of it at David Icke’s site.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Julia said…
    I don’t agree with capital punishment for anyone. But I do think that a paedophiles own children should be offered the same legal protection as other children. I don’t think paedophiles should have a right of access to their own children regardless of their crimes. I also believe that all things can be healed. You are not doomed if you are a pedophile, or a victim, though it is a long journey to heal either of these. I wouldn’t recommend suicide either. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    4:16 PM

  4. Julia says:

    Just wanted to clarify I am not particularly advocating releasing paedophiles from prison. Just a belief that we are all human beings, and it is the deeds that are evil. Most , if not all, abusers are themselves victims. There is a project near me to intervene in cases of abusing teenagers which has had good success rates. The problem does not get solved by killing people. Violence begets more violence. Any call for capital punishment will only end in framed innocent people being killed, while the Big offenders go scot free. Who decides anyway? Who makes the judgement? Surely not the dodgy justice system? I hope the whole paedophile publicity is not just a stunt to get us to all call for a return to capital punishment. Then we will have hanging in the square…. And our loved ones will be the ones to hang, or maybe us terrorist bloggers, as we are now categorised.

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