Italy Is Revolting

This past week has been a very turbulent time for Italy. It wasn’t just the grounding of the Concordia cruise ship by a playboy captain; but the grounding of the country by Euro-technocrat usurper Mario Monti, trying to impress his Keynesian buddies with his latest attempts to ‘Save Italy’!

Mario Monti, Italy’s appointed Prime Minister, and member of the European Council of Foreign Relations is running the place for ‘the boys’. The ‘familia’ in Sicily is none too impressed.

This week saw the launch of a popular uprising in Sicily, by a group known as the ‘Movimento dei Forconi’ or ‘Pitchfork Movement’. This is not an uprising of self absorbed youth who want more government handouts; but of producers who are being pushed into poverty by government taxes and regulation. The organizers are middle aged and older; this is significant, as most power and wealth is held by this generation and they have now drawn a line in the sand.

On the 16th of January these protesters began “Operazione Vespri Siciliani”, a blockade of the Island of Sicily. Within two days the transportation of all goods was stopped. Over the next week, nothing entered or exited Sicily. This was no mean feat given that Sicily is not a small Island; it has a population of over five million people and a surface area of 25,711 km2.

These are some of their demands:

The arrest of all corrupt politicians.
To reduce the number of parliamentarians
To remove the provincial bureaucracy, as most of these politicians have been there for over forty years.
To drastically cut the salaries and privileges of parliamentarians and senators
To restrict politicians two only two terms in office
Not one of Darth Monti’s “austerity” measures has touched the political caste; in fact in classic Italian style, the press has dug up some very dirty scandals concerning two of his fellow tax-feeders.

The trigger for these events was the vampire state sinking it’s fangs deeper into the already hampered Italian economy; a vicious tax was added to petrol, diesel and other energy sources in December.

Though agriculture contributes only 2.5% of GDP, in the southern regions of Basilicata, Calabria, and Molise, agriculture accounts for just over 20 percent of local employment. Many goods are transported by road, and as the cost of transport went through the roof within the time frame of just a few weeks, it destroyed the farmer’s tight margins. Why work when the state steals most of your profits?

To further understand the rage, despair and humiliation it is necessary to know some Sicilian history. As Jeff says, it’s all been done before.

In the year 1282 the War of the Sicilian Vespers was fought by the Sicilians against the French aristocracy that ruled Sicily at the time. This uprising was ignited by excessive taxation and mismanagement by the French. Fast forward to 1859; Sicily was part of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies. At the time it was the richest kingdom in the Mediterranean and its capitol Napoli was one of the most renowned and cultured cities in the world.

Then in 1860, The House of Savoy, rulers of the Kingdom of Italy, decided to liberate the south from their ‘brutal’ oppressors. The newly “liberated” soon realized that they were tax slaves to yet another foreign power. This necessitated the stationing of 200,000 troops in the south to prevent further rebellions. One could say that this occupation still exists today, as no Italian troops are ever garrisoned in their home regions.

After a hundred and fifty years the south is still suffering the effects of this occupation, but now the roles have been reversed; the wealth of the north is confiscated by Rome to bribe subsidise the corrupt politicians of the south. This is one of the reasons why Lega Nord is so popular in the North.

It will be interesting to see what happens next, as the protests are soon moving to Rome. This is not necessarily a positive move, as every political movement (eg. Lega Nord) that has gone onto Rome, has been bought off and betrayed their ideals. Over the past week, the establishment, including the unions have been deeply humiliated and lost a lot of credibility. There has been very little media coverage; the news still has to breach the international mainstream media (MSM) ‘Firewall’.

As Italy falls deeper into depression, the establishment will lose further credibility; regional movements such as the Forconi will multiply, putting further pressure on the State. This could well be the beginning of the end for the Italian state as Darth Monti’s taxes push more people unto the street.

For those who want to follow this story, you can use #Forconi hashtag on twitter. There are a few English speaking writers who are reporting from Sicily.

TAP – The word MAFIA comes from Sicily. It was secret society that was set up to kill members of the French army of occupation. ‘Morte Alla Franchesi Invasiones Assassini’, which translates ‘death to the invading French assassins.’ How come they ended up running all the casinos in Las Vegas? That’s another story…

WASP wrote earlier Jesuits Re-establish Holy Roman Empire.


A small town in central Italy has declared its independence and started to print its own banknotes.

The authorities in Filettino, 100km (70 miles) east of Rome, are protesting against austerity measures.

It has only 550 inhabitants and under new rules aimed at cutting local administration costs it will be forced to merge with neighbouring Trevi.

Town mayor Luca Sellari, who stands to lose his job because of the eurozone crisis, came up with the idea.

He created his own currency, called the Fiorito. Banknotes have his head on the back, and they are already being used in local shops and being bought as souvenirs by tourists who have started to throng the normally quiet streets.

