Libyan Free Press Reports Ongoing Fighting In Libya, And Successes Against The ‘Rebels’

It seems that the fighting in Libya is far from over. Here are reports from 6th February from an organisation styling itself the Libyan Free Press. The reports don’t come across as all that accurate, but it seems some kind of resistance to the NATO invasion is still carrying on. I am not in the UK or watching main media, but I haven’t heard any other reports of such ongoing resistance elsewhere.

The website is interesting in that similar organisations in other countries which see themselves as NATO victims, like Serbia and Syria, where news reporting is entirely skewed, are offering expressions of support. many Russian channels. I have no way of corroborating any of the reports, but someone is obviously determined that NATO’s occupation and oppression of Libya is going to have an ongoing price. They mention targeting journalists from Al Jazeera, and other oppressor-supporting news organisations as being targets, as well as NATO ‘mercenaries’.

I have no idea how the LFP found me. I pass on their report for what it’s worth. It sounds a tad exaggerated, aspirational as much as real, but it sounds very much as if they haven’t given up yet. The English isn’t bad, which shows a certain amount of education behind the organisation, but the statistical reporting seems weak, and prone to serious exaggeration.


Green army entered North Misrata for five hours, and freed 1139 prisoners and people held against their will in the renegade city.
283 rebels were killed in the 5 hour gun battle, the operation covered 28% of Misrata, 21 suspected prison hold out sites were raided, 3250 green soldiers took part in the raid.
Unknown number of Misrata brigades were seriously injured, green army incured 42 injuries, no deaths, 72 Germany leopard tanks were destroyed in Misrata, the operation has been planned two weeks ahead of time.

North Misrata to the airport was left in heavy cloud of smoke, 9 prisoners did not make it alive, they were caught in fire.

145 Misrata prison guards were shot execution style with silencers before the prisons and concentration camps were raided, 45 Israeli IDF soldiers were killed in Misrata, and green army found vaults of Libyan dinars, Qatar dinars, huge amounts of dollars, Sterling pounds, Euros and plenty of gold.

The amount of money found inside Misrata’s Freedom and Martyrs bank could easily be in the excess of $225 billion (TAP – !!! sounds a bit unlikely but who knows?), and most of this money was looted by Misrata rebels from Sirte.

7 Military commanders from rebel brigades, 25 captains and 51 leutenant colonels taken prisoners.
* (3) 40 green prisoners had been exchanged for 1 rat captain from Benghazi, this was done in good gesture to commemorate the birth of prophet Mohammed.
* (4) Green army continues to gain ground and momentum in Benghazi, on FEB 4, 2012, exactly midnight, a new brigade of 5000 men with silencers will edit and clean the city. If that number is not adequate enough, a new batch of trainers and recruiters will take full regiment for training.
* (5) Pilots and flight attendants of Libyan Arab Airways continued their sit ins and demonstrations for none payment of salaries, green army will take charge in compensating them due to none payment of salaries.
* (6) Green Army has imported 25 000 silencer weapons, 10 000 night vision goggles. This gives the army tactical advantage in capturing enermy posts without being detected, silencers allow quick entrance without waking up the opponent and very quiet exit, it accomplishes silent deadly methods of operation without too much noise.
* (7) Rebels have abandoned most of their border posts, and took off their uniforms, all borders to Libya via Tunis have been left without personnel by the rebels. Planned attacks on the rebel posts yielded no results with empty posts with the exception of Wazin and Yafran crossing, we suspect most rebels to have moved inside Tripoli to either re-enforce their position or they have been over powered, East of Tripoli has be taken by fighters from Zentan brigades and the green army. Rebels are barricaded near the port entrance and Friday market, it’s wise for residents inside Tripoli to start attacks on the rebels, we estimate their numbers to be limited.
* (8) French ship that was docked on the coast of Tripoli has been shot down, set a blaze by the green army, the number of dead sailors in the ship cannot be reached nor established, the ship received 190 mortar and 55 RPG rounds, green army made sure it never exits the port.
* (9) The American mercenary fleet that flew inside Mitiga military airbase has been shot down by green army near the Tripoli harbor, 19 American mercenary bodies were recovered at the harbor, and then gasoline was poured in their ears, and the bodies completely burned with gas, green army took their weapons as war souvenirs. Orders from the Libyan Green Intelligence Bureau have been given not to take NATO & UN soldiers alive, all must be extinguished, killed at their place and point of capture, this applies mercenary reporters of Aljazeera and many other Western corresponding agencies.
* (10) Hakim Belhaj was said to have received two blessings of gun shot wounds in his eyes and temple, this son of jackal made it alive, in the name of Allah/GOD, green army will achieve it’s final victory of eliminating the rat hierarch from Hafter, Hakim to the mice president Abdel Jalil, these people need be hand over their deaths by bullets in the head, and the red army will send their families the price of the bullet. Only hundreds of bullets in the head, chest or the heart of Hakim Belhaj and it’s crew of NATO mercenaries will save us from further bloodshed.
* (11) Every day in Libya is a martyrs day since the attacks on Libya have been instituted by NATO, green army is constantly recruiting for silencer sharp shooters to avenge the blood of the martyrs. We live you today with thought of resistance, it’s a human duty to resist oppressors worldwide, we glorify oppression when we do not resist. Kill, shoot, destroy and maim that oppress and bully us, be they super powers, super villains or super hooligans. Death to oppressors.




