Monsanto Thrown Out Of Europe. Your Turn, America.

UPDATE – as comments how, this story was pulled by natural news. th daily mail article was dated 2003! Shame, but new post shows Monsanto up to their old tricks in India where they are facing legal consequences fro BIOPIRACY.

Tap Blog contributor Mr Low has found a great story today. The most evil organisation in the world is undoubtedly Monsanto. Their GM Foods kill honey bees, destroy the soil’s productive capability and reduce bird populations, as well as risking permanent damage to the environment, which will one day lead to mass starvation. That might sound like an exaggeration. It is not. In fact that is exactly Monsanto’s intention. Natural News explains.

(NaturalNews) A massive victory against Monsanto and genetically engineered seeds has been achieved in the United Kingdom today. Monsanto has announced a total withdrawal from the UK, shuttering its Cambridge-based wheat production operation. UK newspaper Daily Mail was instrumental in promoting opposition against Monsanto through its “Frankenstein Foods” educational campaign (…).

The paper is now reporting that Monsanto plans to sell off GMO crop-breeding centers in France, Germany and the Czech Republic. Daily Mail reported, “…the company has given up hopes of introducing GM crops to Europe.” (Are you grinning as wide as I am right now?)

The UK government, it turns out, was on the verge of announcing a finding that genetically engineered crops would “pollute the countryside for generations.” Gee, ya think? I wonder why the USDA can’t seem to come to the same scientific conclusion…

Bayer CropScience has also cancelled its planned GMO crop trials in the UK, signaling a near total collapse of agricultural imperialism in the UK.

If they can stop Monsanto in the UK, we can stop them here in the USA!

The defeat of Monsanto and all the other merchants of death who peddle poisonous seeds is, of course, a powerfully positive sign for those who are trying to protect life in the United States. We know that GMOs are death for agriculture, death for bird populations, death for honey bee pollinators, and death for the soils.

We know that Monsanto is the most evil corporation on the planet, willing to destroy the future of life on our planet in exchange for a quarterly profit.

We also know that the public is joining the fight against GMOs. A massive effort is already underway to mandate the labeling of GMOs on foods sold in California. A similar effort has begun in Washington state.

Many other states are considering similar legislation.

The FDA and USDA, meanwhile, have proven they are total sellouts, corrupted by powerful corporations, worshipping the technology of death, and serving as outright betrayers of the American people. Death merchants like Bill Gates — the depopulation agenda pusher — continue to try to pimp GMOs by calling them “high-tech agriculture.” They buy media influence with their billions of dollars , and they corrupt members of Congress with campaign money.

They are literally trying to destroy modern agriculture in North America as a way to control every seed, every patent, and every grain of food that appears on a dinner plate in America… it is an agenda of total domination.

And yet… we can stop them. We the People have the power to end agricultural imperialism in North America and around the world. We have an opportunity to stop the death merchants, expose the deceptions, mandate honest labeling of our foods and send Monsanto, DuPont and other GMO companies packing.

What’s required to accomplish this? Keep reading, where we wage a 24/7 battle against the chemical poisoners and death merchants of our world — those who push vaccines, chemotherapy, GMOs, food additives, pesticides and psychiatric drugs. We fight to protect life and protect the future of life on our planet by exposing the poisoners and demanding justice for the People.

Real justice means not having our food poisoned. Not having our crop fields invaded by foreign DNA engineered by Monsanto. Not being forced to inject our children with dangerous vaccines. Not having our raw milk stolen and destroyed by FDA agents. Not having our bodies contaminated with mercury, aluminum and cancer-causing chemicals.

We fight for the restoration of food freedom, medical freedom, health freedom and economic freedom. We seek to protect the rights, freedoms and powers of the individual, and we stand firm against the tyranny of bad government and corrupt corporations. The future belongs to We the People — but only if we have the courage to grasp it and tear it away from the clutches of the evil, twisted corporations who are desperately trying to dominate our world and control everything they can.

Join the fight to outlaw GMOs in North America!


That’s Excellent News for us, let’s hope our fellow citizens on ‘The Other Side Of The Pond’ are Equally Successful, & tell them to Stuff their Technology………!
I.G Farbenindustrie Link:-
Hundreds of North American Farmers have been Forced Off Their Land by these Gangsters & their Cavalier Criminal Activities.


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9 Responses to “Monsanto Thrown Out Of Europe. Your Turn, America.”

  1. wasp says:

    That’s Excellent News for us, let’s hope our fellow citizens on ‘The Other Side Of The Pond’ are Equally Successful, & tell to Stuff their Technology
    I.G Farbenindustrie Link:-
    Hundreds of North American Farmers have been Forced Off Their Land by these Gangsters & their Cavalier Criminal Activities.



  2. wasp says:

    That wasn’t how I typed it, something very odd about that, words have been left out for some reason, & I didn’t sign off twice.


  3. wasp says:

    Crystal skull; a work of the aliens?
    It should not EXIST.
    Finely Sculptured Quatrz
    It contains NO CARBON.
    Could only have been made by an advanced Technology.
    Made from Piezoelectric Silicon Dioxide, I.C are made from same
    Able to produce its own Electricity(+)&(-)Polarized
    Does tis suggest it could be part of a self powered Advanced Robot?


  4. Tapestry says:

    Online interference is the sincerest form of compliment, Wasp. Can we guess the words missed off?

    …Stuff their technology blank blank blank!

  5. Road_Hog says:

    I’ve searched for any press releases or news in the mainstream media about this and I cannot find one single item. This looks like a hoax/old news item that has been replicated through the blogosphere.

    The Daily Mail link quoted is 9 years old.

  6. Grunt says:

    Isn’t this based on a Daily Mail article dated sometime in 2003?

    Great news if it is true, but I don’t believe it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Seems the article on Monsanto is out of date, this is why information has to be cross checked.
    This is really bad news for the Indian farmers who have planted 17 million acres of GM crops.
    They were sold the seeds as Magic Seeds, by the snake oil salesmen.
    Suicide by the same farmers is 15,000 per year and rising.
    Hardly something for Monsanto to be proud of.
    The farmers were not told the seeds needed twice the usual amount of water.
    The farmers did not realise the seeds were Hybrid, and could not reproduce.

  8. Tapestry says:

    Story out of date. Wasp and others are suffering from slow connection – the latest attempt to stifle bloggers, it seems. makes detail checking much harder.

    I was watching a video last night which was stopping every two to three seconds. It’s often bad here, but late at night usually speeds up again as people go to bed.

  9. Scotty says:

    Correction: victory against GMOs and Monsanto not achieved in UK

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