The mayor says there is enormous enthusiasm about declaring the independence of the new principality.

There has been such an outcry by small towns across Italy at the government move to abolish local councils and merge them with larger towns that Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s coalition may be forced to backtrack.

In the meantime the new Principality of Filettino – complete with coat of arms and website – is suddenly enjoying international fame.

TV stations from as far afield as Russia have been running news features about Filettino.

After all, the mayor says, Italy was once made up of dozens of principalities and dukedoms. As he says, the landlocked republic of San Marino still manages to survive, so why not Filettino?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Wasp – Who will one find at the eye of the pyramid ? Who is GoldFinger ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tap and you all ,

    Can you post more on the ‘ banking cartel ‘ theme please ?

    I used to be amazed that we allowed the BOE to be a private company for 250 years prior to nationalisation . Imagine a government giving a license to a private company to print money then lend it back to the government at interest ?

    Now we have the situation that the same license exists – but since the BOE england has been nationalised – it then loans money to not just the government but to a very select group (the banking cartel ) who then can lend it at guaranteed profit to whoever – Imagine that they even lend it back to the government !

    I found your blog because of the ‘ who owns the BOE ‘ article … It would be great to see further concrete details revealed …

  3. Tapestry says:

    One thing I read recently that a key term for all signatories of the Maastricht Treaty, and membership of the EU, is for each nation to agree never to issue their own money.

    That removes the possibility of escaping the power of the central bankers in perpetuity. I never heard UKIP mention this once, which is very odd. Surely their top priority policy should be to withdraw from the EU, and issue national money, and no longer pay interest to the central banking cartel.

  4. wasp says:

    I will give you a clue Anon.
    Conspicuous by His Absence But
    You Can Be Sure He Wears A
    ‘Different Hat’
    I am having a lot of trouble with me Broad Band Tonight, it must be due to the Weather, for some reason,’Current Carriers Slowed Down,’ very odd.


  5. wasp says:

    I sent in a Full List of Directors of the Bank of England,which can be found in The World Order by The Late Eustace Mullins, together with a video, featuring him, Tap put the video on The Blog, These were Extensively Copied & appeared in a lot of Places I also sent in recently a list relating to an Incomplete Summary of The Queen Wealth, & the fact that she is ‘THE ONLY LEGAL INSIDER DEALER IN THE WORLD.’ & The Worlds Largest Land Owner. The List of BOE Directors appears to have disappeared, at the time it was copied by Many Sites. If you want this reposted Tap let me know.

    The Assange Stuff will have to wait until tomorrow, as the Internet Speed has gone CRYOSCOPIC, but I did Post a Rap Comment Earlier, on Assange.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Wasp – Are you referring to the ‘ Black Pope ‘ ? If so , lets be explicit please .

    A big problem in discussing this stuff openly with others – ie outwith this and related blogs – is that people are very sceptical – it doesnt help when we talk in riddles – actually it just invites ridicule !

    Tap – with your political background , I’m assuming you have discussed money supply / bank cartels with other politicos – what type of response do you get ? I’ve seen that youve noted that your friends / family who teach history just ignore your alternate history … I am finding a similar reaction . When I discuss these topics with guys who I think would be interested – they seem to switch off pretty quickly – and I get the feeling that they think I’ve become a conspiracy theorist / crank . In reality , I would love them to point to the holes in the story I present – but they never do . I’m genuinely perplexed by the lack of interest though …

    The WTC7 story is amazing – you ask anyone how many towers came down that day – and mostly everyone will say 2 – I’m beginning to doubt the story myself – and I’m begining to think the Jane Standley story is a hoax – Is it ?

  7. Tapestry says:

    WASP – I’m sorry you’re getting a bit of the treatment. I hope you can find a way around it. I hadn’t noticed the BoE Directors had gone missing. Yes please resupply the list. Maybe a separate blogpost on the BoE beckons with any other new aspects?

    Anonymous, I find it works best talking to people in small groups, using visual evidence, like the pictures on my Twin Tower blogpost. If one starts admitting they believe the evidence, then others follow on. But individually people are defensive. It’s street trader technique.

  8. israelite says:

    @TAP – The word MAFIA comes from Sicily. It was secret society that was set up to kill members of the French army of occupation. ‘Morte Alla Franchesi Invasiones Assassini’, which translates ‘death to the invading French assassins.’ How come they ended up running all the casinos in Las Vegas? That’s another story…

    Well I never….. so Bugsy Seigel and Meyer Lansky were Italian all along! One “learns” something new everyday.

  9. Tapestry says:

    You’re so right, Israelite. Which city was featured in The Godfather?

  10. israelite says:

    What am I right about Tapestry? Which Godfather are you referring to? 1,11. or 111. What is your point?

  11. Tapestry says:

    Is this a serious conversation?

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