An Independent Scotland Will Be Crushed

In reply to Sean in Scotland,

Scottish Independence is only a ploy. There is a longterm plan to destroy self-confidence in all nations, but especially the UK, where individual thought is highly persistent, unlike the US where they are more heavily brain-washed, or Germany, Japan where individual thought is less tolerated.

Splitting Scotland from Westminster is what the globalists want, to make the nations less powerful and easier to control. Scotland would not be permitted to issue its own money. The terms of the Maastricht Treaty forbids any independent national money issuance.

Only if Scotland leaves the EU could she issue money. As Salmond is clearly an agent of the elites working to further their cause, he will not go down that road in any event. If he broke ranks, he would undoubtedly be eliminated. Independence is a fantasy, a powerful one which will drive the break-up of the UK, but which will not see anyone permitted to advance their country into a new golden age. On the contrary, Scotland will be more easily crushed, and converted into a socialist ghetto, where the country’s traditions will be destroyed wholesale.

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  1. Twig says:

    Did you read Watermelons (James Delingpole)?

    This all looks like part of a Fabian global “socialist” totalitarian project.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tap – I agree with your concept of divide and rule – breaking up the UK . First was NI , then Scotland , to a lesser degree Wales – the english regions will be the next targets – everyone will be led to believe that are taking control and that people power is theirs – but the actuality is that they will all report centrally .

    My own view on the indepence thing is that SNP got support from the Sun to weaken the labor vote – but probably they didnt think SNP would win so convincingly . Although they could handle an independent Scotland – I doubt that it will go that far . Scotland will end up a region like the others. DC was up here last week to support his cause . Gordon he call in to see you for a cup of tea ?

    On the bigger picture – I wouldnt be certain that everyone is ‘ in on it ‘ . I’m fully certain that MPs in general are not . Salmond as a willing dupe instead of conspirateur – yes I’d go along with that . Even in the top levels , I wouldnt be at all surprised to discover most are unaware . It would be an interesting discussion to figure out who knows what …


  3. Anonymous says:

    I saw that Rupert Murdoch is in the UK – and yesterday said that Alex Salmond was the UK’s most talented politician – and that Scotland would do well to separate under his guidance ! He doesnt need to be an agent – He just needs a big ba’ heid !


  4. Anonymous says:

    your not right, im sorry but David Cameron and all the other illuminati leaders are running campaigns against independance, Alex Salmond is not an part of there ilk believe me my dad knows him

  5. Anonymous says:

    Give us a chance to see if we can actually become independent, please? There is such a huge negative campaign running from Westminister at the moment, lots of threats and proclamations of doom that it’s hard to believe the London Establishment is anything but raging at the idea.

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