Cynthia McKinney’s Video Channel


NATO has found a vital resource for “cleansing” of Libya, for the final suppression of the resistance of the Libyan people..They released 10 to 11 thousand of criminals from the Libyan prisons.

This was told on current press conference in Benghazi Libya at 23h Aug, by former colonel in the Army Omar Ahmed Bani.

Approximately 80% of them are terrorists and members of Al Qaeda. – On Buslime prison, where 540 from 690 of released prisoners belong to Al Qaeda. – Consequently, the total for the radical stripping of Libya with the imminent cutting-off heads and other Salafi hobbies, NATO deliberately mobilized an army of criminals and terrorists from Al Qaeda..”

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4 Responses to “Libyan Free Press Reports Ongoing Fighting In Libya, And Successes Against The ‘Rebels’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap et Al ,

    I read on here I think that the new Libyan central bank was created on March 26 2011 – prior to the ‘ rebellion ‘ . Do you have any real detail on this – any papertrail on who actually set it up – we always speculate on this type of subject matter – but since its so fresh , less than a year ago – it would be interesting to know this detail .

    Also – I just came across the story that Hitler produced his own debt free currency – which sounded similar to the Abe Lincoln Greenback story .

    It would be great if you guys could put together an ‘ alternate history of Hitlers rise to power ‘ area on the site . Undisputable facts like Hitler being Times Man of the year 1938 , Prescott Bush as a director of a bank which had its trading suspended under the ‘ trading with the enemy ‘ act , How the Reighstag fire allowed Hitler to seize control of the German Govt almost overnight , Geobbles story about the big lie , Gorings quote about False flags – all that stuff which is not featured on the MSM but is evidenced as fact would be good . Although some things that cant be proved should not be ignored – there should be a focus on things which are easily proved and undeniable. That said – I dont want to come over as pro-hitler – I’d just like to demonstrate the truth – whatever that may be.

    Perhaps an alternate web page style or another running side by side would be a helpful resource ?


  2. Tapestry says:

    You write something good on Hitler, Sean, The Tap would be interested. Wasp is very good at explaining how the outside controllers of Hitler were possibly Jesuit. That’s the biggest story of all. Who really controls the visible events? I agree there’s a strong economics story as well, and it tends to get lost with the greater emphasis on violence and war.

  3. Road_Hog says:

    “Hi Tap et Al ,

    I read on here I think that the new Libyan central bank was created on March 26 2011 – prior to the ‘ rebellion ‘ . Do you have any real detail on this – any papertrail on who actually set it up”

    That would be me. Second of my comments gives the Bloomberg link. Central bank is mentioned in one paragraph and the UN Security Council in the following. So, I think we know who is probably responsible for setting it up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Road Hog – Great detail. So North Korea , Iran , Sudan and Cuba are still on the list .

    How about Venuezuela- Chavez doesnt appear to be playing ball ? How about China and Russia ? If their banks are really tied in with the rest of the central banking cartel- perhaps they just dont have enough control in the respective countries just yet ?

    Another question which comes to mind is why there have been no high profile credible exposures ? I dont believe that your average MP would be aware – neither do I think your average central bank/UN director would – but its hard to believe that if Gaddafi or Putin say, are aware of their true enemy and the way they operate that they would not expose them .

    Would , for example , Alistair Darling be aware ? Ex Chancellor of the exchequor – he must know where the money goes ? He doesnt come across as though he would. I couldnt say the same for TB or GB !

    I’m also conscious that although my focus is on where the money flows to – at some point they will have enough money to give up the ‘ Take ‘ from one venture – although probably never ‘ control ‘ or ‘ influence ‘ . I’m thinking of why the BOE was nationalised in 1946 – surely as part of the great plan – which shifted the way they worked from making profit from a private bank to just giving out ‘free money’ to a list of banks or individuals who we are not allowed to know . Ok – its not free money – its money lent at a preferential rate . It works out the same . With every layer , it becomes more difficult to determine what has gone on. I always think of Enron – which although a massive fraud was kept going by layers and layers of ‘ administrative complexity ‘. Smoke and mirrors .

    So , what to do ? Apart from gossip with you guys on this blog ? When I raise these issues with friends – hardly anyone is really interested – they have too much going on with their lives. Realistically although we have been involved with so many wars , the average person is not really effected in the UK – unless they know a soldier. I think the way they have funded the wars through debt which we have literally been sleepwalked into – has allowed all this to go on without really impacting us.

    I read that when Hitler was starting to come for folks in the 30s/40s – that although your average person sitting at home knew what was going on was wrong – they were too afraid to speak out because they seen what happened to those that did ! I know that is a theme discussed on here as well – in relation to present times .

    Alex Jones as a CIA plant ? As soon as I see anyone try to commercialise these discussions , I roll my eyes . Why would any genuine person do that ?

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