Is Nigel Farage In The Pocket Of The Israeli Lobbies?

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Here is the link to the website.

Freethinker, a commenter on this blog says:

Farage is an enemy of the Zionist Entity? Well he’s fooled the Jewish Chronicle (and UKIP Friends of Israel and others):

The Jewish Chronicle Online writes

“It should also be noted that Nigel Farage is a good friend of Israel…”

All the significant British parties are in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies.

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From Zheng Yong.

TAP – It’s a great way to stay alive, Zheng.

Here’s the man himself declaring his total opposition to World Government. Why doesn’t he open up on something that’s attacking our health every day now, not something in the semi-distant future – chemtrails? That would be a great way to allay any suspicion that he’s batting for the other side.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why wouldn’t they be saying that when most MSM forums are full of people declring they are never voting for Lib/Lad/Con ever again….. Theres hardly a credible alternative really is there? BNP? yeah right.

    Thats probably why his plane crashed as a message about who REALLY runs the country. Won’t be long now though according to Benjamin Fulford they have until March 31st. Fingers crossed this guy is for real…. We’ll find out then I suppose,

    Thanks Tap,

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