Microsoft Office Is Spyware.

Julia writes –

I downloaded Microsoft Office for my son the other day, and noticed the download said Checked For Spyware. Or something similar. Obviously it is full of spyware! Microsoft Office has been much the same for years, and is full of bad programming, things suddenly going wrong etc. it is very cumbersome and annoying. It takes up lots of our money and time. And it is compulsory for school. I couldn’t even get the 2007 version. I had to get the updated 2010 version. I don’t even want it, but I have to get it to “support my child’s education” (which I have even signed an agreement for!).

Why have they got so many people working on this tinny bit of software? It costs them so little to make it, and they charge loads per copy. My guess is that the Microsoft empire is developing spyware. And the upgrades are for new spyware upgrades. We know that Bill Gates is a major player in OWG. So Checked For Spyware = they have checked to make sure it has spyware.

Don’t bother switching to anything else though! We have all been tracked and spied on for years. I just found out recently how my life course was manipulated when I was in school, due to information OWG had on me.

My advice is for people to spend your time getting information and sharing it, getting more people curious, and opening your mind! The only privacy is between us ordinary human beings, and that is stopping us from finding the truth. The whole privacy thing must be thrown out of our minds in order for us to connect and share and wake up. Privacy is another tool of OWG to divide and conquer. There is no privacy from the OWG, so why worry about privacy from your own kids, and neighbours, etc.

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  2. otter walks says:

    @ Anonymous… Bill & Mill-a-duh Gates are guilty of crimes against Humanity & will be held as such. Their incarnation passing on the flame out phase… One last go round on the wheel using negative energy to incarnate. Low as they be; this is the last thread, the last go round. From here as with all the “Agendaists” fate is sealed as they have come to a completion of their cycle thus are going back to the beginning. The next life, given that energy does not die, may it be one of the genesis. That is somewhat less than pond scum. Cosmic dust to “Rock Being”. ( I must say that rocks while slow in their communication are among the most brilliant life forms. Though too slow for most to hear… ) While it may seem judgmental; to use this dialectic forum is to potentially espouse something that will not be known Here & Now for it’s Truth. It is such that it will be integrated at it’s appointed time. This!; is my adding weight to the scales. By your appointment to read this you have multiplied, conducted, and generated further the impetus. Survive-All…

  3. otter walks says:

    Likely redundant… Here is yet more of the same said… Survive-All…

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