New York Times In Shocking Attack On US Constitution.

In a move that has shocked many Americans, the New York Times has published a hit piece against the US Constitution and its “outdated” ways.

The hit piece comes on the heels of a sitting justice of the Supreme Court recommending multiple other constitutions and human rights charters to Egypt over the very constitution she is tasked to protect.

Joe Joseph, speaking during an emotionally charged Intel Hub News Brief Podcast, outlined this disgusting attack on the very foundation of this country and the ridiculous examples and excuses used to demonize the Constitution.

In the hit piece, the author actually claims that the US Constitution guarantees “relatively few rights.

There are lots of possible reasons. The United States Constitution is terse and old, the report claims.

TAP – Age and brevity can be good things.

The commitment of some members of the Supreme Court to interpreting the Constitution according to its original meaning in the 18th century may send the signal that it is of little current use to, say, a new African nation.

And the Constitution’s waning influence may be part of a general decline in American power and prestige.

‘Relatively few rights?’
Is interpreting the Constitution in its original form a bad thing?
Is America losing her prestige because we follow our Constitution?

The absurd statements and thinking actually makes sense coming from the New York Times – especially when you consider their devout worship of globalization and any war the military industrial complex wishes to wage.

Meanwhile, the FBI is now demonizing Americans who seek to restore the gold standard as possible terrorists, the Department of Homeland Security is openly promoting and attempting to control globalization, and the entire corporate media is pushing misinformation in their bid to convince the American people to support an illegal war with Iran.

If we actually followed the Constitution none of the above acts of tyranny would be allowed to happen. This fact is the underlining reason why attacks against the US Constitution have been increasingly occurring throughout the corporate controlled media.

These attacks also seem to be a way to promote new documents that are crafted to make it clear that the government gave the people their rights rather than the obvious fact that they are inalienable and god given.

TAP – If the government grants rights, they are not rights. They are grants or permissions, subject to change on the whim of the government of the day. Rights are permanent, or they are nothing.

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